Nate Walker helped fight eminent domain abuse

Posted: Aug. 5, 2018 12:20 am

To The Herald-Whig:

I imagine everyone in Northeast Missouri is sick and tired of hearing about eminent domain abuse, but it still matters -- especially in the District 18 Senate race.

I was unfortunate enough to be represented by Craig Redmon while fighting to save my family farm from getting bisected by a power line with little or no say, and he sure didn't give me a voice in the matter. But Nate Walker did.

When we told our legislators that we were scared and angry, Nate returned our calls, Nate showed up at our doorsteps and Nate introduced legislation to try and solve our problems. Nate spoke up for us and then put actions behind his words. The state of eminent domain legislation in Missouri is unconscionable and it clearly needs to change. Everyday people shouldn't have to put their lives on hold for years to fight day in and day out to keep everything they've worked for. All nearby states have stricter laws that protect farmers and landowners, and it's going to stay that way if we keep electing senators and representatives who are not accountable to those they serve.

Nate hasn't been afraid to lead that fight for years. In my opinion, Nate is the only one who can be trusted to fight for his constituents and not his pocketbook. Nate has integrity and the courage to report back to his constituents instead of his current or potential donors.

We hear a lot of talk about a different candidate being the "outsider" in this race, but it's Nate. He's the one who's been in the thick of the corruption and scandal of Jefferson City and he's come out on the other side with his honesty and integrity intact. He's the type of man we need more of in the Capitol -- a man who will hear you out, and then take your voice to Jefferson City and amplify it. He's proved his willingness to fight for us, come what may, and he's earned our vote.

Stephanie Budrus

Kirksville, Mo.