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The Leo and Money

The star of the Zodiac has arrived! Leos love to be center stage, playing to an adoring audience. They also love beauty and riches and often seem to be pampered with both. When not on stage, it's easy to spot the Lion in a crowd. They're always the most magnetic presence in the room, surrounded in an almost golden glow. Leos are usually on a mission to find their right place in the (business) world. If they're chosen to lead -- well, some things just make perfect sense! Leos enjoy taking a risk, but generally only if the odds are in their favor. They hate to lose (and look bad!). It's not surprising for Las Vegas to beckon to the Lion who loves glamour and glitz along with some shiny new coins. The Lion's gambling streak can be a good thing, as long as ego doesn't get in the way and lead to bad business decisions.

Lions firmly believe that money is there to give them everything they deserve, whether it be a great house, a zippy sports car, or more toys than they can play with. Extravagance is their middle name! They'll find a way to make money, because they surely know how to spend it -- and will. 'There's more where that came from' is never far from the Lion's mind.

Managing money would definitely crimp the Lion's freewheeling style -- hey, these are the folks who originated the champagne and caviar party! The accountant (or partner) can add up the damage. If Leos do overspend, they're generally resourceful enough to get back on track. When things get really bad, a visit will be paid to the banker since the proud Lion could never borrow from a friend. And admit they're not king of the hill? Never!

The Lion's secret to success, however, may be a very generous spirit. These folks would lend their last penny, and since what goes around comes around, they'll always find their way to a few more. Leo knows the cup is half full, and more often than not, their cup runneth over!

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