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The Aries and Money

Does the Ram seek fame and fortune? Definitely the former, not the latter. While Arians could hit it big and make a bundle (many are entrepreneurs), it's more than likely that any fortune attained will have been as a result of their incredible will to succeed, not a desire to get rich.

Arians are daring and bold, the go-getters of the Zodiac. They like to run the show -- and they like to win! This quality might get them in trouble every now and again where money is concerned, but invariably, they'll wriggle out of it. It's action and adventure that the Ram craves, whatever the cost. With the world as their oyster, Arians will purr like a cat. Bottom line: the Rambo of the boardroom has arrived!

The Ram doesn't spend much time thinking about getting rich, since it's the journey that matters, not the end result. Moving their agenda forward is top priority, even if the agenda isn't fiscally sound -- hey, it's THEIR agenda! Oftentimes, money to Arians is nothing more than the 'currency' which will enable them to get what they want. Are those born under this Sign security conscious? Rarely, since that would be no fun. Don't expect a nest egg from an Arian, someone who would much rather have a job that paid a fair day's wage and not much more so long as it came with freedom and flexibility.

Even so, the Ram loves to spend and is the dream of marketers. 'Such a deal!' they'll exclaim. 'I'll take ten.' This kind of behavior could wreak havoc on the checkbook, and to make matters worse, Arians are loathe to balance accounts! Arians would be well-served to save for a rainy day, but they probably won't.

Should you loan the Ram money? Not if you expect to be repaid promptly. The flip side of this, however, is that if Arians have a couple of bucks on hand, they'd be more than happy to lend them to you.

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