THE REV. SAYS: Try kissing a frog

Posted: Jul. 28, 2018 12:01 am

Did you ever try to kiss a frog? Not easy, is it? Maybe not even much fun.

But all around our neighborhoods are froggy people, feeling slow, and low, and ugly, and droopy, and down in the dumps! Maybe you feel that way too now and then. What is a person to do?

In our faith, when we talk about "the priesthood of believers," we mean quite literally that we are to be "priests" to one another or to minister to one another, to be really caring folks!

So, down the great river of life come froggy people, on drifting lily pads, feeling frightened and disgusted, and too froggy to budge.

Once upon a time, there was a frog. But he really wasn't a frog. He was a prince, who looked and felt like a frog. A wicked witch had cast a spell upon him, and only the kiss of a beautiful maiden could save him. But cute chicks don't really enjoy kissing frogs and there he sat, unkissed and unhappy. Miracles do happen now and then, however. One day, a beautiful young lady grabbed him up and gave him a big smack. And there he was, a handsome prince. Now, you know the rest ... they lived happily ever after!.

Bruce Larson, the author of this interesting illustration, asks  the question, "What is the task of the church?" and he gives as his answer, "to kiss frogs, of course."

The Apostle Paul said, "bear one another's burdens." (Galatians 6:2) Is it possible that if we just looked around, we might find a prince or a princess in a froggy mood, who needed to be kissed? Sounds romantic, doesn't it? But it also sounds like one of the hardest things, and yet one of the best things we could be doing.


Francis Guither, a pastor for 46 years, is the author of seven books. Guither is retired and lives in Quincy at Good Samaritan Home with his wife, Katharine. His most recent church was Carthage United Methodist.