Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Aug. 8, 2018

Posted: Aug. 8, 2018 2:35 pm

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:48 p.m. Aug. 1, 4:56 p.m. Aug. 2, 4:54 p.m. Aug. 3, 5:58 a.m. and 5:52 p.m. Aug. 4, 6:04 a.m. and 5:11 p.m. Aug. 5, 5:50 a.m. and 4:49 p.m. Aug. 6, 5:15 a.m. and 5:11 p.m. Aug. 7, and 5:27 a.m. Aug. 8

18-21008 arrest Heather D Crane 33, of Quincy for illegal use of cell phone.

18-21011 Arrest Barbara K Hagenbaumer (74) 1500 N 18th for Improper Driving at 24th and Locust PTC

18-20962 arrest Autumn Mosby (21) 701 Monroe Quincy, IL for poss. Of cannabis and operating uninsured vehicle at 6th and Ohio on 7-31-18. NTA.

18-20332 Burglary Carolyn Hammerquist 924 Ohio reported her garage entered and a Suzuki scooter stolen

18-20550 Recovered Property Brittany J Moore, (23) an Employee of Family Video, recovered a Black LG cell phone at the store on 7/27. 181

18-21124 arrest Maria Tisinger 41, of Barry for speeding in the 1400 Blk of Koch's Ln.

18-21092 arrest Robert Stanley 28, of Quincy for speeding at 30th and Harrison.

18-21089 arrest Daniel J Peterson 21, of MO for speeding at 30th and Harrison.

18-21096 Arrest Lodged Mark E Foster, (26) of Quincy, arrested on an original warrant for Burglary at 200 Maine on 8/2. Lodged

18-21094 Arrest Traffic Jeffrey A Conn, (50) of Palmyra MO, citation for Disobey Traffic Control Device at 8th and Maine on 8/2. PTC

18-21204 Arrest Sommer S Holder (25) 3003 Riverside Terr for Speeding at Gardner Expressway & Jackson PTC

18-21209 Arrest Katarina M Bowles (24) 3725 Tiffany Ln for Failure to Yield Private Drive at 8th & State PTC

18-21213 Arrest Tyson L Wrencher (23) 637 State for Driving While License Suspended at 6th & Jefferson NTA

18-20818 Arrest David C Hill (44) 304 Elm for Peace Disturbance at 304 Elm NTA

18-21206 Arrest Rachel R Snelling (24) Versailles Il for Failure to Yield Left Turn at HWY 24 & N 5th PTC

18-21115 Arrest Traffic Norma J Thomas, (86) of Quincy, citation for Disobey Stop Sign at 8th and Jefferson on 8/2. PTC

18-21123 Arrest Traffic Thomas L Robertson, (35) of Quincy, citation for Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident at 24th and State on 8/2. PTC

18-20334 Hit and Run Jennifer L Heap, (33) of Quincy, reports Justin Goodwin's 2013 Kia was struck by an unknown vehicle while parked at 17th and Spring on 7/23.

18-20788 Recovered Property Tracy A Hagman, (56) of Quincy, recovered a Samsung Galaxy S6 at 23rd and Aldo on 7/30. Logged as recovered property.

18-20893 Theft Rochelle D Black, (46) of Quincy, reports somebody stole the registration sticker off her mother, Nora R Washington's 2002 Ford Explorer. Black did not know when or where this happened.

18-21280 Arrest / Lodged Thomas W. Lenane (32) was arrested for Violation of Order of Protection. Lodged

18-21285 Arrest / Traffic Chelsie D. Homan (19) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-21274 Arrest / Traffic Sasha N. Davis (28) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle and Child Restraint Violation. NTA

18-21258 Arrest / Traffic Jammie R. Meyer (57) was arrested for Speeding. PTC

18-21284 Arrest / Warrant Scott A. Emerick (23) was arrested on a warrant for FTA Driving W/ License Suspended. Lodged

18-21248 Arrest Traffic Erica D Velez, (32) of Quincy, citation for Operating Vehicle with Suspended Registration at 7th and Lind on 8/3. NTA

18-20156 Burglary to On 07/23/18, Bradley Horton reported the theft of a radio, amp and Vehicle subwoofers from his 1997 Chevy truck as it was parked near 3rd and Lind. No suspects

18-20939 Drive Off On 07/31/18, Shirley Ryan, employee of Cenex One Stop, 235 S. 8th reported a suspect driving a new, white Ford F-150 drove off without paying for $67.02 worth of gas. The truck was described as having white rims and a wicker chair in the bed. Investigation to

18-20840 Recovered Property On 07/30/18, Misc pain meds and boxes of syringes were turned in as recovered property after being found. Owner is unknown.

