EIGHINGER: Moms can never be replaced, but they can always be remembered

Posted: May. 10, 2014 9:26 pm Updated: Aug. 3, 2014 12:15 am

Very few actual holidays are little more than extensions of the greeting card and box-of-chocolate industries.

One of those is Mother's Day.

If you woke up today, thought about your mom and smiled, good for you. Moms are special, and they always will be. I lost mine a few years ago, and not a day goes by when I don't think about her and smile.

Ask yourself some of the following questions and see if they rekindle any of the same kind of memories they do for me:

Who was the person who stood at the front door and watched your every step when you left for your first day of school?

Who made sure you got to your Little League practices and would never miss one of your games -- even if she had no clue about how the game of baseball worked?

Who always made certain you had a quarter or 50 cents in your pocket in the spring and summer come Friday afternoons? That was always the day the new supplies of baseball cards would arrive at Ken's Corner Grocery.

Who knew your heart was broken -- without even asking -- when that first true love of your life did not feel the same way you did? Junior high school could be brutal, and she understood that.

Who grounded you for getting home late from a date, even if was just five minutes past your curfew?

Who embraced you the night of your high school graduation and said you had made her proud?

Who would always send you a $20 bill in a box of cookies your freshman year of college?

Who was the first person you told that you were going to ask your high school sweetheart to marry you?

When that marriage failed years later, who would always stop by your house every Friday morning to drop off an apple pie for you and your two kids?

Who hugged you, while wiping the tears from her eyes, and gave you her blessing for a new life in Illinois in a town called Quincy?

Who, upon every return visit to Ohio to see her, would have one of those apple pies waiting for you when you walked in door?

Who would always call your new home to make sure "everyone was OK" when she saw a news report of severe flooding along the Mississippi River?

* Who did your new wife and her two daughters learn to love the moment they met her?

Whose unexpected passing left an emotional abyss that you will never be able to cross, yet whose memory still brightens your every day?

In our home, the memories of mothers are kept alive every day. My wife, too, also lost her mom a few years ago. Our mothers passed away within five months of one another.

We make sure their wonderful lives are always celebrated, even with the grandkids. Although none of the grandkids knew the fine ladies who would have been their great-grandmothers, they all know through stories and pictures what warm and caring people they were.

Moms can never be replaced, but they can always be remembered -- with as little as a smile.

Mother's Day is always special at our house. Hope it is at yours, too.


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