Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Aug. 19, 2018

Posted: Aug. 19, 2018 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

Julie Ann Rothweiler and Julie Ann Runyon, property at 1223 S. 28th St., to Dale R. Runyon.

Sue Ann Miller, property in Quincy, to Megan L. Bastert.

Teri Sue Badgley, Teri Susan Badgley; Carol L. Krigbaum, attorney-in-fact; Harry E. Krigbaum, Larry Eugene Krigbaum, property in Quincy, to Teri Sue Badley and Larry E. Krigbaum.

Wayne K. Myers, property in Quincy, to Brenda L. Venvertloh and Karen L. Wilson.

Robert M. Johnson, property at 1718 S. 30th St., to Ila R. Johnson and Robert M. Johnson.

Cristina Cepeda, property at 1309 Stone Creek Drive, to Julie A. Larimore.

ADM Alliance Nutrition Inc., Archer Daniels Midland Co., Moonrman Manufacturing Property Co., property in Quincy, to Board of Education of School District No. 172.

Angela N. Quincy and Yvonne Robison, attorney-in-fact, property at 921 Kentucky St., to Robert Foxall.

J. Churchill Construction Inc., property in Quincy, to Kathleen L. Lewis.

Amanda M. Adams, property at 813 N. 22nd St., to Clinton D. Klauser and Melissa A. Klauser.

Kenneth H. Gilbert and Sharon K. Gilbert, property at 2539 Vermont St., to Jerald R. Meyer and Mary R. Meyer.

Mays Properties LLC, property at 4329 Harrington Drive, to Danielle R. Healy and Samuel J. Healy.

Martha Ann Holden, property at 2315 Jefferson St., to Elizabeth E. Campbell and Seth M. Campbell.

Diana L. McClelland and Louis P. McClelland, property in Quincy, to Debra L. Waters.

Debra L. Waters, property in Quincy, to Red Roof Fast Lube LLC.

Janice K. Obert and Kenneth L. Obert, property in Quincy, to Gary W. Penn and Melissa K. Penn.

Andrea M. Dolman, Andrea M. Huber and Cory D. Huber, property at 2736 Midlan Drive, to Jeffrey B. Stumpf and Maddison K. Stumpf.

Red Mountain Property Management LLC, property at 809 Jackson St., to Taliena D. Fewcett.

Matthew S. Courtney and Sarah E. Courtney, property at 608 S. 16th St., to Kelly C. Carlstrom and Phillip H. Carlstrom.

Jeffrey A. Bower and William Jr. Bower, executors, and John A. Bower estate, property at 2519 Southbrook Road, to Tab A. Law.

Madonna House Foundation, property at 401 S. 12th St., to Emily S. Henry and Jordan R. Henry.

Adams County

Barbara J. Hilgenbrinck, property at 1301 Spring Lake Road, Riverside Township, to Catherine A. Hilgenbrinck and Gary W. Hilgenbrinck.

Christine L. Schmidt and Frank Stephen Schmidt, property at 110 E. York St., Camp Point, to Joseph D. Irvin and Kimberly Kay Irvin.

United Community Credit Union, property at 1232 Rim Road, Melrose Township, to Brian Sakulenzki and Megan Schwenck.

Jennifer E. Sullivan, property at 1113 S. Lyn Mar Drive, Riverside Township, to Bonnie C. Wiemelt and Keith A. Wiemelt.

Patsy L. Loos, property at 106 S. Madison St., Clayton, to Shirley Demoss and Kaylin Henninger.

Sandra K. Claus, Deanna L. Edwards and Judith D. Huber, property in Burton Township, to Diana J. Minnick and Richard D. Minnick.

Diana J. Minnick, Richard D. Minnick, property in Burton Township, to Diana J. Minnick and Richard D. Minnick.

Jodell Speckhart, property in Lima Township, to Luke Zimmerman and Natalie Zimmerman.

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