Blessing, Illini hospital team seeks human connections

Posted: May. 14, 2018 10:05 am

To The Herald-Whig:

The Blessing Hospital and Illini Community Hospital employee teams celebrate National Hospital Week, May 13-19. If you asked the employees of either hospital, they would tell you the week is not about them. National Hospital Week celebrates the role they are privileged to play in the lives of patients and their loved ones. At Blessing Health System, we call it "True Human Connection."

True Human Connection is the bond that develops between a health care provider and their patient. Some patients come to us to welcome a new life into the world, others to heal from an illness or injury, some are reaching the end of life and still others seek to improve their well-being to remain as healthy as possible. The one constant hospital staff shares with each patient, no matter their journey, is True Human Connection.

The theme of our National Hospital Week celebration is "Strengthening our True Human Connection."

How do we know we are doing that? True Human Connection cannot be measured like a person's temperature, blood pressure or weight. Yet I can tell you, without a doubt, Blessing Health System caregivers are strengthening the True Human Connection. How do I know? Maddie and her mother told us.

Maddie is a 6-year-old who has spent more time in Blessing than she, her parents or we want. On Maddie's journey she has made a special friend, Blessing Hospital Certified Nursing Assistant Jane Henninger. Recently, when Maddie needed care that was most appropriately delivered in St. Louis, her mother told us young Maddie quickly informed her new caregivers how to do things the "Jane" way.

The bond between Jane and Maddie is as therapeutic as any medication or procedure. Maddie knows she needs and deserves True Human Connection as part of her care. It doesn't get much stronger than that.

There are lots of "Janes" with "Maddies" in their lives at Blessing and Illini hospitals. The gift of those relationships is what we celebrate during National Hospital Week.

Maureen Kahn

President and CEO ?Blessing Health System


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