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Pisces Workers

The emotional, dreamy Pisces are forever trying to balance their need for accomplishment with their desire to live inside their head. Surveying the dreamscape is great fun for the visionary of the Zodiac, a kind soul whose visits to mystical netherworlds provide valuable clues on how to help people here on Earth. Although sensible, Pisceans aren't as practical as other folks and much prefer the life of artist, writer or musician -- a 'rolling stone,' as Bob Dylan put it. Doing what feels good is of paramount importance to the Fish, and if this occurs in the context of feeling loved and needed, all the better.

Consumed with their pursuits, Pisceans tend to feel things more intensely than most, a quality which is aided by their keen intuition. Sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming, but the idealistic Fish wouldn't have it any other way. Serving and helping others is their raison d'etre, and they enjoy sharing their empathetic tendencies along the way. Pisceans tend to be artistically blessed as well and enjoy using the world as their muse.

A desire to assist both artistic and humanitarian causes is exactly what the Fish crave. Advocating for the National Endowment for the Arts while extolling the virtues of anti-land mine campaigns would be a dream life for many a Pisces. If they could play their guitar or recite poetry at rallies, even better. The Achilles heel of Pisceans may be their tendency to dally in a dream state much too long. A reality check every now and again can be helpful.

The Pisces office is likely to be soothing, an amalgam of soft couches and velvet drapes along with a mahogany bar replete with snifters for sherry and port. When the Fish steps outside, it should be into a car with driver, since Pisceans would much rather dream than drive. The first stop will probably be a (what else?) seafood restaurant, where the Fish can meet with colleagues while enjoying a savory feast.

Pisceans are well suited as veterinarians, biologists, artists, doctors, musicians, psychologists and mediums.

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