Prep Boys Golf

Raiders' depth allows them to three-peat

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Aug. 19, 2018 12:01 am Updated: Aug. 19, 2018 12:17 am

QUINCY -- As genuinely thrilled as the Quincy Notre Dame boys golfers were to three-peat as champions of the Quincy Invitational, they understood the greater meaning of their victory.

"It shows some depth," QND sophomore Alex McCulla said.

That will serve the Raiders well as the stakes increase.

The unique format of the 69th annual event at Westview Golf Course makes teams use scores from the top five players in deciding team results, Most tournaments, including all stops along the state tournament series, count only the top four scores.

The Raiders had three players shoot 74 or better and no one post a score higher than 84 to card a 381 team total and distance themselves from the rest of the field by seven strokes. O'Fallon posted a 388 and Edwardsville was third at 399.

"If you can take a fifth score and still win a tournament where you're counting five, that makes the other guys confident," said McCulla, who won individual medalist honors with a 3-under 68. "It gives your fourth guy confidence knowing the fifth guy can pull some weight. And if you can win out of 17 teams, you know you're doing something."

Quincy High School finished fourth in its own tournament, posting a 406. The Blue Devils had three scores in the 70s with Parker Campbell (76) and Brock Penn (78) leading the way.

"We all had some good holes and some bad holes," said Penn, who made a nifty up-and-down for par on his final hole to tie for 11th individually. "I think we'll bounce back. It's going to take young guys coming through and older guys pushing harder."

The Blue Devils already know what they're up against. O'Fallon and Edwardsville will be Class 3A regional opponents, and both squads have finished ahead of Quincy in two tournaments so far.

"As I told the kids just joking around, in a three-trophy tournament and you get fourth, it's kind of like kissing your sister," Bruner said. "But to be honest with you, it shook out kind of like I thought it would. Quincy Notre Dame was the clear cut favorite, and I figured O'Fallon, Edwardsville, Pekin and us would be battling for two trophies.

"We just have to find a way as we go forward to get a little bit better."

QND coach Mark Longo is already seeing that from his squad.

Luke Siebers took fifth with a 73 and David Hutson was sixth with a 74, but the play of Jack Leffers and Gavin Frese pushed the Raiders over the top. Leffers shot an 82 and Frese posted an 84 -- the lowest fifth-man score in the field -- after both got off to struggling starts.

"I'm pretty pleased with how they hung in there," Longo said. "They battled and battled."

In a way, Siebers did, too. With four holes to play, he was sitting at 3-over and was implored by Longo to concentrate solely on each shot and find a way to finish strong. He made a solid birdie putt on the par-4 18th -- it was his 17th hole of the day following a shotgun start -- and hit the hole with a lengthy birdie putt on No. 1. He walked away with a par and a 12-stroke improvement from last year's Quincy Invitational.

"It's all about attitude," Longo said. "What are you thinking? If you bogey the first hole, how can you come back? You have to approach it the right way."

Bruner believes the Blue Devils will approach things the right way moving forward as well.

QHS entered two teams in the tournament, and the second group made up of five freshmen shot a 459 with four scores between 88 and 93.

"We're going to find out in the next couple of years which of these freshmen want to work the hardest," Bruner said. "They all have the potential."


Local Results

69th Quincy Invitational

At Westview Golf Course

Team scores

1. Quincy Notre Dame, 381

2. O'Fallon, 388

3. Edwardsville, 399

4. Quincy High School 406

5. Pekin 417

6. Springfield, 429

7. Rock Island 430

8. Chatham Glenwood, 432

9. Waterloo, 432

10. Sacred Heart-Griffin, 434

11. Jacksonville, 438

12. Collinsville, 448

13. Centralia, 451

14. Belleville East, 452

15. Alton, 451

16. Lincoln, 451

17. QHS Blue, 459


Individual results

1. Alex McCulla, QND, 33-35--68

2. Zach Trimpe, Edwardsville, 34-38--72

3. Logan Lowery, O'Fallon, 34-38--72

4. Caden Cannon, O'Fallon, 38-34--72

5. Luke Siebers, QND, 40-33--73

6. David Hutson, QND, 35-39--74

7. Taylor Patterson, O'Fallon, 38-38--76

8. Mason Minkel, Pekin, 36-40--76

9. Parker Campbell, QHS, 38-38--76

10. Blake Burris, Edwardsville, 42-35--77

11. Ethan Ourada, O'Fallon, 38-40--78

12. Brock Penn, QHS, 40-38--78

13. Hayden Moore, Edwardsville, 42-36--78

14. Jalen Ping, Glenwood, 39-70--79

15. Brady Kaufmann, Jacksonville, 39-40--79

16. Prestin Armstrong, 41-38--79

17. Reid Taylor, SHG, 41-38--79

18. Tre Wahlig, Waterloo, 41-38--79

19. Cooper Theleritis, Pekin, 42-38--80

20. Andrew Polito, Rock Island, 41-39--80


Team-by-team results

Quincy High School -- Parker Campbell 38-38--76; Brock Penn 40-38--78; Preston Armstrong 41-38--79; Blake Hayden 44-41--85; Luke Mettemeyer 43-45--88.

