Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Aug. 1, 2018

Posted: Aug. 1, 2018 3:50 pm

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:59 p.m. July 24, 5:09 a.m. July 25, 5:44 a.m. and 4:51 p.m. July 26, 5:43 a.m. and 5:05 p.m. July 27, 4:56 a.m. and 4:54 p.m. July 28, 5:04 a.m. and 4:47 p.m. July 29, 5:11 a.m. and 4:56 p.m. July 30, 5:01 a.m. and 5 p.m. July 31, and 6:27 a.m. Aug. 1.

18-19658 arrest Benjamin L Kindard 45, 317 Chestnut for theft over $500 at 5321 Oak on 7/23.

18-20224 Arrest Bernadette Speiser (58) 1807 Jersey for speeding. PTC

18-20245 Arrest Jennifer G. Brown (49) 2245 Spruce for speeding. PTC

18-20239 Arrest Veronica L. Woelfel (59) 208 N. 4th Kampsville, IL for electronic communication device. PTC

18-20241 Arrest Pamela Harness (48) 2112 S. 23rd, Quincy for speeding. PTC

18-21673 Arrest Lodged Tyquon D Cambell, (22) of Quincy, arrested for Retail Theft for an incident on 7/31/17 at 1723 Broadway, Petition to Revoke Probation, and Failure to Register as a Sex Offender at 1118 N 4th. Lodged

18-19781 Theft Sherry L Dehaven, (67) of Quincy, reports the theft of 120 Hydrocodone pills. The package had been opened and resealed before she received the package in the mail. The bottle was empty when Dehaven opened the package.

18-19770 Theft Michael A Predmore, (59) of Quincy, reported $50 worth of aluminum cans taken from the rear of 310 S 11th St on 7/19.

18-20280 Arrest Darren A Dunsmore (27) 503 Wisherd for Dom battery and vio of bailbond from an incident that occurred at 1833 Broadway on 7/24/18. Lodged

18-20296 Arrest Stacy L Hanlin (36) 629 Spring for poss of Cannabis at 4/Broadway on 7/24/18. Cash

18-20183 Arrest Zion A Byrd-White (18) 715 N 7th for FTA DWLS and uninsured motor vehicle. Lodged

18-20236 Arrest Susan M Keller (31) 1326 S 19th for failure to reduce speed. PTC

18-14370 arrest/lodged Austin Sherfy 20, 2232 Sycamore for unlawful use of another's debit/credit card.

Arrest/Traffic Dana A Lawton (42) 1030 Jersey #C for uninsured motor vehicle. NTA

Stephanie M Reeder (40) Pittsfield for Expired registration and uninsured motor vehicle. NTA

Stacy L Hanlin (36) 629 Spring for uninsured motor vehicle. NTA Arrest/Warrants Gregory S Lish (34) for FTA-DWLS. Lodged

Ronald A Tournear (22) 313 Cedar for FTA-poss of Meth. Lodged

18-18919 Burg to Vehicle Adrien N Clay (29) 626 Monroe reported his 2005 Ford entered while parked at 405 Vermont on 7/10/18. Two remote controlled cars were stolen.

18-19803 Theft Under Nathan C Batson (36) 1314 N 10th reported his license plate, IL P371923, stolen while parked at 300 N 33rd on 7/19/18.

18-20193 Arrest / Lodged On 07/23/18, Marlon G. Tournear (47) was arrested for Aggravated Domestic Battery and Threatening a Public Official. Lodged 18-20379 Arrest / Lodged Jaime A. Schroder (39) was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine - less than 5 gr, Driving W/ License Revoked, Operating Uninsured Vehicle and Disobeying Stop Sign. Lodged

18-20384 Arrest / Traffic Michael C. McConnell (29) was arrested for Driving W/ License Suspended, Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-20377 Arrest / Traffic Keiley R. Meyer (18) was arrested for Improper Left Turn / Failure to Yield after a traffic crash at 48th and Broadway. NTA

18-20353 Arrest / Traffic Jerrica A. Jones (29) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-20375 Arrest / Traffic Amy D. Pabisiak (48) was arrested for Expired Registration. PTC

18-20370 Arrest / Warrant Dustin D. Stoddard (28) was arrested on a Marion County, Mo warrant for Possession of Methamphetamine. Lodged

18-19795 Burglary On 07/19/18, Rickey Earnst reported a burglary to 637 Spruce. Taken was two ladders, an air compressor, a table top Husky drill, two battery operated jig saws, two weed trimmers and lawn mower and a Tyobi fan. No Suspects.

18-20315 Burglary to Motor Vehicle On 07/25/18, Bruce Hatfield reported his truck was burglarized as it was parked near the 1100 block of N. 6th. No Suspects.

