LIESEN: The Art of Procrastination - Katie Edition

Posted: Jun. 19, 2014 1:51 pm Updated: Sep. 11, 2014 2:15 pm

Every day I am faced with a recurring issue: procrastination.

However, I put a personal twist on this bad habit. I put off both enjoyable and unenjoyable things.

Hell's Kitchen, Japanese comics, my favorite game: League of Legends, and foreign pop music, all inaccessible due to my procrastination. I'm pretty sure I purposely put myself through emotional strain because I am too lazy to do something I enjoy.

I usually sit at my computer desk for hours with a world of fun at my fingertips, then I proceed to complain about how bored I am. Yes, I procrastinate too much to play on my computer.

OK, to put this all into perspective, I've decided to share a typical day in the life of Katie.

My alarm goes off at 7 every morning. I'm technically awake because my eyes are open, although I am unable to form thoughts and I have incoherent speech until later on. After waking up, I proceed to sit up in bed wrapped up like a blankie burrito. I sit there staring blankly at the wall for about 15 minutes.

At this point, I go full zombie mode and stumble down the hallway. My parents ask me several times why I'm so angry at them and make a few comments about my curly bedhead. I slur the standard complaint that "my hair and face just do this in the morning."

"Life shouldn't start this early. I'm so bad at this game," I grumble as I proceed to get ready for the day and then leave for work.

After I get home from work, the procrastination sets in.

I rush straight to my computer, turn on all three monitors and decide what game I'm going to play. However, I am also taking an online class.

"Class work or games. Hmm."

Here is my thought process:

Which is due first? The class work? OK, I'll do neither. Proceed to complain.

No class work to do? I'll do neither. Proceed to complain.

No class work and I want to play games. I'll do neither. Proceed to complain.

Eventually, I do the class work. However, I can't make myself play League of Legends or watch Hell's Kitchen. I want to do both of these things, but I seem to be stuck in a cycle: "I'll do it later." Proceed to complain.

If I already have my class work done, and I keep putting off all of my fun activities, what am I supposed to do right now?

After a few hours, it's time for dinner with my family. At this point, I've done nothing unproductive with my day. Proceed to complain.

"Watch that show you love. You have so many games," they reply.

"I'll do it later." Proceed to complain.

Then around 10 p.m., I finally decide I'll play a game or two. My first relaxation has started after a long day of complaining.

Well, 10:30 comes. Then it's time for bed.

Sleep is definitely my favorite thing to do in the entire universe. Ouch.

"I'll do it later."


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