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Pike and Scott Farm Bureaus merger approved

Posted: Aug. 14, 2018 7:05 am

PITTSFIELD, Ill. -- Members of the Pike and Scott County Farm Bureaus recently approved Articles of Merger to bring the two organizations together as one.

The merger will take effect on Sept. 1.

"The vote went as expected (at the August 6 and 8 meetings)," said Blake Roderick, executive director of both farm bureaus. "It was an unanimous vote."

The board of directors for the new organization will be seated on Sept. 4. The board will initially be comprised of the two current boards with 31 total directors. At the end of a three-year transition period, the board will be reduced to 18 members, with one-third from Scott County and two-thirds from Pike County. All directors will be elected at large.

Officers will be elected and resolutions necessary to conduct business as an unified entity will be approved at the Sept. 4 meeting.

Roderick said members of either farm bureau aren't likely to notice a difference, because the two organizations have been working closely for many years.

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