Maybe climate change will someday be seen as hoax

Posted: Jan. 3, 2018 9:20 am

To The Herald-Whig:

At the time of this writing, the country is in the grip of an extreme cold wave with wind chills in some of the northern regions near minus 75 degrees.

In response to this, President Trump sent the left-wing climate change alarmists into an apoplectic fit by suggesting we could use some of that global warming about now. You have to admit, the man really knows how to "poke the bear."

Because of Trump's history of making what seemed to be outrageous statements at the time, many of which actually turned out to be true, some would criticize him for a flippant comment about a serious issue. But does he have any grounds for considering climate change a nonissue?

A new book written by scientist Gregory Wrightstone titled "Inconvenient Facts" documents evidence that you will not hear being discussed by left-wing media darlings like Al Gore and Bill Nye the "Science Guy." For the record, Bill Nye is not an actual scientist.

Mr. Wrightstone effectively challenges the climate hysteria concerning the purported rapidly accelerating and devastating warming of the planet caused by human use of fossil fuels.

For example, he reminds us that the warming trend we are now experiencing started in 1695, in the middle of what was called "the little ice age." For the next 40 years, the rate of warming of the planet was four times the rate of warming in the 20th century. Also the rate of warming between 1695 and 1850 was greater than the rate of warming between 1850 and today.

So, if this is true, and I see no reason to doubt those figures, how do the global-warming alarmists get it so wrong? Could it be that their predictions come from notoriously inaccurate climate models using false assumptions and cherry-picked or manipulated data?

We may never know for sure because, believe it or not, some of the original raw data has been destroyed after it was manipulated to show a greater warming trend. Therefore the original data cannot be reanalyzed by those that doubt current dire conclusions.

Ask yourselves, why would any scientist destroy data which he has directly or indirectly used in an attempt to prove his theory?

Perhaps someday the truth will overcome the propaganda and fear mongering and catastrophic, man-caused climate change accusations will indeed go down as the biggest scam of this age. We can only hope.

William J. Postle


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