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Mark Twain Casino faces possible disciplinary action

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Jun. 28, 2018 8:50 am

LaGRANGE, Mo. -- The Missouri Gaming Commission is proposing disciplinary action be taken against Mark Twain Casino for an alleged violation of gaming rules.

At its monthly meeting Wednesday in Jefferson City, the MGC unanimously approved a "preliminary order for disciplinary action" that recommends the LaGrange casino be fined $2,500.

The casino will have 30 days to appeal the recommendation or the action becomes final.

A document presented at the meeting showed the casino is being penalized for failing to follow "proper procedures and the Casino's published rules for its player rewards program."

According to the document, the violation involved casino shift managers who on multiple occasions in 2017 increased the "player reward points" for a particular patron who is a frequent "known player" in the casino.

The unidentified player received extra points while playing table games, which are given to players based on the number of hours played, the average bet and house's advantage. These statistics are to kept by table game supervisors who "rate" players by recording the time they start wagering, stop wagering and how much they bet on average.

In this particular player's case, shift managers were instructed by the director of casino operations to make a series of "manual adjustments" to the player's rating by indicating he was betting more, on average, than he was actually betting, which is contrary to the casino's published rules for the player rewards program.

The report said the casino did not complete a required "point/promotional credit adjustment form" after the player received the extra points. As a result, the accounting department was not aware of the changes made to the player's account.

The player's reward point total had increased to 562,513 points, which should have qualified the player for the "GM" tier level for patrons who have earned at least 500,000 points.

However, the player was still being listed in the lower "Platinum" tier and his sudden point increase was not reflected in the "casino management system" used to track all of the casino's financial actions.

An investigation resulted after a shift manager noticed the discrepancy and inquired why the player did not have the appropriate tier status.

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