Real Estate Transfers

REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS: Reported Dec. 18, 2016

Posted: Dec. 18, 2016 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

Dianne Pieper, property at 307 Cherry St., to Warren Willing.

Corinne N. Duryea and William J. Duryea, residence at 617 Garden Court, to Sharon S. Bradney and Frederic J. Nothold.

Carol Howard, David Olps, Donald Olps, Rick Olps, Barbara Seeley, Katherine Seifert, Janet Ward and Mary Yurkovich, property at 2031 Spring St., to Shawn M. Irvine.

Cashflow Properties Investments Corp., property in Quincy, to Drew A. Payan.

Rona L. Spears, residence at 2032 Sycamore St., to Stephen C. Schutte and Zachary T. Schutte.

Salvation Army, commercial building at 812 Maine St., to Midwest Realty Exchange LLC Series 30.

David M. Bingham and Rachel E. Bingham, residence at 2332 York St., to Wendy Sheehan and William Sheehan.

Brenda L. Liesen and Joseph J. Liesen, residence at 1539 Spring St., to Shain L. Coryell.

John T. Kelley and Megan E. Kelley, residence at 167 Woodlawn Road, to Carolyn L. Toepke and Karl F. Toepke.

Charles E. Hull Jr., residence at 1234 N. 11th St., to Brian C. Willing.

Illinois Housing Development Authority, residence at 1316 Jackson St., to Jeffrey D. Gallaher.

Nathan L. Ebbing, residence at 1717 Spruce St., to Alan Eugene Bartay.

Donna McClelland, property in Quincy, to Dena R. McClelland.

Ruth M. Vannatta, residence at 1500 Spruce St., to Dena R. McClelland.

Kera Marie Neff, Kera Reidy and Matthew Ace Reidy, residence in Quincy, to Christopher Coleman and Jeanette Coleman.

Cheryl L. Watson Estate, Jason Watson, executor, property at 1120 S. 23rd St., to James M. Kinateder.

H&K Rentals LLC, commercial building at 916 State St., to Midwest Realty Exchange LLC Series 30.

Mackenzie M. Herman, residence at 2246 College Ave., to David W. Elsie Sr. and Mary Lou Elsie.

Jewell L. Hahn, Marca J. Owens, attorney-in-fact, residence in Quincy to Bernard J. Heberlein and Marilyn C. Heberlein.

Martha S. Wiseman and Melvin D. Wiseman, residence at 1914 S. 24th St., to Jason M. Buxman.

Larry W. Beckman estate, Winifred M. Beckman, executor, property at 803 N. Sixth St., to Ronnie L. McKenzie.

Dedert Construction Inc., residence at 3340 Frese Drive, to Bernard J. Venvertloh and Brenda L. Venvertloh trust, Bernard J. Venvertloh, trustee, and Brenda L. Venvertloh, trustee.

Lois J. Schlueter, Randolph K. Schlueter and Randy Schlueter, residence at 3512 S. Holford Drive, to Vicki L. Schwartz.

Christine Manis and Jack Manis, property in Quincy, to Laura E. St. Clair.

Dianna M. Clark and Dianna M. Herren Morris, residence at 1128 Jersey St., to Maalouf Family Trust.

Kathleen L. Steinhauer and Michael E. Steinhauer, residence at 1622 Wilmar Drive, to Gary D. Sparks and Sherry L. Sparks.

David M. Farkas, Laura L. Farkas and Laura L. Hays, residence at 1706 W. Granview Drive, to Gerald E. Gramke.

Brian D. Schuster, residence at 2524 Cedar St., to Irena L. Reichert and Mason W. Reichert.

Adams County

Tina M. Mutz and Tina M. Smith, property at 1445 Hwy. 104, Gilmer Township, to Lawrence E. Smith and Tina M. Smith.

Joseph D. Bartlow, property in Lima, to Bonnie J. Bartlow, Jadon T. Bartlow and Joseph D. Bartlow.

Rick E. Jones and Scott B. Jones, residence in Melrose Township, to Kala D. Jones.

Allen J. Keim, property in Beverly Township, to Allen J. Keim and Nellie V. Keim Trust.

William F. Rowland III, vacant land in Camp Point, to Camp Point Township.

Joyce A. Goehl and Kenneth E. Goehl, property in Ellington Township, to Bryan D. Herman and Sharon M. Herman.

Edward L. Durst Jr. and Karen S. Durst, residence in Ellington Towship, to JoEllen R. Waterkotte and Joseph E. Waterkotte.

Barbara B. Hutmacher and Michael D. Hutmacher, residence in Riverside Township, to Barbara H. Poe Trust, Barbara H. Thoma, trustee.

Wayne H. Howe, property in Ellington Township, to Jill L. Havermale and Wayne H. Howe.

Charles E. Hull Jr., residence at 920 S. 57th St., Melrose Township, to John T. Kelley and Megan E. Kelley.

Rita M. Genenbacher and Ronald J. Genenbacher, property in Payson Township, to Melissa K. Genenbacher, Nathan R. Genenbacher, Rita M. Genenbacher and Ronald J. Genenbacher.

Lynn A. Rabe Fecht, Sherrie D. Rabe Harms, Jana L. Rabe Orr, Carla J. Rabe and Eric E. Rabe, property in Mendon, to Rabe Five Family Farm LLC.

Rick D. Meyer, property at 6631 Big Lake Road, Melrose Township, to Fred Kientzle.

Fred Kientzle, property at 6631 Big Lake Road, Melrose Township, to Boyd Langan Trust, Linda S. Mock, Linda S. Pittman and Carren Summy, trustees.

Terry Moore Construction Inc., residence at 301 Albers St., Golden, to Brooke M. Kurtz and Cory D. Kurtz.