Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported July 15, 2018

Posted: Jul. 15, 2018 12:10 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

Quincy Park Foundation Inc., property in Quincy, to Quincy Park District.

Douglas Falk and Lisa Falk, property at 611 Sycamore, to Felicia Wires and Raphael A. Wires.

Anthony J. Grawe and Sarah L. Grawe, property at 1812 Wilmar Orchard, to Robert E. Hintz.

Kenneth C. Franks life estate, and Linda S. Franks life estate, property at 1616 Monroe, to Kary L. Franks, Kenneth A. Franks, Kristina L. Franks, Kurtis A. Franks and Katherine L. Phelps.

Elizabeth A. Harman, property at 1512 Locust, to Ching Fen Bigelow and Mark Bigelow.

Charles Grant House, property in Quincy, to Katherine H. Lane.

Melvin J. Niekamp, property in Quincy, to Fred H. Kientzle III and Marti A. Kientzle.

Mary K. Harberts and Michael D. Hoxie, property in Quincy, to Mary K. Harberts and Michael D. Hoxie.

Jessie T. Gallaher, property at 1221 S. 12th, to Casey A. Decker.

Linde K. Hardaway and Linde K. Hentry, property at 1422 S. 30th, to Jonathon R. Buck and Sara C. White.

Jon R. Humiston and Whitney J. Humiston, property in Quincy, to Ashley Kirlin and Craig Kirlin.

Deborah D. Brown and Deborah D. Straube, property at 829 Madison, to Deborah D. Brown and Todd J. Hesslin.

Kris W. Koeller, property in Quincy, to Ngoc K. Luu and Duc T. Tran.

Jane M. Frederick, property at 805 Jackson, to Zachary Tuley.

Dale Koontz Builder Inc. and M&M Land Developers Corp., property at 4610 Trinity Lakes Drive, to Duane Buhr Construction Inc.

Ronald W. Stanbridge and Sharon L. Stanbridge, property at 637 Monroe, to William F. Leffert.

Terrie J. Pettit and Terrie J. Welper, property at 1808 Center Granview Drive, to Michael E. Pettit and Terrie J. Pettit.

Michael L. Payne, Shirley Gene Shepherd and Shirley J. Shepherd, property at 1614 Sycamore, to Robert E. Humes.

John Edward Mehaffy and Patricia Kay Mehaffy, property at 1715 State, to Bobby G. Allen.

Charles E. Hull Jr., property at 210 Maple, to Fred McChristian and Kevin Taylor.

David A. Buckley and Meghan Buckley, property at 220 N. 20th, to Mary Elizabeth Brown and Mary Joyce Welsh.

Joseph A. Roach, property at 3622 Prairie Ridge Drive, to Daniel E. Sapp and Heather M. Sapp.

Dale J. Gibson and Melinda A. Gibson, property at 1105 Adams, to Dale J. Gibson and Melinda Gibson.

Rodney K. Whaley, property at 621 S. 14th, to Pollyanna Properties LLC.

Third IV Properties LLC, property in Quincy, to SSA Valley View MHP LLC.

Mikel A. Wiley, property at 304 Chestnut, to Dakota Bennett and Grace Bennett.

David B. Hogge, attorney-in-fact, Duane E. Hogge and Joan C. Hoggie, property at 4530 Woodland Trail, to Jason R. Politte and Latisha L. Politte.

Gary K. Omer estate, Judith O'Rourke and Marcia K. Woelffer, property in Quincy, to Kristin M. Eyler and Todd R. Eyler.

Lawrence Hutmacher, property at 619 S. Seventh, to Samuel P. Johnson.

Wally Hutter Oil Co., property at 3115-3135 Broadway, to Quincy Mall Outlot LLC.

Quincy Cullinan LLC, property in Quincy, to Quincy Mall Outlot LLC.

Charlotte M. Tournear, John D. Tournear III and Charlotte M. Zander, property at 2065 College Ave., to Charlotte Tournear and John D. Tournear.

Bobby G. Allen, property at 1635 State, to Toni L. Vollbracht.

Cary G. Stevens and Connie M. Stevens, property at 716-718 York, to Sonsview Properties Inc.

Barbara G. Campbell estate, Vicki R. Kline, executor, property at 318 S. Eighth, to Qtown Properties LLC.

Joann McLaughlin, property at 3964 Abbey Ridge Court, to Margaret E. Ozan Rafferty and Michael P. Rafferty.

Betty V. Emmert, property at 812 N. 22nd, to Fred H. Keintzle IV and Parker M. Kientzle.

Jack O. Flachs, property at 534 Hampshire, to Angela D. Flachs.

Schumacher Electric Corp., property at 1702 Locust, to Quackpot LLC.

Sherry S. Holder, property at 2607 Cherry St., to Joshua S. Bruce.

McFarland Inc., property at 4634 Trinity Lakes Drive, to Carl F. Lanigan and Theresa L. Lanigan.

Lorri Craig and Phillip L. Craig, property at 1139 S. 20th, to Ryan P. Craig.

Kathy R. Markovich and Peter G. Markovich, property at 1618 S. 47th., to Marilyn A. Merrell.

Bernard G. Weisenburger and Sally Weisenburger, property at 2515 Northbrook Road, to Brooke L. McAllister.

