Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: July 10, 2018

Posted: Jul. 16, 2018 7:20 am

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:58 p.m. July 11, 4:59 a.m. and 4:49 p.m. July 12, 5:40 p.m. July 13, 4:53 a.m. and 4:34 p.m. July 14, 5:09 a.m. and 5:40 p.m. July 15 and 5:22 a.m. July 16.

18-17997 Arrest Tiffany Douglas, 34, for battery from an incident at 1115 Chestnut on 7-2-18.

18-18921 Arrest/ Lodged Amanda L Jones, 36, 530 Cherry St, Apt 4, FTA DWLS at 301 Maple St.

18-18439 Hit and Run Constance Calvert, 76, reports he was involved in a hit and run at I-72/Broadway on 7-6-18. The suspect vehicle is a Silver Nissan SUV.

18-17423 Theft Over Alex Wiseman, 25, reports the theft of several power tools from 2225 North 12th between 6-18-18 to 6-25-18.

18-18459 Theft Over Earl Wierschem, 51, reports the theft of prescription medication from 620 South 21st on 7-5-18. No suspects.

18-18979 Traffic Arrest Michael Mccarter, 34, for failure to yield/Left turn at 48th/Oak on 7-11-18.

18-18986 Traffic Arrest Joyce Hunter, 80, for failure to yield/red light at 8th/Broadway on 7-11-18.

18-18894 Traffic Arrest Lakin Hardy, 20, for failure to reduce speed/accident at 27th/Broadway on 7-10-18.

18-18354 Traffic Arrest Jacqueline Agnew, 61, for failure to reduce speed/accident at 8th/RJ Peters Drive on 7-5-18.

18-17952 Traffic Arrest James Bolin, 66, for failure to yield/stop sign at 9th/Jersey on 7-2-18.

18-18973 Arrest Brock Griffin, 24, for domestic battery at 2634 Cedar on 7-11-18. Lodged

18-19060 arrest / lodged Sharlene Trinidad (18) 654 Harrison Dr Quincy, IL for aggravated battery at 3701 Broadway on 7-11-18. Lodged.

18-19068 arrest / lodged Ryan Young (44) 1004 1/2 Maine St. Quincy, IL for possession of methamphetamine at his residence on 7-12-18. Lodged.

18-19015 traffic arrest Caitlyn Veihl (27) 1036 Payson Quincy, IL for expired registration at 28th and Broadway on 7-11-18. PTC.

18-19036 traffic arrest Larry Mason (57) 1822 Klauser Dr Quincy, IL for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 12th and Broadway on 7-11-18. NTA.

18-19072 traffic arrest Jessica Loza (35) 3405 N. Brennan Dr. Quincy, IL for driving while license suspended at 6th and Lind on 7-12-18. NTA.

18-19029 traffic arrest Roger Willing (65) 650 Payson Ave Quincy, IL for disobeying stop sign at 8th and York on 7-11-18. PTC.

18-19025 traffic arrest Nicholas Orrill (31) 412 N Fulton Payson, IL for violation of child restraint <8 at 6th and Broadway on 7-11-18. NTA.

18-19055 traffic arrest Cody Williams (23) 812 Madison Quincy, IL for driving while license suspended at 8th and Chestnut on 7-11-18. Cash bond.

18-19016 traffic arrest Linda Haskins (63) 21672 HWY 54 Pittsfield, IL for disregard stop sign and operating uninsured vehicle at 8th and Chestnut on 7-11-


18-19012 traffic arrest James Fortner (69) 338 N. Ohio Camp Point, IL for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident at 33rd and Broadway on 7-11-18.

18-19004 Traffic arrest Sarah Dejaynes, 21, for failure to reduce speed/accident and operating uninsured vehicle at 1301 Broadway on 7-11-18.

18-19065 warrant arrest Shakeyia Bradshaw (24) 935 N. 11th Quincy, IL on warrants for FTA - resisting a peace officer and malicious mischief and a new charge of fighting at 525 1/2 N. 6th on 7-12-18. Lodged.

18-19013 warrant arrest Daniel Fletcher (31) 14126 HWY AW Plato, MO on warrants for FTA - driving while license revoked and FTA - family matter at 644 Payson on 7-11-18. Lodged.

18-19115 Arrest Valerie Thompson, 31, for FTA robbery at 1114 Jersey on 7-12-18. Lodged

18-18984 Arrest Madeline Paradise (21) 1834 Main St for improper driving.

18-19009 Burglary Emily Maple, 19, reports her Chevrolet passenger car was entered on 7-11-18 while parked at 1624 Elm. Checks were stolen.

18-18706 Burglary to Mary Snyder, 73, reports the theft of $15 from her 2015 Buick while Vehicle parked at 2203 Oak between 7-8-18- to 7-9-18.

18-19006 Criminal Damage April Stroud (44) 326 Spruce, reported her 2012 Silver Chevrolet was damaged somewhere in Quincy.

18-19092 Recovered Property A black, boys BMX bicycle was recovered at JWCC on 7-12-18.

18-18995 Theft Sherry Black, 56, reports the theft of Ill license plate 408901D from 625 Hampshire between 7-6-18 to 7-11-18.

18-18998 Theft Over Christa Harlan (37) 3230 Brentwood dr, reported 20 Suboxone strips were stolen from her residence.

18-18922 Traffic arrest Robert Walker, 49, for improper driving at 312 Hampshire on 7-11-18.

18-18429 Traffic arrest Brittany Boren, 21, for failure to report accident at 3800 Broadway on 7-6-18.

18-19216 arrest Bradley D Silman 38, of Quincy for expired registration.

18-19211 arrest James Foster 60, of Quincy for failure to yield.

