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The Aquarius and Money

Is the Water Bearer smart? They don't call Aquarians the geniuses of the Zodiac for nothing. Possessed of a quicksilver mind, these folks could make a bundle -- if they ever put their mind to it. It's likelier, though, that restless Aquarians will be more focused on their lofty new ideas or saving the world. That's right, a new world order -- now that's fun to an Aquarian! The visionary Water Bearer may seem distracted much of the time, but that's only because they're living inside their head, a place where the wheels are spinning away. Those born under this Sign are logical, love to think, and enjoy helping others, especially via charities and their pet causes.

Money, for better or for worse, is not at the top of the Water Bearer's list. Any bucks that come to these folks are more than likely to be pure happenstance since there are many more important things to work on. To an Aquarian, money is a means to an end -- like saving the planet! Are they likely to watch the bottom line? Huh? Aquarians also tend to experience great highs and lows where money is concerned. One day they'll sell a computer program for millions, yet the next day they're being hounded by the IRS. Luckily for Aquarians, they can think their way out of any box. As well, they have an uncanny ability to 'see' their way to money, probably because their mind is always working. The Water Bearer enjoys being self-employed, although the erratic cash flow can wreak havoc on the budget -- if they've bothered to make one, that is. A bookkeeper could be an Aquarian's best friend.

Futurists that they are, Aquarians enjoy the novel nature of bartering as well as the more progressive concept of equal-wage-earner couples. No traditionalists here! However, they tend to be more conservative when it comes to spending and don't mind living simply at all. Aquarians are loathe to borrow, and if they lend, they expect to be paid on time.

Shopping is a low priority for Aquarians, but when they do, they'll probably go top-of-the-line. Quality counts with these folks! Always a smart move.

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