18-19514 Theft On 07/16/18, Richard Parsons reported the theft on plywood and a tire from 1427 N. 16th St. The theft occurred sometime between 07/08/16 and 07/15/18. No Suspects.

18-18785 Theft Darin Haistings reports the theft of his cell phone, charger and flashlight from 10th/Hampshire on 7-9-18.

18-20371 traffic arrest Brandi Ingle (36) 133 S. 4th Quincy, IL on a warrant for FTA - no valid registration x 2 at her residence on 7-25-18. Lodged.

18-20354 Traffic Arrest Amber Price, (22) for failure to yield/right of way at 9th/Broadway on7-25-18.

18-20341 Traffic Arrest Donald Griffin, (50) for failure to yield/right of way at 4420 Broadway on 7-25-18.

18-20343 ARREST The following were cited for Sale of Alcohol to a Minor during an alcohol compliance detail on 7/25/18 between 1600-2100 hrs: Ashley Niekamp -- Dunnbelly - 4403 Broadway, Quincy; Sara Dodd -- Instant Replay -- 2739 Chestnut, Quincy; Jenna Arrowsmith -- Mr. Bills -- 538 S. 12th, Quincy; Angela Kindhart -- Joker's Wild -- 614 Maine, Quincy; Andrea Doellman -- Grown and Gathered -- 601 Maine, Quincy; Maria Grijala -- Taco's Inc - 1828 Broadway Suite B - Quincy. Grijala was also cited for Driving While Suspended and No Insurance - released NTA.

18-20132 Theft Adam Smith, 35, reports the theft of a 10 speed Murray bicycle from2206 Cedar between 7-16-18 to 7-23-18.

18-20405 Traffic Arrest Brenda Jenkins, 32, for seat belt required at 4th/Vermont on 7-26-18.

18-20274 Traffic Arrest Spencer Smith, 26, for fail to obey stop sign at 9th/Vermont on 7-24-18.

18-20430 traffic arrest Barbara Fosse (63) 49267 E Lakeshore Dr Hannibal, MO for failure to yield left turn at 25th and Broadway on 7-26-18. PTC.

18-20452 warrant arrest Casey Tarpein (35) MO on a Missouri warrant fot burglary at 934 Hampshire on 7-26-18. Lodged.

18-20494 arrest Makinsey L Edmunds 28, of MO for electronic communications device.

18-20498 arrest Courtney R Nelson 23, of MO for electronic communications device.

18-20497 arrest Garret Anglin 29, of Quincy for electronic communications device.

18-20504 arrest Albert Gravitt II 48, of Quincy for uninsured vehicle.

18-20512 arrest Kiersten L Lawrence 26, of Quincy for electronic communications device.

18-20499 Arrest Citation Starlene M Welch, (68) of Quincy, citation for Expired Registration at 12th and Merle on 7/27. PTC

18-18802 Arrest Lodged Erin D Gordon, 29 of Quincy, arrested for Theft under $500 at 1340 N 5th for an incident at 405 Vermont on 7/6. Lodged

18-20242 Arrest Traffic Austen D Davidson, (27) of Quincy, citation for Failure to Yield Private Drive at 18th and Broadway on 7/24. PTC

18-20515 Arrest Traffic Paul E Wear III, (38) of Quincy, citation for Operating Uninsured Vehicle at 8th and Valley Rd on 7/27. NTA

18-20551 Arrest Joseph W Rees (36) 601 1/2 N 5th for an Adams County warrant for poss of methamphetamine on 7/27/18 at 601 N 5th. Lodged

18-20592 Arrest Michael C Neiswender (45) 716 S 24th for Domestic Battery on 7/27/18 at his residence. Lodged

18-20603 Arrest Tairus J Gray-Weatherly (25) Peoria, IL and Deante R Jackson (21) Peoria, IL were arrested for fighting at the Complex, 906 Hampshire on 7/28/18. NTA. Jackson was also arrested for Obstructing Identification and a Peoria County FTA- DUI warrant. Lodged

18-20574 Arrest Brian H Bergman (33) 1530 College for expired registration on 7/27/18. PTC

18-20596 Arrest Victor L Armstrong (43) 601 N 5th Apt. 2 for FTA-dom battery, FTA-uninsured motor vehicle, and FTA- ped use of the roadway. Lodged

18-20552 Arrest Mika L Courtney (29) Liberty for Failure to yield-private drive on 7/27/18. PTC

18-17664 Arrest Trevor D Harris (24) 1106 Edwin St for a retail theft from an incident that occurred on 6/29/18. USC

18-20562 Arrest Taten M Griffith (25) homeless for Felony resisting a peace officer and poss of a look a like substance on 7/27/18 at 5/Lind. Lodged

18-20514 Arrest Timothy E Owens (42) 633 Lind for Pike County warrant for FTA-vio of court order.

