Psychic communicates with ghosts in Green's novel

Posted: Apr. 25, 2014 12:37 pm Updated: May. 23, 2014 2:14 pm

"Only the Good Die Young"

The top book this week at the Quincy Public Library is "Only the Good Die Young" by Chris Marie Green. Thirty years ago, Jensen Murphy was brutally murdered at the age of 23. Since that time, she has been stuck in an endless loop of reliving the minutes up to her murder. Psychic medium Amanda Lee Minter managed to successfully pull her from the loop on the anniversary of her murder. Her price for rescuing Jensen? Help Amanda Lee solve the murder of her friend, Elizabeth Dalton. Jensen is grateful and willing to help at first as she begins her second "life," then less so as she discovers the secrets Amanda Lee has been keeping. Her resolve to make her own way in the afterlife increases as she meets other ghosts who help her control these newfound abilities. Chris Marie Green's new book is the first in an appealing new series.

"And Then There Were Nuns"

After a long six years, Jane Christmas' boyfriend finally popped the question. At first she said yes, but then had to tell him she had changed her mind. Not because she didn't love him, but because she had finally decided to give in to the Voice Within that told her she should be a nun. And so Jane set off on an 18-month journey involving two continents and four convents in an effort to determine whether or not the Voice Within was steering her in the wrong direction. "And Then There Were Nuns" is her funny and slightly irreverent look at life behind the cloistered walls.


On Sept. 1, 1944, a B-24 bomber piloted by Jack Arnett was shot down over the islands of Palau in the Pacific. His plane was never recovered and no one knew what had happened to the 11 men on board the plane. Until now. In his captivating book "Vanished," Wil S. Hylton tells the story of the men on board the bomber, their final mission, the search to find them, and the emotional toll. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Pat Scannon, who established the BentProp project to find the crash sites of missing aircraft, anthropologist Eric Emery, and archeologist Bill Belcher and countless others, the families of these men missing in action finally have closure.


All of us have experienced that unhelpful little voice in our head filling one full of doubt and negative emotions. How do you overpower that voice and think more positive thoughts? Business leaders Tish Squillaro and Timothy Thomas share the way they have overcome that little voice in the book "Headtrash." In their book, they explain how this trash fills your brain with pessimism and provide simple ways to get rid of the garbage to make you a better person and a better manager.

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