Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Nov. 5, 2017

Posted: Nov. 5, 2017 12:01 am

Quincy Area

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Kimberly A. and Matthew S. Beswick, residence at 1821 Maple, to Misstia L. Shoop.

Benjamin O. Hickman, residence at 216 N. 12th, to JMJ Properties, Joseph M. and Joshua L. Wilson.

Drew A. Payan, properties at 937-939 Hampshire, to Winston Rentals and Property Management LLC.

Rose M. Brooks, trustee, residence at 2524 Southbrook Road, to Phyllis V. and Wayne A. Brinkley, trustees, and Phyllis V. Brinkley and Wayhe A. Brinkley Trusts.

Daniel W. and Kelly R. Zanger, residence at 1315 N. 22nd, to Audrey J. Zanger.

Scott W. Stone, residence at 1206 Edinburgh Drive, to Ashley M. and Tanner J. Meyer.

Timothy Klobe, residence at 726 Brookfield Road, to Timothy Klobe and Deonna B. Sekikawa.

Laura K. and Ralph S. McReynolds, residence at 2301 York, to William E. McReynolds.

Bank of America, residence at 523 S. Sixth, to Charles E. Hull Jr.

Daniel Dodd, residence at 3700 Lindell Ave, to Tracey Dodd.

Nancy Z. Anderson/McClean, residence at 1301 Cherry Lane, to Benjamin O. Hickman and Kyle D. Terstriep.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC., residence at 2033 Broadway, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

L. Duane McIntyre, residence at 2835 Scotia Trail, to Jaynie and L. Duane McIntyre.

Adams County

Misstia L. Shoop, residence at 400 W. Collins, Mendon, to GKA Properties LLC.

Joey L. Howell, residence at 2552 E. 543rd Lane, Ursa, to Clay Keith Howell.

S&D Developers Inc., property in Ellington, to Brooks Lane LLC.

Brandy J. Dance/Frese and Nathan J. Frese, residence at 2228 N. Sheridan, Melrose Township, to James E. and Kathie L. Thornton.

Adams County Mental Health and Retardation Association, property in Ellington, to Quincy Farm Supply Co.

Gregory J. and Melanie Zahnle, residence at 1438 N. 1403rd Lane, Gilmer, to Gregory J. and Melanie Zahnle.

Alfredo Vidal Oropeza and Katie E. Vidal, residence at 931 Maas Road, Melrose Township, to James A. and Tera M. Terwelp.

Emily R. and Justin A. Obert, property in Northeast Township, to Alex D. and Laurie A. Hastings.

Shawn A. Wolf, residence at 404 N. Lafayette, Ursa, to Carol L. and James J. Darnell.

Deanna L. Garrett, residence at 9218 Columbus Road, Fowler, to Megan Graham.

Marcellus E. and Paulette L. Wiewel, residence at 115 W. Collins, Mendon, to Mendon's Diner & Tap Inc.

Rodney and Sharon Gooding, residence at 121 W. Collins, Mendon, to Mendon's Diner & Tap Inc.

Wesley L. Clark, property in Liberty, to Cory L. Clark.

Carrie A. Shaffer/Shepherd, residence at 414 W. Maple Ave., Ursa, to Janice K. and Stanley O. Whelan.