DAILY BLOTTER: Aug. 13, 2018

Posted: Aug. 13, 2018 8:10 am

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 6:16 p.m. Aug. 8, 5:07 a.m. and 4:58 p.m. Aug. 9, 5:31 a.m. and 5:05 p.m. Aug. 10, 4:58 p.m. Aug. 11, and 5:08 p.m. Aug. 12

18-21721 Arrest Emitly Thantham, 35, for FTA Deceptive Practice at 4th/York on 8-8-18. Lodged

18-21705 Arrest Joseph Redman, 39, for possession of stolen vehicle, DWLR and operating uninsured vehicle at 401 Cherry on 8-8-18. Lodged

18-21245 Burglary Gerrold Lear, the owner of Cardinal Car Wash at 1143 State, reports the theft of change from a coin machine at the business on 8-3-18. No suspects.

18-21351 Theft Under Chelle Birck, 46, reports the theft of gold colored bicycle at 2427 Cedar on 8-4-18. No suspects

18-21748 Traffic Arrest Ryan Brown, 44, for speeding at 40th/Broadway on 8-8-18.

18-21744 Traffic Arrest Betsy Bauer, 25, for speeding at 45th/State on 8-8-18.

18-21747 Traffic Arrest Sheldon Cooper, 61, for speeding at 3rd/Chestnut on 8-8-18.

18-21738 Traffic Arrest Ashlee Zoller, 29, for speeding at 3rd/Chestnut on 8-8-18.

18-21825 Arrest Heath Clark (18) 1705 Grandview Dr. Quincy, IL for poss. Of cannabis and poss. Of drug paraphernalia at 18th and Vermont on 8-9-18. NTA.

18-21367 Arrest Scott L. Markley (47) was arrested for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. NTA

18-21822 arrest / lodged Matthew Borrowman (41) 6612 N. Stone Ridge Quincy, IL on a warrant for FTA - driving while license suspended and operating uninsured vehicle and new charges of driving while license suspended and operating uninsured vehicle. Lodged.

18-21792 Arrest / Traffic Kelsey L. Dyer (24) was arrested for Child Restraint Violation - Child Under 8. NTA

18-21768 Arrest / Traffic Kevin L. Campbell (29) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-21772 Arrest / Traffic Seth M. Beatty (20) was arrested for Following Too Closely. PTC

18-21787 Arrest / Warrant Glen E. Vaughn (33) was arrested on a warrant for Possession of Methamphetamine and Unlawful Sale of Firearm. Lodged

18-20451 Burglary On 07/26/18, Troy Stapp, 629 Adams, reported a burglary to his residence. A gaming console and a computer were stolen. No Suspects.

18-21418 Burglary On 08/04/18, Giget Claus, 201 1/2 N. 10th St., reported her purse and contents were stolen from her apartment. No Suspects.

18-21779 warrant arrest Curtis Robbins (38) 22514 State HWY 6 Ewing, MO on a warrant for FTA - driving while license suspended at 4th and Oak on 8-8-18. Lodged.

18-21866 Arrest Kennard Allensworth,59, for DWLS, operating uninsured vehicle, speeding and FTA no insurance. Lodged.

18-21867 Arrest Christopher Rossio, 28, for retail theft at 6100 Broadway on 8-9-18. Lodged

18-21450 Criminal Damage Carl Allen, 56, reports the back window of his 2004 Infinit was broken out while parked at 926 North 6th between 8-4-18 to 8-5-18. No suspects.

18-21329 Death Investigation Gerald Moore, 78, was found deceased at 301 North 8th Apt 111 on 8-4-18. Appears to be natural causes.

18-21539 Recovered Property A black Huffy bicycle was recovered at 1201 Harrison on 8-6-18.

18-21623 Recovered Property A gray Roadmaster bicycle was recovered at 1424 North 12th on 8-7-18.

18-20649 Theft Johannah Lair, 19, reports $50 stolen from her wallet that she dropped at the Quincy Mall on 7-28-18. No suspects

18-21718 Traffic Arrest Emily Crass, 35, for speeding at State/Gardner Expressway on 8-8-18.

18-21725 Traffic Arrest Heather Faught, 41, for speeding at 4th/York on 8-8-18.

18-21821 traffic arrest Reginald Nokes (25) 1804 Jacqueline Dr Quincy, IL for no valid registration and operating uninsured vehicle at Gardner Expressway and Kentucky on 8-8-18. NTA.

18-21795 warrant arrest Valerie Jaxon (55) 1243 1/2 Vermont Quincy, IL on a city warrant for FTA - stealing at 13th and Vermont on 8-8-18. Lodged.

18-21910 Arrest Ashley Foreman (19) 2037 Vermont, Quincy for operating an uninsured vehicle and speeding. NTA

18-21912 Arrest Alexis L. Wolkitt-Willing (26) 1528 S. 5th, Quincy for operating an uninsured vehicle and Speeding. NTA

18-21930 arrest Elizabeth Jones (56) 628 N. 4th Quincy, IL for trespassing at 307 N. 36th St. on 8-9-18. NTA.

18-21942 arrest Gaven Steele (23) 1030 Washington Quincy, IL for fighting at 510 Jersey St. on 8-10-18. Cash.

