United Way distributes funds, adds volunteer link

Posted: Jun. 13, 2014 7:04 pm Updated: Jul. 4, 2014 8:15 pm

UNITED WAY of Adams County is continuing a 77-year tradition of service and community support by investing more than $1.1 million into initiatives and partner organizations and is launching a new effort to link volunteers with agencies that need help.

Casual observers of last week's annual announcement may have missed mention of the 4,000 hours of service by United Way volunteers in the past year and a commitment toward more of that "action oriented" support in the future.

United Way Executive Director Cheryl Waterman and her board of directors do not plan to water down the emphasis on giving. They know that financial donations from nearly 10,000 individuals and businesses remains vital to community improvement efforts.

In addition, they have added a volunteer engagement platform on the website to link volunteers with the organizations in need of workers.

"It's an online portal where agencies can post their volunteer needs and in-kind needs," Waterman said. "We get calls almost on a weekly basis from individuals, office groups and church groups looking for some place to help. People want to work alongside their donated dollars."

That volunteer button on the United Way of Adams County website will serve as a permanent bulletin board, mobilizing volunteers and pointing out local needs.

Mobilizing volunteers is simply another level of support the United Way can bring to bear on community problems and improvement efforts.

The United Way of Adams County began as the Community Chest of Quincy in 1937 when the Community Chest raised $69,000. This year the United Way annual fund drive topped $1.2 million, with the vast majority going to agencies that fill a need within the community.

During that 77-year history, the United Way has raised more than $40 million in addition to grants, bequests or contributions made to other United Way programs such as Unmet Needs, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program or the Academic Success Initiative.

The agency's theme calls for people and companies to "Give, Advocate, Volunteer." The new emphasis on volunteer efforts will only add to the United Way's history of success.

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