18-20540 Arrest Lodged John D Yarbourgh, (43) of Bethel Mo, arrested for Assault and Battery at 200 Maine on 7/27. Lodged

18-20629 arrest Alisha Oberdahloff 41, of FL for no seatbelt.

18-20629 arrest Rico Williams 36, of Quincy for driving while license suspended.

18-19849 arrest Carolyn Yates 52, of Fowler for disobeying stop sign.

18-20623 arrest Stacy Arrowsmith 32, of Payson for electronic communications device.

18-20519 Arrest Traffic Rachel M Scranton, (30) of Perry, IL, citation for Following too Closely at 24th and Broadway on 7/27. PTC

18-20524 Arrest Traffic Darin E Peters, (31) of Quincy, citation for Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident at 38th and Broadway on 7/27. PTC

18-20527 Arrest Traffic Mathew A Roegge, (25) of Quincy, citation for Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident in the 300 Block of N 30th on 7/27.

18-20514 Arrest Traffic Tmothy E Owens, (42) of Quincy, citations for Driving While License Suspended and Operating Uninsured Vehicle at 9th and Lind on 7/27. Cash Bond

18-20645 arrest/lodged Antone J Hoskins 36, of Quincy for FTA no valid drivers license.

18-20136 Drive Off Charles D Arnold of Hy-Vee Gas 1300 Harrison, reported a light colored Ford Truck left without paying for $77.02 in gas on 7/22.

18-20521 Found Property A women's purple Roadmaster 26" bicycle was found in front of 1230 N 7th on 7/27. Logged at HQ

18-19295 Theft Abigail K Cobern, (19) of Quincy, reports she left her Vera Bradley wallet containing miscellaneous cards at McDonalds 1301 Broadway on 7/14. When Cobern returned to get the wallet, it was gone.

18-19751 Theft Barbara A Webster, (48) of Quincy, reports her cell phone and several other items were stolen from 923 N 12th on 7/19 after she left them by the soda machine.

18-20688 Arrest Christopher Robinson (28) 506 1/3 S 8th for FTA-resisting and a new charge of Domestic Battery on 7/28/18. Lodged

18-20595 Arrest Brock M. Dace (32) 518 S 12th St for cheating on 7/27/18. NTA

18-20636 Arrest Lodged Richard G Myers, (54) of Quincy, arrested for Criminal Damage to Property and Attempted Burglary at 339 S 7th on 7/28. Lodged

18-20697 Arrest/Lodged Jennifer L Hankins (34) homeless (TN) and Kenneth R Traywick (30) homeless (AL) were arrested for poss of stolen vehicle and poss of methamphetamine during a vehicle stop on 7/29/18 at 201 N 3rd St. An orange 2005 Chevrolet truck, MO 6SJ959, stolen from Bridgeton, MO on 7/26/18 was recovered.

18-19626 Arrest/Lodged Damon E Hudson (40) 4002 Halfpap Ln for QPD TOF for obstructingjustice and leaving the scene of an accident on 7/28/17 at 601 N 5th St. Lodged

18-20545 Theft Under Dana Crow (53) reported that $90 of medical supplies delivered by FedEx were stolen sometime between 0800-1200 hours on 7/26/18. Inv to cont.

Arrest/Lodged Jordan W Walton (21) Hannibal, MO for Agg Battery to a Peace Officer at 9th/Hampshire on 7/29/18. Walton was also arrested for an Adams County FTA-small claims warrant.

18-20773 Arrest Amanda L Johnson (33) 819 April Ave for interfering at 3/Maple on 7/30/18. NTA

18-20717 arrest Christina A Coram 44, of Quincy and Stephanie J Bolte 38, of Quincy for fighting at 1811 Klauser Dr. on 7/29.

18-20742 Arrest/Lodged Dreshawn C Raymond-Spradlin (24) for FTA-operating an uninsured motor vehicle at 8/Vermont on 7/29/18.

18-20768 Arrest/Lodged Jayden R Hise (19) 305 Sycamore for criminal damage to state supported property at 615 Harrison Dr on 7/29/18.