18-21298 Warrant / Lodged Antonio M. Thomas II (22) was arrested on warrants for FTA Driving W/ License Suspended, Petition to Revoke, FTA Resisting and FTA Possession of Controlled Substance. Lodged

18-21274 Arrest/ Traffic Sasha N Davis, 28, 903 N 9th St, Operating Uninsured and Child Restraint Violation at N 5th St and Elm St. NTA

18-21258 Arrest/ Traffic Jammie R Meyer, 57, 1519 N 10th St, Speeding at N 10th St and Locust St. PTC

18-21251 Arrest/ Traffic Carl D Kruthoff, 34, 7200 Woodland Hill Circle, Speeding at Gardner Expressway and Jackson St. PTC

18-20833 Arrest / Lodged On 07/30/18, officers responded to a fight in progress at 537 Broadway. During the investigation, Ella M. Jones (39) was arrested for Domestic Battery and released on an NTA. During the same investigation Joshua S. Jones (40) was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine. Lodged

18-21358 Arrest / Lodged Melissa S. Clay (39) was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine Less Than 5 grams and Driving W/ License Suspended. Lodged

18-21301 Arrest / Lodged Jeffrey T. Bennett (40) was arrested for Domestic Battery. Lodged

18-21283 Arrest / O.V. Andre L. Anderson (50) was arrested for O.V. Possession of Cannabis, less than 2.5 gr. NTA

18-21386 Arrest / Traffic Gary F. Tieken (61) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-21341 Arrest / Traffic Jennifer L. King (43) was arrested for Failure to Obey Stop Sign. PTC

18-21362 Arrest / Traffic Bennie L. Hines (62) was arrested for Expired Registration. PTC

18-21385 Arrest / Traffic Ashley R. Dickerson (24) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-20049 Arrest / Traffic Jaime L. Tournear (40) was arrested for Driving Under the Influence,Improper Lane Use, Driving W/ License Revoked and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. NTA

18-21378 Arrest / Traffic Karisa M. Wilson (22) was arrested for Speeding, 15-20 above limit. PTC

18-21411 Arrest / Traffic Jacob S. Rossiter (22) was arrested for Speeding, 21-25 above limit. PTC

18-21367 Arrest / Traffic Scott L. Markley (47) was arrested for O.V. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and traffic offenses of No Valid Registration and Improper Turn Signal. NTA

18-21398 Arrest / Traffic Dylan Q. Jenkins (18) was arrested for Expired Registration. PTC

18-21422 Arrest / Traffic Leslie W. Luckett (36) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-21435 Arrest / Traffic Valeria S. Griffin (54) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-21437 Arrest / Traffic Daisy S. Pittman (31) was arrested for Child Restraint Violation, Child under 8. NTA

18-21374 Arrest / Traffic David R. Clinard (59) was arrested for No Seat Belt - Driver. PTC

18-21330 Arrest / Warrant Jonathan B. Hoats (20) was arrested on a warrant for Resisting Arrest.Lodged

18-21380 Arrest / Warrant Scott L. Markley (47) was arrested on a warrant for FTA Driving W/ License Suspended. Lodged

18-21379 Arrest / Warrant Traci J. Ionson (30) was arrested on a warrant for Theft Petition to Revoke and FTA DUI, Driving W/ Revoked and Endangering Child. Lodged

18-21381 Arrest / Warrant James D. Cook Jr. (37) was arrested on warrants for FTA Driving W/ License Suspended and FTA Legal Matter. Lodged

18-21461 arrest Joel D Allen 55, of Quincy for improper passing of stopped emergency vehicle.

18-21455 arrest Melissa D Tillquist 30, 1008 Jersey for missles.

18-21424 arrest Faith Swinderman 18, 424 S 24th for poss of drug paraphernalia.

18-21340 arrest Blaine Wilson 22, of Quincy for speeding.

18-21446 arrest/lodged Wesley W Clay 43, of Quincy for FTA warrant out of Boone County, MO for neglect child support.

