More effort being made to remember, honor those who served

Posted: Jul. 15, 2014 8:26 am Updated: Aug. 5, 2014 2:15 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

It saddened me to read the short but to the point letter from Jeff Lewis in The Herald-Whig on June 13.

First of all, I wish to apologize to his father, Ralph Milton Lewis, if he has felt slighted in being appreciated for his military service. I don't believe that is the intention of most American citizens. My father was a World War II veteran, and although he was never recognized in any personal way, he is included when there is mention of those who served during World War II.

Until a couple of years before my father's death, we never heard about his years in the military, although our mother would talk from time to time about what it was like for her. Our oldest brother was born while Dad was in the service. When we could get Dad to talk about it, it was like he was back there again. Most of those were not happy memories. Maybe that is why he choose not to talk about it. In his later years, he volunteered at the Illinois Veterans Home because he understood those who served and had the utmost respect for them no matter what their race, color or creed was, whether they were male or female. Through the unspoken, I became more aware and appreciative of it all.

Our granddaughter just returned from the Youth to Washington trip, where they met an African-American gentleman who served during World War II. They asked him to tell them about his service during World War II. Some of what he had to tell was pretty graphic and terrible. He was to turn 92 the next day, and these young people sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He loved it.

In recent years, at least in our area, it seems as though there is more effort to remember and recognize and appreciate all those who serve us through military service, whether in wartime or peacetime. Honor Flight is a wonderful thing for these vets.

It is also like Ken Morrison, who also had a letter in the same June 13th paper, said: "Much of the world is either against us or turns its back on us." If we don't get back to our original value system, where we appreciate our great nation and the God who led our ancestors to make it such because of their Christian and moral values, we will implode on ourselves. It falls on all of us now to see that does not happen. Do we have the courage?

Nancy K. Boone


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