Novel focuses on wives of atomic scientists

Posted: Apr. 11, 2014 3:34 pm Updated: May. 9, 2014 4:15 pm

"Wives of Los Alamos"

The top book this week at the Quincy Public Library is "The Wives of Los Alamos." In her inventive new book, author Tarashea Nesbit takes readers into the collective minds of the wives of the atomic scientists. Speaking as a whole, the women talk about their initial reactions to their often surprise moves to an unknown destination for an unknown purpose. Being dutiful wives, they simply followed their husbands to their unidentified destination. Once there, they lived in substandard housing, often without adequate heat, water or furniture, never knowing exactly what their husbands were doing in the Tech Area of Los Alamos. They left their friends, families, and careers to become housewives who were kept in the dark. Nesbit's book is a remarkable account about the families of the people who changed history.

"Forty Chances"

Howard Buffett could have done absolutely anything (or nothing) with his life as the son of billionaire Warren Buffett. His passion was farming and agriculture. When his legendary father announced that he was leaving the majority of his fortune to charity, he challenged his son to do something great. What Howard ended up doing was giving himself a deadline of 40 years to figure out a way to feed the most poverty-stricken parts of the world. And not just throw money at the problem or feed them for a while -- his goal is to find a continually sustainable way to alleviate their hunger forever. He details his ongoing quest in the book "Forty Chances."


Karin Slaughter's latest, "Unseen," has GBI Agent Will Trent undercover in Macon, Ga., trying to uncover the identity of a very well-connected drug dealer who is responsible for the deaths of several cops. One of the officers who barely survived an attack is Jared Long, the stepson of Will Trent's girlfriend, Dr. Sara Linton. Sara knows Will is undercover, but she is unaware it is the investigation of Jared's case. Will knows he should tell Sara, but he just can't because when she finds out, that will be the end of their relationship. Adding to the messy situation is Jared's wife, Detective Lena Adams, the officer who was directly responsible for the death of Sara's police officer husband. Slaughter has written a complex and fast moving mystery filled with so many twists and turns you won't want to stop reading to find out what happens next.

"Heart of the Trail"

From the first wagon train slowly moving across the trail to the last, thousands of people followed their dream to the American West. Among those people were adventurous, reluctant, scared, excited, or ambitious women who more often than not accompanied their men on the trail. Using their personal letters and journals, Mary O'Brien shares the experiences of eight women with vastly different stories. "Heart of the Trail" captures these first-hand accounts and allows readers to ride (and walk) alongside these courageous women.

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