Park District to add assistant pro at Westview

Matt Burry
Posted: Oct. 9, 2013 10:16 pm Updated: Oct. 23, 2013 11:15 pm

Herald-Whig Staff Writer

Westview Golf Course will have a new face in the clubhouse in 2014.

Quincy Park Board commissioners voted 5-1 Wednesday night to allow Director of Golf Matt Burry to hire a full-time assistant golf pro at a salary of $32,000 annually. This came a month after the vote was tabled.

Commissioner Tom Ernst, chairman of the Park District's Golf Committee, was the only person to vote against the proposal. Commissioners John Frankenhoff, Jeff VanCamp, Chris Hogge, Chris Blakeman and Abby Schlipmann voted in favor of the proposal. Commissioner Patricia McGlothlin was absent.

"This has been kicked around the last few weeks, and I feel like Matt has been kicked around the last few weeks," Commissioner Jeff VanCamp said before Wednesday's vote. "There have been some complaints about customer service. I think adding an assistant director will help alleviate a lot of that and will let Matt get out and do some of the things that he needs to be doing.

"I'm going to vote yes because I think it makes good fiscal sense, and it's also a vote of confidence in the job that Matt's doing."

Board President John Frankenhoff said the addition of an assistant pro will help Westview operate more smoothly.

"It's a realization that Matt has been running this course with a team of part-time people," Frankenhoff said. "This is nothing against those people, but he is the Lone Ranger out there running a large operation. In the years gone by, there was someone in his position as well as a golf pro and two assistants. Over the last years, we have scaled back and scaled back.

"He has taken on a lot of the responsibilities, and we need to give him the support staff and budget to make things even better. If we want to attract people (to the course), it will take more effort and commitment and taking care of some of the little things that have been brought up. A lot of the issues that have surfaced can be attributed to him not having the time. He can't do everything."

In other Park Board action Wednesday:

• The board's investment policy was amended to allow the Park District to buy municipal bonds. New legislation amended the state Public Funds Investment Act to allow park districts to buy municipal bonds. The Park District now has the legal authority to buy its own bonds or any other municipal bonds. The Park District's Finance Committee said the district will only invest in its own bonds.

• The annual capital project bond project list was approved.

• A public sale of surplus property was approved. The property is at the Park District's former headquarters in the Emerson Community Center. Executive Director Ed Seger said anything not sold will be turned into scrap. Proceeds of the sale will help offset the cost of the district's new headquarters at 1231 Bonansinga Drive.


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