It's time for Santa Steve to distribute his annual Christmas gifts

Posted: Nov. 27, 2017 8:50 am Updated: Nov. 27, 2017 8:53 am

The calendar says December, parking lots are filled with holiday shoppers a crispness will soon be in the air.

Christmas is on its way.

That means it's time for our annual visit from Santa Steve. Here's a sampling of the presents he has in mind for:

Sally Westerhoff of the Quincy Humane Society: A Rod Stewart ring tone for her cellphone.

Patty Douglas of the Salvation Army: Another successful Tree of Lights Christmas Campaign that will prove invaluable in assisting the community's in-need population.

Mayor Kyle Moore: A middle reliever for his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ray Wilson: Continued success as director of the Soap Box Derby, especially with Super Kids portion of the event that is the best in the nation. Wilson and the rest of the Breakfast Optimist Club do great work for our special-needs community.

City planner Chuck Bevelheimer: A call from Red Lobster and/or Olive Garden officials saying that one or both are (finally) coming to Quincy.

Bob Craig: Big crowds at the All Wars Museum on the campus of the Illinois Veterans Home. The work Craig has done as curator needs to be seen and appreciated.

Ben Marth: A trade of Giancarlo Stanton to his beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

Melissa Shriver-Hackamack: No rain for the 2018 Adams County Fair, which she does such a marvelous job of helping to coordinate.

Quincy University President Phil Conover: A couple dozen doughnuts for his next "morning huddle" at QU.

Jen and Sam Dancer: More national TV appearances for Quincy's queen and king of CrossFit.

Jason Perry: A return of the Super Late Model division to Quincy Raceways.

Rick Gengenbacher: High-speed internet access for his computer.

Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley: A boxed set of season one of AMC's "Ride with Norman Reedus."

Barb Mitchell: A blue ribbon for those apple pies she makes. And her cookies. And anything else that comes out of her kitchen.

John Wood Community College President Mike Elbe: A gift certificate to either the Paloma Diner or Fazoli's.

QU basketball coach Ryan Hellenthal: Patience. Things will get better.

Lynn Fischer: To show restraint in preparing her holiday "honey-do" list for husband Kevin.

Steve Stewart: Season tickets for the St. Louis Blues and a year's supply of gel pens.

Mike Jenkins: A busy holiday shopping season at the Quincy Mall, where Jenkins does a great job as property manager.

Kathy Eighinger: Another year with the greatest husband in the world.