18-21919 arrest / lodged Jessica Dunivin (30) 636 Harrison Dr. Quincy, IL for resisting a peace officer, no valid DL, and on a city warrant for FTA - poss. Of drug paraphernalia at 3rd and Maple on 8-9-18. Lodged.

18-21905 Arrest / Speeding Trent D. Taylor (31) was arrested for Speeding. PTC

18-21884 Arrest / Traffic Vickie L. Glas (71) was arrested for Improper Traffic Lane Use. PTC

18-21897 Arrest / Traffic Victor A. Owsley (63) was arrested for Operating Uninsured Vehicle. NTA

18-21882 Arrest / Traffic Benjamin R. Brown (35) was arrested for Failure To Reduce Speed to Avoid Accident. PTC

18-21920 Arrest/lodged Morgan Evans (25) 928 Ohio, for FTA - unlawful financial explotation of elderly, unlawful use of debit card, seat belt, shoplifting, poss. Of cannabis. Lodged

18-21918 Arrest/Lodged Ryan T. Dabney (28) 609 Meadow Circle, Quincy for FTA agg battery to peace officer and fighting. Lodged

18-21916 Arrest/lodged Tiwana Norris (43) 706 Jefferson for Aggravated DUI (motion to revoke bond). Lodged

18-21874 Traffic Arrest Anna Sutton, 31, for operating uninsured vehicle and speeding at 3rd/Spruce on 8-9-18.

18-21848 Traffic Arrest Jillane Lefers, 25, for expired registration at 3rd/Cedar on 8-9-18.

18-21850 Traffic Arrest Alexis Woosley, 23, for speeding at 3rd/Spruce on 8-9-18.

18-21935 warrant arrest Blake Fisher (19) 1569 HWY 24 Paloma, IL on a warrant for FTA - failure to reduce speed and new charges of no valid registration and operating uninsured vehicle at 4th and Maine on 8-10-18. Lodged. NTA.

18-21916 warrant arrest Tiwana Norris (43) 706 Jefferson St Quincy, IL on a warrant for Agg. DUI at her residence on 8-9-18. Lodged.

18-18367 Arrest Kristy L Shaw, (31) of Quincy, arrested for FTA Uninsured Vehicle, FTA Criminal Damage, and Vandalism on 8/9 at 1237 N 11th.

18-21871 Arrest Lodged Robert S Meyers, (49) of Quincy, Arrested for Violation of Vehicle Anti-Theft Laws, Improper Use of Registration, No Valid Driver's License, Display of False Insurance Card, and Operating Uninsured Vehicle at 12th and Broadway. Lodged

18-21970 Arrest Traffic Yvonne M Tucker, (62) of Quincy, citation for Improper Backing at 10th and Hampshire. PTC

18-21965 Arrest Traffic Joshua L Ferguson, (28) of Quincy, citation for Speeding at 3rd and Maple. PTC

18-21541 Theft Anthony E Sasson, (57) owner of Squeaky Clean Car Wash at 1034 N 4th reports the coin vault at the car wash was opened and around $25 in quarters was stolen on 8/6.

18-22020 Arrest/ Lodged Damien M Baughman, 23, 4309 Kimstead Dr, FTA Open Liqour in Public at 4309 Kimstead Dr. Lodged

18-21677 Lost property Gary B Stephens, (68) of Quincy, reports he lost, or his wallet was stolen while in West Quincy or Quincy on 7/20.

18-21649 Lost Property Melissa L Dailey, (40) of Quincy, reports she lost her grey Samsung J3 Emerge cell phone around 7th and Cherry on 8/6.

18-21567 Theft Lavaughn Sigle, (40) of Quincy, reported the theft of his gray 2015 Chevrolet Equinox while it was parked outside of 216 Chestnut on 8/6.

18-21559 Theft Justin L Holtman, (26) of Quincy, reports the theft of prescription medication from 3031 Rutledge Place on 8/6.

18-21100 Arrest Joseph G Redman, (39) of Quincy, arrested for Possession of Stolen Property on 8/12 at 521 Vermont. Lodged

18-22084 Arrest Jennifer G Quenon, (24) of Quincy, arrested for Possession of Cannabis at 5th and Chestnut on 8/11. NTA

18-22084 Arrest Traffic Mikel S M Raymond, (26) of Quincy, citations for Operate Motor Vehicle with Suspended Registration, Driving While License Suspended, and No Seat Belt at 5th and Chestnut on 8/11. NTA

18-22081 Arrest Traffic Latasha N Peoples, (34) of Quincy, citation for Seat Belt Required at 5th and Chestnut on 8/11. PTC

18-21636 Arrest Traffic Wendy K Summers, (59) of Quincy, citation for Improper Backing at 5th and Vermont St on 8/7. PTC

18-21967 Arrest Traffic James H Requet, (76) of Quincy, citation for Failure to Yield Right of Way at 7th and Broadway on 8/10. PTC

18-21544 Theft Kenneth Edwards, (52) of Memphis TN, reports the theft of his license plate while parked at 201 S 3rd between 8/3 and 8/5.

18-21025 Theft Matthew B Trexler, (21) of Quincy, reports his bicycle was stolen from 224 S 8th St on 8/1.