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The Pisces and Money

When it comes to the Fish, it pays to know which one you're getting, since there are often two (in one). Complex and changeable Pisceans are the dreamers of the Zodiac, kind and empathetic souls who are forever searching for that something more, out there, over the next rainbow. Even if they seem to have it all, the Fish will never end their quest. Exploring their spirit, both mentally and physically, is a favorite pastime of the Fish. This can be exhausting work (these folks feel intensely!); so every now and again, Pisceans will retreat to their favorite 'pond' for a soothing dip. This kind of escape is restorative indeed and can give the Fish the will they need to continue the good fight.

Although the Fish may seem wishy-washy, they're actually quite good with money. It's not important to them, though -- their dreams are. Many dreams, sadly, require money if they are to become a reality, so Pisceans are often compelled to achieve financial success for the greater good. Pisceans rarely worry about money, perhaps because many of them either inherit wealth or marry into it! It's safe to say they enjoy having money around, because it helps to fund their causes. Those Pisceans who don't come across money by accident needn't worry, however, since they are blessed with mental gifts which could easily lead to a fortune of their own!

Prone as the Fish are to swimming in either direction, one never knows which Fish will splash onshore. Pisceans can be exceedingly generous, something which can lead to ill-timed extravagance. Conversely, they can indulge in irrational fears about money which lead them to extreme practicality. Flip a coin!

The Fish like to own their own home, since it provides a safe haven from the changeable world. Nimble as they are with money, they know how to stretch a buck and can make second-hand rags look like designer duds. However, they won't always be attuned to the specifics of their bank balances. 'Out of money?!' the Fish will exclaim. 'Oooops! I'm afraid my mind was elsewhere.'

Sweet-natured Pisceans simply cannot say no when someone asks them for money, yet they'll never keep track of where the money went! Some things are forever hazy with the Fish...

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