Did James Singleton have the Boscobel on Columbus Road?

By Herald-Whig
Posted: May. 9, 2018 12:01 am

Did James Singleton have the Boscobel on Columbus Road, and what was his involvement in Singleton Park?

Virginia native Gen. James Washington Singleton moved to Quincy in 1854. According to a Feb. 27, 1972, article in The Herald-Whig, Singleton purchased a farm on what is now Columbus Road just east of the city limits.

The Quincy attorney and legislator remodeled the house, adding 26 rooms and a gas and water plant, and called it Boscobel.

Boscobel also was a well-known stock farm where Singleton raised thoroughbred Durham bulls, rams, pigs and racing horses.

The mansion was destroyed in a fire Sept. 10, 1890.

Singleton played a role in bringing the Illinois State Fair to Quincy in 1867. However, when horse racing betting was discontinued the second year, the fair failed, though private interests tried to take over the operation before it was dropped for good.

Singleton bought the land in 1875, which was named Singleton Park. The land was later bought in 1891, by aviation pioneer Thomas Baldwin, who renamed it Baldwin Park, building a bowling alley, amphitheater, hotel, race track and other facilities.

The park is now home to Baldwin School.

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