Lovelace Case

Lovelace Trial: List of witnesses

Posted: Mar. 10, 2017 10:35 am

Twenty-four people testified for the prosecution:

Former Adams County State's Attorney Jon Barnard

Doug VanderMaiden of the Quincy Police Department

Cole Miller of the Quincy Fire Department

Adams County Coroner Jim Keller

Paramedic Bill Ballard

Lori Miles, neighbor

Steve Miles, neighbor

Dr. Werner Spitz, forensic pathologist

Dustin Strothoff, neighbor

Justin Bower, student in Curtis Lovelace's class at Quincy University at the time of Cory's death

Amy Herkert, family friend

Rodney Hart, former Herald-Whig crime reporter

Dr. Scott Denton, forensic pathologist

Steve Belko, family friend

Cathy Meckes, neighbor

Dave Schlembach, neighbor

Elizabeth Schlembach, neighbor

Marty Didriksen, Cory Lovelace's mother

Larson Lovelace, the Lovelaces' youngest son

Jeff Baird of the Quincy Police Department, who handled original death investigation

Erika Gomez, Curtis Lovelace's second wife

Dr. Jane Turner, forensic pathologist

Adam Gibson of the Quincy Police Department, who reopened death investigation

Christine Lovelace, Curtis Lovelace's current wife

Eight people testified for the defense:

Carolina Casanova, former friend of Erika Gomez

Richard Herr, family friend

Maj. Lary Fuler of the Army National Guard

Dr. Shaku Teas, forensic pathologist

Dr. William Oliver, forensic pathologist

Logan Lovelace, the Lovelaces' oldest son

Curtis Lovelace

Lincoln Lovelace, the Lovelaces' middle son