McCaskill is an important moderate voice in Congress

Posted: Dec. 5, 2017 10:10 am

To The Herald-Whig:

While President Trump was in St. Charles recently peddling his version of "trickle-down economics," he took time out of his busy schedule to "dis" our Senator Claire.

Senator McCaskill, one of the few moderates remaining in office, is a target because her vote isn't guaranteed for either radical wing of Congress. She looks at each piece of legislation carefully, judges it on its impact on Missouri citizens, and then forcefully asks the hard questions.

The motivation for targeting our senator is clear. The president's agenda hasn't been moving well in the Senate because even Republicans aren't in agreement about making such sweeping changes without adequate public scrutiny or any bipartisan support. The slim majority problem can be solved by unseating any senators who still think for themselves.

At a recent town, McCaskill said she has been spending most of her time working on "bread-and-butter" issues like how veterans are treated and affordability of important medical appliances like hearing aids. Hearing aids cost several thousand dollars because there isn't sufficient competition in the market accessible to Medicare patients. Untreated hearing loss leads to senility, so keeping the price of hearing aids high is counterproductive in both economic and human terms. She has co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to solve the problem.

The bottom line is that Claire McCaskill is a moderate, brilliant woman who fights hard to get to the core of each issue she votes on. She also obviously keeps the interests of Missouri people at the center of her ethics and agenda. It would be a tragedy to lose her as our champion in Washington. She has earned every bit of our support. Also, I'm sure she has never sexually harassed a man.

Karel Rogers

Newark, Mo.

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