Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Aug. 5, 2018

Posted: Aug. 5, 2018 12:40 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

Scott T. Koester, property at 2533 Oak St., to Melissa M. Hess.

Gina Aschemann and Todd Aschemann, property at 1216 Spruce St., to Aschemann and Kelly Properties Inc.

Nancy C. Greer and Ronald E. Greer, property at 706 S. Hilltop Drive, to Kristen M. Greer and Steven R. Myers.

Bernard J. Heberlein and Marilyn C. Heberlein, property in Quincy, to Annette D. Parker and Ricky E. Parker.

Amanda R. Howard and John W. Howard, property at 2420 Van Buren St., to Amanda R. Howard.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property at 1843 Cherry St., to Jordan Elizabeth Goodwin.

Samantha Billingsley, Destry Cook, Jett Melvin and Scott L. Melvin, property at 2125 State St., to Debbie L. Wisdom and Mitchell D. Wisdom.

Christopher G. Scholz, attorney-in-fact, and Guy Allen Smelser, property at 1426 N. Third St., to Georgia A. Powers and Patrick E. Powers.

Donald L. Nutt, property at 2435 Cedar Creek Court, to Connor M. Dietrich.

Toni J. Abbott and Toni J. Long, property at 2016 Adams St., to Ethan A. Ans.

Neal Cornwell, Third Street Rentals LLC and Steven Trautvetter, property at 301 Maple St., to Samuel P. Johnson.

Donald W. Elliott and Carolyn L. Elliott Trust; Carolyn L. Elliott and Donald W. Elliott, trustees; property at 3700 Queen Anne St., to Bonnie J. Janssen Trust and Gerald L. Janssen Trust; Bonnie L. Janssen and Gerald L. Janssen, trustees.

Joyce Marie Gutierrez and Joyce M. Job, property at 418 Poinsettia Drive, to Derek J. Price and Kourtney L. Price.

Neisen Properties LLC, property in Quincy, to Alyssa R. Hummel and Peter D. Hummel.

Cynthia J. Johnson and George R. Johnson III, property at 1414 Kentucky St., to Gregory J. Queen and Shayna J. Queen.

Richard H. Keppner; Richard H. Keppner, attorney-in-fact; Ruth I Keppner; Linda C. Lefringhouse; Linda C. Lefringhouse, attorney-in-fact; Kathleen A. McLaughlin, attorney-in-fact; and Kathleen A. McLaughlin; property at 3800 State St., to Helen Joann Breneman.

Adams County

David D. Carlburg, property in Honey Creek Township, to David D. Carlburg Trust, David D. Carlburg, trustee.

Adam D. Rapp and Adrienne L. Rapp, property at 420 E. 1300th, Payson.

Nancy Ann Ebbert estate; Karen A. Dierker and Susan K. Grant, executors; property in Melrose Township, to Jeffery P. Bottorff and Jori D. Bottorff.

Gerald L. Ellerman and Joann M. Ellerman, property in Mendon, to Dayna R. Conry and Kevin T. Conry.

Larrie D. Brown estate; Christine M. Brown, executor, property in Keene Township, to Christine M. Brown.

Donald L. Giesing, property at 1720 Hugenberg Lane, Fowler, to Diane M. Giesing, Donald Brian Giesing and Cindy Kessler.

Lisa A. Keeney and Shawn P. Keeney, property at 2724 Payson Road, Melrose Township, to Kenneth C. Hecht and Tonya A. Leapley.

Farmers Bank of Liberty, property in Payson, to Ryan J. Steinkamp.

Linda J. Hochstetler and Melvin O. Hochstetler, property at 2729 N. 250th Ave., Liberty, to Philip V. Schrock and Verna J. Schrock.

LG Land Holdings LLC, property in Concord Township, to Brian Champnella and Leandra Champnella.

Drake Enterprises LLC, property in Riverside Township, to CCKPT LLC.

Alan E. Mast, property in Burton Township, to Alan E. Mast and Sharon K. Mast.

Jilda Davis and Steven Davis, property in Richfield Township, to Faith L. Smith and William Mark Smith.

Georgia Bradshaw, Brandon J. Davis, Chad M. Davis, Jason P. Davis and Donna Taylor, attorney-in-fact, property in Richfield Township, to Faith L. Smith and William Mark Smith.

Gooding Bent Properties LLC, property at 213 E. Lafayette St., Clayton, to Clinton E. Gooding.

Gooding Bent Properties LLC, property at 107 N. Fruit St., Clayton, to Clinton E. Gooding.

Gooding Bent Properties LLC, property at 200 S. Madison St., Clayton, to Clinton E. Gooding.

Mark Schrock and Rebekah Schrock, property in Concord Township, to Marie E. Schrock and Norman D. Schrock.

Marie E. Schrock and Norman D. Schrock, property in Concord Township, to Jerry R. Schrock, Martha V. Schrock and Melvin R. Schrock.

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