QHS Blue -- Brady Walker 45-43--88; Cameron Bergman 42-46--88; Raulin Zanger 47-45--92; Josh Kennedy 45-48--93; Ryan Turnbull 50-48--98.

Quincy Notre Dame -- Alex McCulla 33-35--68; Luke Siebers 40-33--73; David Hutson 35-39--74; Jack Leffers 44-38--82; Gavin Frese 41-43--84/

Alton -- Dylan Lahue 44-37--81; Clayton Pilger 40-45--85; Tyler Hazelwood 46-45--91; Aiden Keshner 47-47--94; Austin Olson 53-47--100.

Belleville East -- Zach Gebhardt 46-40--86; Alex Agne 43-44--87; Hogan Messinger, 43-44--87; Dillon Donjon 44-45--89; Richard Boyer 48-45--93.

Central -- Connor Bross 39-42--81; Conner Hughes 42-44--86; Dustin Steinkamp 47-42--89; Jalan Vance 50-46--96.

Centralia -- Hunter Martin 42-42--84; Carter Mayer 46-43--89; Matt Garnier 45-47--92; Sam Beggs 49-43--92; Dane Burrus 45-49--94.

Chatham Glenwood -- Jalen Ping 39-70--79; Tobin Nell 46-39--85; Grant Glossop 40-47--87; Colton Michel 45-44--89; Conner Jones 45-47--92.

Collinsville -- Nate Lee 46-38--84; Greg Witte 44-42--86; Noah Scrum 43-43--86; Nick Garafalo 48-46--94; Noah Carroll 48-50--98.

Edwardsville -- Zach Trimpe 34-38--72; Blake Burris 42-35--77; Nate Frey 42-40--82; Ben Patterson 45-38--83; Trevor Laub 44-41--85.

Jacksonville -- Brady Kaufmann 39-40--79; Aydin Folker 43-39--82; Tysyn Mast 44-42--86; Trey Bourn 42-45--87; Jerad Smith 53-51--104.

Lincoln -- Justin Long 41-45--86; Dylan Singleton 42-45--87; Drew Singleton 44-43--87; Brayton Brown 49-43--92; Kaden Froebe 48-51--99.

O'Fallon -- Caden Cannon 38-34--72; Logan Lowery 34-38--72; Taylor Patterson 38-38--76; Ethan Ourada 38-40--78; Josh Krneta 43-47--90.

Pekin -- Mason Minkel 36-40--76; Cooper Theleritis 42-38--80; Justin Taphorn 44-40--84; Bardy Hilst 43-42--85; Ethan Sullivan 45-47--92.

Rock Island -- Andrew Polito 41-39--80; Lucas Thieme 47-38--85; Ryan Nickel 43-43--86; Carson James 50-39--89; Colton Sigel 43-47--90.

Sacred Heart-Griffin -- Reid Taylor 41-38--79; Miles Roland 44-39--83; Trey Zappa 44-43--87; Connor Finney 49-43--92; Drew Frierdich 47-46--93.

Springfield -- Allen Boatman 41-39--80; Zach Richmond 42-40--82; Jack Zerfas 46-40--86; Austin Floyd 44-45--89; Welkin Huelsman 46-46--92.

Waterloo -- Tre Wahlig 41-38--79; Sam Kreinberg 46-39--85; Zane Miller 43-44--87; Kole Kaltenbronn 45-44--89; Tommy Carr 42-50--92.

Other individuals

Hayden Moore, Edwardsville, 42-36--78; Ian Bailey, Edwardsville, 42-38--80; Brennan Biddle, QND, 43-43--86; Cole Nicholas, QHS, 47-43--90; Blake Holliday, O'Fallon, 48-44--92; Marcus Ehrhart, QND, 50-42--92; Ben Rogers, SHG, 45-48--93;

Braden Shane, Pekin, 48-47--95; Vincent Bowen, QND, 49-47--96; Lucas Wiegand, 56-50--106.