Quincy Plan Commission endorses rules for medical marijuana sites

Posted: Jun. 11, 2014 10:04 am Updated: Jun. 25, 2014 11:15 am

By DOUG WILSONHerald-Whig Senior Writer

The Quincy Plan Commission on Tuesday endorsed wording that will allow a medical marijuana cultivation center or a dispensary where medical marijuana might be sold, as required under a state law that took effect in January.

Commission members said they have little leeway under the state law. The wording sent to the City Council for approval contains the restrictions listed by the General Assembly. The rules probably will limit any cultivation center within a mile-and-a-half of Quincy to the South Quincy Bottoms, where there is industrial zoning. The most likely place for a medical marijuana dispensary would be along East Broadway.

Ted Glore, 909 Jersey, said the Legislature botched the medical marijuana law -- not because he opposes medical marijuana, but he wants to make it easier to acquire.

"The Legislature had the guts to tell doctors what they can prescribe medical marijuana to treat," Glore said.

He also chaffed at the restrictions that prevent a cultivation center within 2,500 feet of a school, day care center or residential property -- or placing a distribution center within 1,000 feet of an existing school, day care center or similar operation.

"How's an old man with a cane, like me, going to get (medical marijuana) out on East Broadway?" Glore asked. "They don't tell drugstores where they can't locate. Why should they treat this any different? This is medicine."

Glore said he watched his wife suffer in the final stages of cancer that took her life in 2012. He administered morphine and other painkillers. He sees medical cannabis as a similar medicine.

Commission members also endorsed wording for the municipal code to regulate the brightness of changeable copy signs. That would keep signs from being too bright at night. Fines for violations of the ordinance would be $500.

Previous proposals considered by the City Council did not include a fine, but one might be needed to cover the costs of enforcement.

The commission also:

º Endorsed limited commercial zoning at 130 N. 30th. The residential lot has commercial property on each side and is scheduled to be sold at auction July 12.

º Agreed with a staff recommendation for multifamily zoning at 4565 Maine, where an assisted and supportive living facility is planned on a 5.23-acre tract.

º Endorsed plans for commercial zoning on two lots near Sam's Club at 536 and 620 N. 54th.


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