18-21440 arrest/lodged Shawn P Ericson 35, 1222 Monroe for aggravated battery.

18-21498 Arrest / Lodged Damion N. Taber (39) was arrested for Domestic Battery and Resisting Arrest. Lodged

18-21497 Arrest / O.V. Bryonte N. Lewis (22) was arrested for Peace Disturbance. Cash Bond

18-21485 Arrest / Traffic Nicole L. Steinkuhler (35) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle and Driving W/ License Suspended. NTA

18-21499 Arrest / Traffic Dakota R. Claus (24) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-21458 Arrest / Warrant Nateesa S. Raymond (39) was arrested on a warrant for FTA Driving W/ License Suspended. Lodged

18-21473 Arrest / Warrant Michelle L. Sparks (41) was arrested on a warrant for FTA Expired Registration. Lodged

18-19653 Attempted Burglary On 07/18/18, Tonia McKiernan reported an attempted burglary to Leroy's Hide Out, 652 Payson Ave. Suspect broke out a window and attempted entry. No entry was gained. Investigation to continue.

18-20730 Drive Off On 07/29/18, Kelsey Huddleston, employee of Jiffi Stop, 1401 N. 24th reported an older w/m driving a blue, SUV with IL reg drove off without paying for $46.04 in gas.

18-20931 Hit and Run On 07/31/18, Jamie Overby reported that her black, 2013 Nissan Pathfinder was hit and run as it was parked at ShopKo, 3200 Broadway. The suspect vehicle was possibly a Blue / Gray SUV.

18-20985 Hit and Run On 07/31/18, Haley Anderson reported her silver, 2011 Chevy Traverse was hit and run in the Panera Bread parking lot, 3738 Broadway. No suspects.

18-17878 Hit and Run On 07/01/18, Mary Morrison reported her vehicle was hit and run as it was parked on College near 22nd. No Suspects.

18-20711 Theft On 07/29/18, Alex Jaworski reported the theft of his black, motorized, 22" Huffy bicycle with a 49cc Honda engine valued at $500 from the front porch of his residence at 2041 Cedar. No

18-20965 Theft of Services On 07/31/18, officers were called to Applebee's, 3827 Broadway on the report of a theft. Manager Matthew Donaldson reported that three female suspects left without paying for $75.85 worth of food and drinks. The suspects have not been identified.

18-21536 arrest James Sanders 62, of Mendon for illegal use of cell phone.

18-21535 Arrest Allysa R Maue (25) 1304 Locust for Speeding at 3rd & Maple PTC

18-21512 Arrest Patricia L Robinson, (45) of Quincy, arrested for Open Liquor in Vehicle at 5th and Locust on 8/6. NTA

18-21532 Arrest Lodged Jasmine D Forrest, (26) of Quincy, arrested for FTA Pedestrian Use of the Roadway and FTA Possession of Meth at 9th and Jersey on 8/6. Lodged

18-21497 Arrest Lodged Demeique D Humphrey, (28) of Quincy, arrested for FTA Expired DLand Seat Belt 7th and Lind on 8/5. Lodged

18-21460 Arrest Traffic Brittany L Casey, (26) of Quincy, citation for Operate Uninsured Vehicle and Speeding at 3rd and Elm on 8/5. NTA

18-21464 Arrest Traffic Matthew J Gresham, (38) of Quincy, citation for Seat Belt Required (Passenger) at 28th and Broadway on 8/5. PTC

18-21464 Arrest Traffic Melissa L Riley, (45) of Quincy, citation for Operate Uninsured Vehicle at 28th and Broadway on 8/5. NTA

18-21452 Arrest Traffic Cecil J Courtois, (32) of Quincy, ciation for Operating Uninsured Vehicle in the 4400 block of Broadway on 8/5. PTC

18-21449 Arrest Traffic Ricardo Seucharan, (36) of Brownsburg, IN, citation for speeding in the 4400 block of Broadway on 8/5. PTC

18-21479 Arrest Traffic Nathan R Marold, (23) of Quincy, citation for Operate Uninsured Vehicle at 36 and Holiday Dr on 8/5. NTA

18-20299 Arrest Jaden M. Coulter (19) 708 Woodbridge dr, Quincy for improper lane usage, driving under the influence and operating an uninsured vehicle . NTA

18-21198 Arrest Mikel T. Baldwin (19) 2846 Elm, Quincy for driving while license suspended. NTA

