What do you know about the three Quincy boys who went missing in September 1885?

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Mar. 1, 2018 12:01 am

What do you know about three boys who went missing after digging a tunnel in Quincy between Delaware and Washington streets? This happened in September 1885.

The bodies of the three boys who went missing Sept. 4, 1885, were found April 20, 1886, under a sand bank on the bluff between Delaware and Washington streets.

The April 22, 1886, issue of The Quincy Whig said Eddy Klusmeyer, 12, Charlie Klusmeyer, 7, and Charles Kaltenbach, 11, were identified by the clothes they were found wearing.

They were discovered by a man who was shoveling sand from the bank.

A coroner's jury ruled that the boys died from suffocating under the sand bank. It was speculated that the boys had dug a cave in the side of the bank and the walls of sand gave way, burying them. A shovel was found near the bodies.

The Whig reported that since the boys' disappearance, there were reports that they had been seen in Keokuk, Iowa, and had taken a boat from there. The boy's father, C.H. Klusmeyer, had offered a reward to learn where his sons went, advertising it in newspapers across the county.

The Whig said he had received hundreds of letters claiming his missing sons had been found.

All three boys were buried in Woodland Cemetery.

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