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The Virgo and Money

The modest Virgin is not likely to get caught bouncing a check. Those born under this Sign are blessed with common sense and self-reliance and manage their money (and that of others) very well. As befits their cautious and reflective nature, Virgos like to size up a situation first, making them good business partners. These honest and trustworthy folks are also chronic worriers, so they'll definitely mind the store! A business with a Virgo involved will run like a finely-oiled machine since perfection is the name of the game.

The bottom line with Virgos is that they are very good with money. This suits their analytical mind! The accounts will always be in order, and they can really stretch a buck, being as measured as they are. The Virgin also hates to waste money. Having money in the bank is a bonus for Virgos since it will eliminate one more worry! This isn't the most important thing in life to the Virgin but every little bit helps. Virgos will definitely save for a rainy day and don't mind working hard to do so, especially since it keeps them from having to depend on others, a perennial Virgo concern.

The Virgin is also a budgeting magician, someone who knows how to live on little and still have fun. A Virgo can tell you that 'some of the best things in life are free' and really mean it! Virgos are rarely big spenders, hate to borrow, and hate to lend money even more. About the only time they'll lend is to a family member in need or in a case where they're sure they'll get it back.

A regular paycheck is music to the Virgin's ears, and if it's paid weekly, even better. The vagaries of freelance work are quite unkind to the Virgo constitution, believing as they do that a bird in hand is worth a whole lot more. Let someone else play roulette with the paycheck!

The fun for Virgos isn't in spending money, it's in cultivating less tangible assets such as knowledge and friendship. Now that's golden!

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