18-18996 arrest Montro E Howard 50, of Quincy for shoplifting at 620 Broadway.

18-18335 arrest Robert Turner 56, of Quincy and Evan Boyer 31, of Quincy for Retail theft at Kohl's on 7/5.

18-18994 arrest Becky Meehan 57, of Quincy for failure to yield stop sign.

18-19126 arrest Debra A Knowles 51, of Quincy for failure to yield.

18-17984 Hit and Run Sandra Beilstein of Quincy reports that her vehilce was hit and run while parked on the lot of Walgreen's on 7/2.

18-18819 Hit and Run Julie Sandidge of Quincy reports her vehicle was struck while parked on the Aldi's lot on 7/9.

18-18577 lost articles Shane Simmons 530 Cherry reports his ss card and Illinois ID card were either lost or stolen approximately two months ago.

18-18178 recovered bike Ronald Altheide found at 20" blue Quest Charger bicycle at 8th and Payson on 7/1.

18-18327 Theft from Coin Neil Veihl of Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits reports the locks on two soda Op machine machines were drilled out sometime between 7/2 and 7/5. Money was taken.

18-18801 Theft under Raeann Brown 3100 Rutledge Place reports a portable basketball hoop was stolen from infront of her residence on 6/29.

18-19220 Arrest /Lodged Dennis R Hall, 58, Liberty, FTA Aggravated Battery at S 8th St and York St. Lodged

18-19236 Arrest/ Lodged Matthew K Kuhlmeier, 33, 1724 N 17th St, FTA DWLS and DWLR and TOF for Domestic Battery at 1724 N 17th St. Lodged

18-19268 Arrest/ Lodged Curtis L Thompson, 26, 1030 Jersey St, FTA Possession of Methamphetamine at 1030 Jersey St. Lodged

18-19262 Arrest/ Lodged Tonymack N Hall, 19, 1619 W Granview Dr, FTA Resisting a Peace Officer at 225 N 5th St. Lodged

18-19244 Arrest/ Lodged Cass D Tasco, 28, 634 Spruce St, FTA Illegal Transportation of Alcohol at N 5th St and Broadway St. Lodged

18-19258 Arrest/ Lodged Deeahana M Gholston, Hannibal, 33, FTA OV Fighting at 300 Gardner Expressway. Lodged

18-19229 Arrest/ Traffic Margaret M Weed, 27, 1129 N 12th St, Failure to Yield Left Turn at N 24th St and Locust St.

18-19242 Arrest/ Traffic Sean H Robesky, 19, 710 N 1850th Ave, Operating Uninsured at N 24th St and Broadway St.

18-19254 Arrest/Lodged Gerald R Williams, 38, Homeless, Possession of a Weapon by a Felon, FTA Theft and Original Arrest Warrant for Possession of Methamphetamine at 200 Maine St. Lodged

18-18337 arrest Wynter J McKenzie 19, of Quincy for fighting. Ronnie McKenzie 24, of Quincy for vandalism.

18-18703 Theft under Cody Fox 1600 Chestnut reports two unsecured bicycles stolen from his residence on 7/7. They were 20" Mongoose's or Mongeese

18-19186 Theft under David Bauer of Quincy reports that IL trailer plate 8303KH-TA was stolen from his trailer on 7/12.

18-19323 Arrest Cameron J Burke, 20, 912 N 16th St, No Seatbelt, Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor, Keith A Graham, 57, Warsaw, DWLR and No Insurance, Timothy B Watkins, 38, 1008 Monroe St, No Seatbelt, Dawn M Husted, 40, West Point, No Seat Belt, Jason M Bridgewater, Burlington, IA, 37, Open Liquor. At N 18th St and Oak St, traffic stop.

18-18843 Arrest Darrell J Branson, 63, 527 Broadway St, 1012, OV Fighting at 527 Broadway St. Cash

18-19330 Arrest/ Lodged Jay D Schroder, 62, 1533 Boy Scout Rd, Violation of Bail Bond at 1700 Locust St. Lodged

18-19383 arrest / lodged Patrick Lambert (21) 637 Spruce St Quincy, IL for domestic battery at that address on 7-15-18. Lodged.

18-19312 Traffic Arrest Vernon Amsler, 82, for failure to yield/right away at 17th/College on 7-14-18.

18-16760 Arrest Karli J Gibbons, 18, and Shelby L Ellis, 19, of Hannibal, Retail Theft at 6100 Broadway St on 6/21/2018.

18-18855 Arrest Timothy J Gustison, 38, 2550 Oak St, OV Possession of Cannabis at N 8th St and Broadway St on 07/09/2018.

18-19437 Arrest/ Lodged Bruce A Blevins, 34, 836 Locust St, Possession of Methamphetamine < 5 grams at S 6th St and State St. Lodged

18-19396 Arrest/ Lodged Xavier J Colon, 22, 915 Kentucky St, FTA Speeding at 801 York St. Lodged

18-19315 Arrest/ Lodged Taten M Griffiith, 25, 622 Spring St, FTA Resisting a Peace Officer and DWLR at N 4th St and Cherry St. Lodged

18-19430 Arrest/ Traffic Keela R Casey, 31, 200 Maine St, Rm 307, DWLS and Operating Uninsured Vehicle at N 6th St and Lind St.

18-18365 Arrest/ Traffic Shawn D Sohn, 35, 705 N 64th St, DUI at S 8th St and Jefferson St on 07/05/2018.

18-19415 Arrest/ Traffic Shahan R Wainright, 41, 1225 Cadbury Ridge, Speeding at N 3rd St and College St.

18-19375 Arrest/ Traffic Frinklin Rodriguez, 38, 842 S6th St, Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident at State St and Ridgewood Dr.

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