Politicians should not move veterans home to Chicago

Posted: Jan. 11, 2018 11:35 am

To The Herald-Whig:

Well, Chicago is at it again -- now it wants to move the beautiful veterans home from Quincy to Chicago because of problems it is having. Are they thinking about the people who have been at the Quincy home for any length of time? No!

Now whose idea was it to move them -- the elected officials and candidates for office, that's who. Would they uproot their loved ones if this problem was in Chicago and move everything to Quincy -- I doubt it very much. Why would a joint House-Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee be having a hearing to examine the issue in Chicago when the problem is in Quincy? They're not thinking of the veterans who have been living at the home in Quincy for a number of years or the people who are working to take care of them that would lose their jobs. Sure, there may be a chance for them to transfer to Chicago, but how many would do that? The same number who would give all that up to move from Chicago to Quincy -- they wouldn't! Quincy is where this meeting should be taking place, not 311 miles away.

Moving elderly residents, many in wheelchairs, 311 miles from where they are is the most absurd, uncaring thing I have ever heard. Quincy home officials are doing all they can to fix this problem or $6.4 million would never have been spent. Who's to say that this same problem won't come up in Chicago.

Quincy has been open many years without any problem, is this being considered? The scenery is beautiful, and many enjoy it in the summer. There is a zoo and a beautiful place to fish. Actually it's a little town of its own with a post office, a place to eat, etc. They even have a few small homes for people to stay if they want to be near their loved ones. Can Chicago offer this? I doubt it. The money it would take would be phenomenal. There's already a VA home close to Chicago, why build another one so close?

My husband was in the Quincy veterans home, and the help there is wonderful. They try very hard to please the people living there and do a great job of it. My husband is now home because of someone who did an extraordinary job of helping him learn to walk again. They need to keep the veterans home in Quincy, not in Chicago.


Bea Clark

Kewanee, Ill.

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