Local Election Results


Posted: Apr. 4, 2017 12:01 am Updated: Apr. 5, 2017 10:56 am

Hancock County

City of Hamilton


Walter K. Sellens 457

Steven Lowman 137


City of Nauvoo


John K. McCarty 313

Matthew J. Kennedy 79


City Clerk

Susan D. Swing 51

Carol L. McGhghy 344


City of Warsaw


George Michael Heisler 280

Les Beeler 167


Village of Plymouth


Alex Ussery 57

Chris Sanson 89



(Three elected; four-year term)

Joyce Steiner 47

Ernie Disseron 107

Bob Orris 120

Michelle Burton 91


Appanoose Township

Highway Commissioner

Tony Stevenson 113

Dan Pilkington 2

Jared Plate 11


Township Trustees

(four elected)

Jerry Hutson 58

Tim Rea 73

Colton Hardy 23

Brian Rea 52

Betty Martin 74

James Harman 89

Joe Tripp 85


Dallas City Township

Township Clerk

Connie Meyer 26

Judith J. Melton 85


Fountain Green Township

Township Trustees

(four elected)

Duane McDowell 46

Alex Blythe 43

Charlie Wear 40

Kurt Dittmer 34

Thomas Wear 24


Pilot Grove Township

Highway Comissioner

(one elected)

Ross Reidner 19

Jerry I. Green 56

James Hasten 51


Township Trustees

(four elected)

Richard Dixon 72

Stephen Dowell 45

Kent Guymon 81

Donna Cramer 89

Dan Johnson 78


Rocky Run-Wilcox Township

Township Trustee

(four elected)

Russell Beeler 69

Cindy Roskamp 80

Marlene Beeler 67

Rodney Yuskis `75

Duane Taylor 64


St. Albans Township

Highway Commissioner

(one elected)

Larry Meeks 22

Robert Dighton 66


St. Mary's Township

Highway Commissioner

(one elected)

Justin Daniels 73

Mark Kelly 110

Stacy Walton 15


Greater West Central Public Library District

Library Trustee

(four elected)

Michael Kessel 180

Brenda Hoelscher 369

Connie Haschemeyer 229

Carol Sheley 171

Nancy Ihnen 212

Ladona Wilson 127


Southeastern Community Unit School District 337

Board of Education

(four elected; four-year term)

Township 3N Range 6W

Jeremy Stephens 327

Todd Bolton 250

Ian Kyle O'Neal 332

Township 3N Range 7W

Steven T. Bruenger 389

Township 3N Range 5W

Mark Winters 398

Greg Tippey 529


Public Question

Hancock County Question

Shall a retailers' occupation tax and a service occupation tax (commonly referred to as a "sales tax") be imposed in The County of Hancock, Illinois, at a rate of 1% to be used exclusively for school facility purposes?

Yes 1,730

No 2,023


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