Renee N. Edwards, Jeremy Roberts and Renee N. Roberts, property at 1401 S. 16th, to Kareem J. Rayford.

Ernest F. Giroux, Michael R. Giroux, Sharon S. Giroux and Esther M. Hirner Quick, property at 828 Washington, to Michael R. Giroux and Sharon S. Giroux.

Justin K. Bliven, property in Quincy, to Krstin D. Hensen and Stephanie M. Hensen.

Brian David Merriss, Lora Gretchen Merriss, property at 1434 Kentucky, to Leah D. Wuestenfeld and Raymond L. Wuestenfeld.

Adams County

Mckenzi A. Taylor and McKenzi A. Wilkey, property at 311 S. Vermont St., Camp Point, to Alyssah K. Buchanan.

Bryan A. Young and Sarah E. Young, property at 3329 Hunter Road, Ellington Township, to Jason D. Carpenter and Kayla R. Carpenter.

David E. Schenk and Sandra K. Schenk life estate, property in Gilmer Township and Payson, to Curtis D. Schenk and Jeffrey L. Schenk.

LGF Inc., property in Northeast Township, to Alexander Family Trust B, Lloyd W. Alexander, trustee.

Richard E. Davis estate, Deborah S. Walkenshaw, executor, property in Ellington Township, to Janice K. Walbring and Mark G. Walbring.

LFG Inc., property at 601 Prairie Mills Road, Golden, to Roger H. Flesner and Diana L. Flesner Trust, Diana L. Flesner and Roger H. Flesner, trustees.

Duc T. Tran and Ngoc Luu Train, property at 1301 Hamann Lane, Riverside Township, to John Edward Mehaffy and Patricia K. Mehaffy.

LG Land Holdings LLC, property in Concord Township, to Kerley Properties LLC.

Whitetail Group LLC., property in Concord Township, to Kerley Properties LLC.

John E. Peterson, property at 1433 N. 1153rd Lane, Burton Township, to John T. Baughman.

John E. Peterson, property at 1433 N. 1153rd Lane, Burton Township, to Kaylie N. Gilbert.

Latisha L. Ludwig, Jason Politte and Latisha Politte, property in Ellington Township, to Jason A. Ludwig.

Jean A. Holtshouser and Ronald W. Holsthouser, property at 2719 N. 1100th Place, Clayton, to Leo E. Mueller and Nancy J. Mueller.

Thelma I. Howell, property in Gilmer Township, to Bryon L. Deege.

Noble Consulting and Investment Corp., property at 205 S. Main St., Coatsburg, to Dennis Allen and Tina Wieholder.

Connie M. Mowen, property at 1339 N. 1153rd Lane, Burton Township, to Kathi A. Wollbrink and Steven A. Wollbrink.

Samuel C. Rinella Jr. estate; Regina Rinella Cotton and Samuel C. Rinella III, executors; property in Riverside Township, to Jane L. Green and Robert C. Green.

Michael E. Maas, property in Riverside Township, to Frese Family Limited Partnership.

Michael E. Maas Trust; Michael E. Maas, trustee; property in Riverside Township, to Frese Family Limited Partnership.

Larry V. Wright, property at 2404 N. 1200th Ave., Camp Point, to and Kathy R. Wright and Larry V. Wright.

John E. Baucom and Kelly M. Baucom, property in Beverly Township, to Christopher R. Reichert.

Richard O. Anderson, property at 6616 Columbus Road, Ellington Township, to Sandra K. Wemhoener and Theodore J. Wemhoener.

Jennifer Bell and Jennifer Taylor, property in Lima Township, to David E. Bell.

Lisa A. Atchley and Timothy D. Atchley, property at 3540 Payson Road, Melrose Township, to Hayley Moore and Travis Moore.

Arlene R. Klingler and Dana Nicole Tipton, property at 410 N. Fulton, Payson, to Christopher A. Akers.

Barbara G. Campbell estate; Vicki R. Kline, executor; property in Ellington Township, to Lucas A. Tappe.

Jeffrey G. Kistner, property at 903 McKee Drive, Ellington Township, to Cory A. Peters.

Wally Hutter Oil Co., property in Clayton, to Darren Vertrees.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC., property at 705 Dudley St., Liberty, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Kenneth E. Utterback and Paula E. Utterback, property at 405 E. 2050th St., Plainville, to Adam N. Hocking and Rachel M. Wright.

Chasitie Ann Twaddle and Travis Scott Twaddle, property at 214 Smith St., Ursa, to Brooklyn M. Whelan and James R. Whelan.

Emily S. Wright and Jordan M. Wright, property at 304 Pine St., Ursa, to Chasitie A. Twaddle and Travis S. Twaddle.

Carroll F. Burke estate; Lanny Burke, executor; property in Keene Township, to Loretta Baustian and Scott D. Bruenger.

Hornet Enterprises LLC, property at 2708 N. 1800th St., Clayton, to Kyle John Brady.

Curtis R. Post and Rosalie L. Post, property at 407 Quincy St., Golden, to Jody Clark.

Tonya A. Leapley, property at 401 N. David St., Liberty, to Courtney R. McDade and Jeramey J. Roberts.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, property at 530 N. Washington St., Mendon, to Misty L. Dowling and Timothy R. Dowling.

Christopher L. Kenady and Tahni N. Kenady, property in Richfield Township, to Keith C. Flesner.

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