Fowler woman to stand trial after allegedly bilking elderly aunt

Lori L. Hogan, 40
Posted: Jul. 23, 2014 9:16 am Updated: Aug. 6, 2014 10:15 am
Herald-Whig Staff Writer

A Fowler woman will go trial on financial exploitation of the elderly charges after police say she took money from her 86-year-old aunt’s bank account to pay for shopping trips and used a credit card in her aunt’s name to pay for a vacation to New Mexico.

Lori L. Hogan, 40, pleaded not guilty to two counts of financial exploitation of the elderly during a preliminary hearing in front of Judge Scott Walden in Adams County Circuit Court. Quincy police say Hogan spent more than $23,000 in cash and ran up nearly $9,000 in credit card bills on an account in her aunt’s name.

After finding probable cause to bound Hogan over for trial, Judge Scott Walden placed Hogan’s case on the October jury docket. Her trial is set for Oct. 14 with a pretrial hearing on Oct. 3. She faces up to 14 years in prison if she is convicted of the charges. She would be eligible for probation.

Adam Gibson, a Quincy police detective and the department’s elder services officers, said he launched an investigation into Hogan after Good Samaritan Home officials told him they had been trying to get Hogan to furnish bank statements to her aunt, Doris Hackett, but Hogan would not comply.

Hackett had been staying in the home since the fall of 2012 when she suffered a broken hip. Gibson said Hogan had power of attorney for Hackett.

“The only purpose for the power of attorney was to pay (Hackett’s) bills,” Gibson said.

After finding out that money was missing from Hackett’s account, Gibson said Hackett’s lawyer, William Siebers, issued several letters to Hogan telling her not to use Hackett’s money. Gibson said he subpoenaed records from Hackett’s bank account from April 7, 2013 through April 13, 2014. He said Hogan made out more than $10,000 worth of checks to herself or to cash.

He said a number of different checks written to area businesses for clothing, gas and food. Gibson said Hogan spent $23,321 from Hackett’s account, and another $8,734 was charged to a credit card in Hackett’s name. Gibson said charges on the card were made to FunJet Vacations for a trip to New Mexico in addition to charges made at airports in Dallas and St. Louis.

Gibson said Hackett rarely left the nursing home. He said Hackett left the home about once a month to have lunch with friends. Gibson said household expenses were paid with money from a separate account.

Hogan was arrested June 2, and Gibson said she started talking with him as she was being fingerprinted at the Adams County Jail.

“She said if I was in the same position, I would have done the same thing,” Gibson said. “I told her I wouldn’t. Then she said that if I had a child that was dying, I could have done the same thing.”

Hogan has been free since posting $2,000 bond on June 4. One of the conditions of Hogan’s bond is that she is to have no contact with Hackett.

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