It's already August, and where did the summer go?

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Aug. 7, 2018 6:55 am

It had to happen.

After all, time waits for no man, and that includes summer.

Like it or not, another summer has almost come and gone.

Where did all of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer go?

"Summer has a finite beginning, middle and end," writer Rosie Stoff penned in 2014. "These days are marked by three national holidays, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Once friends and family start discussing Labor Day plans, you know (summer is) over." Rosie's right. Once Labor Day arrives, summer is officially toast.

While the waning days of summer wind down this month, there also are other clues that autumn leaves and -- brrr!! -- cold weather are not that far away.

For example, are you getting excited about the commercials that are now appearing for the fall's new TV programs and the return of our old favorites? Once I began seeing some of those, I knew it was August and football season, pullover sweaters and earlier sundowns were right around the corner.

In addition, have you noticed you are getting tired of grilling out? It dawned on me just the other day. Remember how good those Nathan's hot dogs fresh off the grill tasted in June and early-to-mid July? When was the last time you fired up the backyard barbecue? If it's been more than a week, you're ready for the change of seasons.

Here's another clue that fall is right around the corner.

Have you noticed that every conceivable store you walk into these days has some form of school supplies for sale, be it notebooks and gel pens or jeans and whatever the latest fad in teenage footwear might be.

Personally, I've always loved the notebooks and gel pens part of the school supply thing, especially the gel pens. I remember the time when the first day of school meant a few new Bic pens and a three-ring binder. These days, when I walk into an office-supply store at this time of the year it's like a trip to never-never land.

Kids have it made these days when it comes to the school supplies they need or want. I recently counted no fewer than 26 different colors of gel pens with at least six different tip sizes that gauge the flow of ink. I highly suggest the 0.3 pen models for your razor-thin writing needs. And for the bold, paintbrush-type strokes, you might want to invest in the 1.0 models.

This also is the time of year that some people begin to feel sad. Not necessarily because sun is setting a little earlier each evening, but it dawns on them how fast the summer weeks have actually gone.

We all start out with big summer plans, but work and various family commitments always seem get in the way and before we know it ... poof! It's approaching mid-August and we feel like we've wasted the entire summer.

Except for discovering all of those new gel pens.