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Cancer Workers

Don't mistake a Cancer for an underachiever -- they're working it as much and as well as the next person, albeit in a subtle, low-key manner. The Crab's sensitive nature is readily apparent in business dealings, preferring a non-confrontational approach that protects them as well as those around them. Caution is the Cancerian's byword, lest they be forced to retreat into that handy-dandy shell.

The Crab likes to lead, and as long as these folks are comfortable with their proscribed duties and their colleagues in the quest, they will probably succeed. As long as their emotions can be kept in check, Cancerians can create a space of harmony and happiness for all. This empathetic and intuitive quality also makes the Crab a natural nurturer and someone well suited to the caregiver role, whether it's as teacher, healer or protector. There are times, though, when even the Crab won't follow his good 'medical' advice and can sorely benefit from creating a harder shell -- one can only take so much abuse!

Those born under this Sign may not look like they're out to conquer the world, but in their own way, they're getting a lot of good done. Cancerians are very creative and love family, qualities that can lead to bliss in the workplace if properly merged. Think of an art therapist or family counselor, and you're talking the Crab's talk. A word of caution to co-workers: Don't cross the diligent Crab. Those pincers have some sharp claws!

The Cancer office feels for all the world like home, with a couch for napping, a teapot for fixing something warm and soothing and favorite mementos all around. Crabs are the only ones who aren't clamoring for a spanking-new company car -- hey, that ten-year-old American sedan just got comfortable! The office is the Crab's favorite place for a business lunch, although a homey neighborhood spot is a close second.

Cancerians are well suited as doctors, pharmacists, teachers, nutritionists, chefs, realtors -- anywhere they can feel truly useful.

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