When will North 18th between Koch's and Weiss lanes be fixed?

North 18th between Koch’s and Weiss lanes is maintained by both the city of Quincy and the Riverside Road District. Plans are in the works to resurface the road this summer. | H-W Photo/Matt Hopf
By Herald-Whig
Posted: Jan. 18, 2018 12:01 am

What is the schedule for reconstructing North 18th from Koch's Lane to Weiss Lane? The road is crumbling so bad you literally have to stop in some areas to avoid losing control with oncoming traffic. The sides of the street are falling apart.

That section of North 18th is divided into two sections. The road is maintained by the Riverside Township Road District from Weiss Lane to Hamann Lane, and the city of Quincy is responsible for the segment between Hamann and Koch's lanes.

Both portions of the road are in line for resurfacing this year.

Adams County Engineer Jim Frankenhoff said plans to improve the portion between Weiss and Hamann lanes are progressing, with a goal to complete construction late this summer.

"They're going from the city limits north to where we come around the corner at Weiss," Frankenhoff said.

He noted there were some metal pipes under the road rusting out, which is causing the dip in the road.

"We have to get them fixed," Frankenhoff said.

Quincy Director of Utilities and Engineering Jeffrey Conte said the city was coordinating with the county and road district to make sure its portion is completed at the same time.

"It should be out for bids probably in July and probably constructed in the August/September time frame," Conte said.

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