Quincy Public Schools committee to study building needs at Quincy Junior High School

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Aug. 28, 2018 9:10 pm Updated: Aug. 28, 2018 9:28 pm

QUINCY -- Quincy Public Schools wants to look at building needs at Quincy Junior High School.

With work basically complete on new exterior doors and roof work scheduled to wrap up in October, "it's really just a start of what we need to do with the building," Quincy School Board member Mike Troup said. "I'd like to see us focus on what items can we actually go out and get bids so they can work next summer."

Projects on the list include lighting, drop ceilings, upgrades to the locker rooms, and work on the steps at the front entrance.

"A lot of that work is going to be third party, and the sooner we start to talk to third parties, we find out what we need to do there," Troup said at Tuesday's Building Committee meeting. "The best time to work at the junior high will be the summer."

With School District staff already used to multiple projects going on each summer with new construction and shifting to new K-5 learning communities, "let's make sure to keep 9,000 projects going for the next year or two to get that up to date," Troup said.

Future projects will fall under health life safety work based on a master list developed by school administrators and local engineering firms.

Doors were installed at the junior high over the summer, and the contractor has addressed a couple of issues found as students started using the building. The new roof is done except over the cafeteria, which will be done in October when school is out of session for the Quincy Conference and Columbus Day.

"We're trying to avoid doing that portion of the roof while students are in session" because of the noise and the smell," Superintendent Roy Webb said. "That is a five-day period if they work Sunday."

QJHS Assistant Principal Rick Owsley thanked the committee for moving forward with both projects.

"I can't say enough how many compliments we've gotten on the doors, the energy efficiency we'll capture at the winter months," Owsley said. "The roof doesn't get as much fanfare, but teachers on the fourth floor notice it."


The Building Committee got construction updates on Baldwin and Denman elementary schools. Work at Baldwin is ahead of schedule, and work is "a little behind" at Denman, but Superintendent Roy Webb said general contractor Jerry Maas "is confident he's going to catch up."

At Denman, "he's got to get the roof on," committee member Tim Koontz said. "As long as he can get the roof done and the parking lot done before it gets cold, that's the critical path."

The committee discussed the need to track hours of district labor used for work on the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system at Quincy High School while the committee waits for a report on possible improvements to the system.

Committe members were told that fences and gates will be installed by Woodward Fencing of Hull to block access to playground areas at Iles Elementary for $3,800, Rooney Elementary for $3,786 and Lincoln-Douglas Elementary for $2,459.

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