Real Estate Transfers Reported July 6, 2014

Posted: Jul. 2, 2014 1:57 pm Updated: Jul. 31, 2014 3:15 pm

Real estate transactions recorded in the office of Adams County Clerk-Recorder, according to Clerk-Recorder Georgia Volm.

Adams County

Frances M. Kulisch Trust, Jean D. Kulisch and Larry L. Kulisch, trustee, property at 1055 E. 2200th St., Liberty, to Dennis D. Ballinger.

Rebecca A. Cain, property at 304 W. Morgan St., Clayton, to Larry R. Henrichs.

Baldwin Developments LLC bill of sale and assignment of lease and warranties, property in Gilmer Township, to ASL Properties LLC.

Charles S. VanZandt and Renee Michelle VanZandt, property in Camp Point Township, to Joseph L. and Linda M. Williams.

Dennis Ballinger, property in Liberty Township, to Jean D. and Larry L. Kulish.

Joann Marie Reichert and Richard Lee Reichert, a river camp at 2087 E. 253rd Lane, Ursa, to Christine E. and David G. Greving.

Newton E. Craft, vacant land at 1907 Fairview Court, Mendon, to Craig A. Dennison and Desiree E. Hamilton.

Ralph L. and Vickie L. Wiegmann, property in Ursa Township, to Russell J. Welchert.

Bob and Georgia L. Richter, property in Fall Creek Township, to PSB Farms LLC.

Jane Crooks Parker, property in Clayton Township, to Navella Brissette and Rob Taylor.

Carl Anthony Smith Life Estate, property in McKee Township, to Jamison Smith and Steven A. Smith.

Dorothy M. and Sterling L. Johnson, property in Clayton Township, to Village of Clayton.

Donna L. Briggs, vacant land in Lima Township, to Curtis J. Hesse.


Dennis L. Grossman, Donna S. Grossman, Donna S. Pawlas, James A. Grossman, Janet M. Cummings, Janet M. Grossman, Lori A. Gibbs, Lori A. Grossman and Mark A. Grossman, a residence at 632 Pawn Ave., to Judy Rae and Marion Lee Argabright.

Christopher M. Peters, a residence at 2639-2641 Maine, to Emily R. and Robert C. Tait.

Twenty Fourth Street Properties LLC, property at 4834 N. 24th, to Rhonda J. Gianfriddo Trust.

Twenty Fourth Street Properties LLC, property in Ellington Township, to Legacy 24 LLC.

Heather and Timothy R. Schrage, a residence at 2229 Sycamore, to Anna K. Dickhut.

Sherry Hills Garner, an apartment building at 509 Locust, to Mary Ann and Ronald L. Kelley.

Lacey J. and Nathaniel J. Crim, a residence at 1807 S. Granview Drive, to Linda M. and Terry M. Aschemann.

Robert J. Turek, property at 3438 S. Glendale Drive, to Annette T. Ennis and Aurelio Ennis.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a residence at 916 S. 12th, to Alana and Rex Chumbley.

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