18-21562 Arrest Traffic Ausin R Sheely, (25) of Quincy, citation for Improper Backing at 22nd and Lind on 8/6. PTC

18-21602 Arrest/lodged Nicholas Proske (30) 834 S. 18th, Quincy for FTA - operating an uninsured vehicle. Lodged

18-21592 Arrest/lodged Laaken Logsdon (29) 337 Acord Dr, Quincy for FTA - family matter. Lodged

18-21597 Arrest/lodged Adam M. McCloud (33) 426 Mason st, Barry, IL for Poss. Of methamphetamine and fta- driving while license revoked. Lodged

18-21574 Arrest/lodged James Rossmiller (36) 527 Broadway for possession of methamphetamine and FTA seatbelt. Lodged

18-21564 Arrest/lodged Michael K. Bradley (53) 607 Maine St, Peoria, IL for fta poss. Of drug paraphernalia. Lodged

18-21631 arrest Thomas Day 35, of MO for no seatbelt.

18-21500 Arrest Contessa M McNair (23) Homeless for Domestic Battery, Interfering with the Reporting of Domestic Battery and Criminal Damage to Property at 9th & York Lodged

18-21650 Arrest Joshua L Ballenger (38) 1325 Ohio for Improper Use of Registration,Driving While License Suspended, Operating Uninsured Vehicle and No Valid Registration at 9th & York USC

18-21635 Arrest Tammy J Stapp (47) 1730 Jackson for Disregard Stop Sign, Operating Uninsured Vehicle and Electronic Communication Deviceat 6th & State NTA

18-21609 Arrest Lodged Christina L Lockhart, (44) of Quincy, arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine and Unlawful Use of Weapon at 6th and Locust on 8/6. Lodged

18-21644 arrest/lodged Benjamin Hodges 39, 623 Cherry for operation of vehicle with suspended registration for non-insurance.

18-20161 Hit And Run Kristi L Sloan, (41) of Quincy, reports her 2007 Lincoln was hit by a vehicle on 7/23 while parked at 935 Broadway. The vehicle left without leaving any information.

18-18791 Theft William T Schanz 638 Spruce reported the registration sticker stolen off his 00 Chevrolet.

18-21552 Theft Randy J Mock, (47) of Quincy, reports his Schwinn Meridian tricycle was stolen from 2535 Lind between 7/29 and 8/5.

18-20131 Theft Lori A Demoss, and employee of 6th St Mini Mart, advised someonedrove off without paying for gas on 7/23.

18-21104 Vehicle David T Bunn II, (40) of Quincy, reports several tools and a Huskey tool cart were taken from the bed of his truck on 8/2 while parked at 1109 N 3rd.

18-21135 Vehicle Theft Richard L Murphey, (70) of Quincy, reports his blue 2010 GMC truck was stolen from 616 Chestnut on 7/31.

18-21696 Arrest Tiffany M. Jones (30) 125 1/2 N. 9th, Quincy for improper lane usage. NTA

18-20753 Arrest Armel Nunnelly (34) 915 W. Breckenridge, Mexico Mo for no valid drivers license, and improper lane usage. NTA

18-21701 Arrest/lodged Christopher Williams (57) 805 N. 5th, Quincy for petition to revoke - violation order of protection, original warrant for felony violation order protection. Lodged

18-21690 Arrest/lodged Antoine Vaughn (29) 522 Elm, for FTA shoplifting. Lodged

18-21675 Arrest/lodged Darren H. Williams (47) 336 S. 12th, Quincy for FTA violation of order of protection. Lodged

18-19743 Arrest/Lodged Darion C Simms (18) for Burglary, Resisting Obstructing, and agg battery to police officer on 7/19/18 at 510 S 9th St. Lodged

18-20906 Criminal Damage Leo Gille (59) 120 N. 5th, reported the pepsi machines in front of the business has been damaged.

18-20286 Hit and Run Stefan Crider III (27) 918 Adams, Quincy reported a blue vehicle ran over his foot while in the parking lot at 5009 Oak.

18-20559 Hit and Run Freda Hull (37) 29068 325th, New Salem, IL reported her red 2016 Hyundai Elantra was stuck while parked at Blessing Hospital lot 21.

18-20565 Hit and Run Alexander Clifford (27) of Coatsburg reported his 2007 Chevrolet Silverado was hit while parked on front street across from towing solutions.