This week's about more than the food and football

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Nov. 22, 2017 12:01 am

This is the week, particularly Thursday, that we are always thankful for the obvious.

We will all be grateful for family, friends, the food we eat and the roof over our heads. Sometimes, however, it's easy to overlook some related items and thoughts that also enrich our lives.

When our family sits down to Thanksgiving dinner I'll also be thinking about the following:

º How time flies: I will look around the room and see four grandkids and wonder where all of the years have gone. The two oldest are now in junior high, which seems impossible. I remember the days they were born, and now I hear regular reports on girlfriends and the latest hairstyles.

The best thing about all of this? I've been able to watch their lives unfold since the point when they could be held in one arm to today, when they're almost as tall as grandma and grandpa.

An added plus for this Thanksgiving is knowing there is a fifth grandchild on the way. We're going to need a bigger kitchen table this time next year.

º That first snowfall: True, the first healthy snow of the season will mean winter has officially arrived. But I love looking out the front door when those gigantic snowflakes are falling for the first time, covering the ground as far as I can see.

Of course, about two days after that, following the first snowball fight and the first time I slip on snow-covered ice I'll be ready for those 70-degree temperatures and blue skies.

º Late-night conversations: At Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is always some sort of company around our house. That dose of extra energy and added conversation is always a welcome plus amid the proverbial hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

I always love the late-night talks after a busy day when everyone sits back, relaxes and begins sharing the stories of yesteryear. At our house, the first of those late-night gabfests are usually on Thanksgiving and the Friday afterward.

When it's finally time for bed, it's always fun to crawl under the covers, remembering the memories that had been shared in the preceding hours.

º The day between: There's always something special about the Friday between Thanksgiving and the ensuing Saturday. Growing up, it always meant a day off school as part of that extra-long holiday weekend. As an adult, even though many of us will be working, there's a lightness in the air and most everyone will have a smile on their face.

The holiday season officially kicks off in a few hours. Just remember, this week is about more than Thursday's meal and the cornucopia of football.

That turkey will be great, and the football games fun, but it's the memories that will prove more lasting than any second helping of the mashed potatoes or long touchdown run.