Arrest/Traffic Erin R Spradlin (45) 323 College Ave for driving while license suspended at 8/College on 7/29/18. NTA

Thomas E Darnell (44) 634 N 6th for driving while license suspended at 3/Locust on 7/29/18. NTA

Nathaniel K Anderson (39) Hannibal, MO for driving while license revoked at 3/Maple on 7/30/18. Cash

Alexis M Gallamore (24) 1901 N Sheridan for driving while license suspended at 5/Payson on 7/28/18. Cash

David W Kroeter (66) Jonesboro, AR for improper lane usage at 4/York on 7/29/18. NTA

18-20418 Arrest Kaitlin P Constable (19) Hannibal Mo for Retai Theft at 6100 Broadway USC

18-19975 Burglary Alfred Smith Maywood Mo reported his vehicle entered and a walletwas stolen while parked on Chestnut between 3rd and 4th 176

18-20407 Theft David Harbin 1125 Timber View reported his Trek Mountain Bike was

18-20783 Traffic Arrest Jason Sohn, 46, for failure to reduce speed/accident at 48th/Maine on 7-30-18.

18-20878 Arrest Kobey Tipton (19) 639 Adams, Quincy for possossion of cannabis. NTA

18-20888 arrest Thomas J. Winsted (20) 202 N. Chestnut, Mendon, IL for driving without a headlight. PTC

18-20011 Arrest Jay L. Jones (28) Meredosia, IL for driving under the influence and disobeying a stop sign. USC

18-20813 arrest / lodged Jacques Gholston (45) 233 Locust Quincy, IL on a warrant and new charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia at his residence on 7-30-18. Lodged.

18-20833 arrest/lodged Joshua Jones (40) 2120 S. 8th, Quincy for possession of meth. Lodged.

18-20849 arrest/lodged Jaimie Reed (38) Homeless for original warrant or theft and Fta - poss of drug paraphernalia. New charges for possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Lodged

18-20876 traffic arrest Madison Logsdon (21) 1210 College Ave Quincy, IL for operating uninsured vehicle at 8th and Jefferson on 7-31-18. NTA.

18-20825 traffic arrest Larrry Crane (61) 6805 Horseshoe Court Quincy, IL for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 33rd and Broadway on 7-30-18. NTA.

18-20908 Arrest John M Hamilton (24) Ursa Il for Expired Registration at 26th & Chestnut PTC

18-19981 Arrest Melissa S Clay 1443 S Lakeshore Hills for Driving While License Suspended and Operating Uninsured Vehicle at 2023 Oak NTA

18-20895 Arrest Tynell R Washington (34) Homeless for IDOC warrand and Resisting a Peace Officer at 635 Kentucky Lodged

18-18941 Arrest Zachary Furhman, 31, for criminal damage at 509 Locust on 7-10-18.

18-20157 Theft Michelle Locker 622 Harrison reported a bicycle stolen while at Berrian School

18-20866 Traffci Arrest Casey Dean, 27, for failure to reduce speed/accident at 12th/Spring on 7-31-18.

18-20539 Traffic Arrest Tyler Pieper, 27, for improper backing and failure to report an accident on 7-27-18 in the 2100 bock of South 30th.

18-20910 Traffic Arrrest David Jones, 76, for speeding at 30th/Harrison on 7-31-18.

18-20843 arrest Ralph Hinkamper (56) 5222 HWY 24 Quincy, IL for trespassing at 601 N 5th on 7-30-18. NTA.

18-20948 Arrest Daniela Morales (29) 3100 State for speeding. PTC

18-20947 Arrest Carl E. Beath (39) 312 S. 6th for driving while license suspended. Cash bond .

18-20932 Arrest Joshua Jones, 40, for possession of stolen property at 126 North 5th on 7-31-18. Lodged

18-20955 arrest / lodged Tiwana Brandon (Norris) (43) 706 Jefferson St. for driving while license revoked at 18th and Kentucky on 7-31-18. Lodged.

18-20116 Criminal Damage Lavaughn Sigle (40) 216 Chestnut reported minor smoke damage sustained to his 15 Chevrolet Equinox when a Molotov cocktail was thrown at it.

18-20934 traffic arrest Dennis Doblado (20) 809 Madison St Quincy, IL for speeding at 22nd and Broadway on 7-31-18. PTC.

Levi Reid (21) 1806 1/2 State Quincy, IL for operating uninsured vehicle at 18th and State on 7-31-18. NTA.

Jeremy Para (41) 22128 State HWY 96 New Canton, IL for operating uninsured vehicle at 3rd and Maine on 7-31-18. NTA.

18-20988 traffic arrest Dorisann Burke (26) 200 Maine Apt. 310 Quincy, IL for driving while license suspended and expired registration on 8-1-18 at 7th and College. Cash bond.

18-20970 traffic arrest Jonathan Dennison (39) 107 S. Franklin St Payson, IL for squealing tires at 18th and Harrison on 7-31-18. PTC.