Mum's the Word

Succulent Friends

By Jen Reekie
Posted: Aug. 29, 2018 12:01 am Updated: Sep. 10, 2018 2:55 pm

All my friends are awesome. I'm not just saying that. They are each so wonderfully different and bring so much to the table of life, I sometimes wonder how I got this lucky. I hope that as a friend, I too have enough to offer, but with so much going on I sometimes wonder.

Is it a mom thing? When you're a mom of many it's hard to be the exact person you want to be all the time. For one, there's not enough time but there's equally not enough energy. My energy tank (much like my gas tank) are running dangerously close to E and more likely just on fumes -- of caffeine. My hopeful nature means once on E, I'm still fine, and sure I can coast in to the nearest station even though I'm not exactly sure where that is. I hate to ask Siri because I've yet to find an accent that doesn't annoy the crap out of me.

I get how you need to give and take in a relationship. There are times in your life where you will need more high fives, and other times your friends will need the high five-hug-words of affirmation combo. That's cool, as long as it comes with an understanding.

The understanding is that I may reply to a text a day late, and it doesn't mean you said something wrong. I probably only read half your text while yelling "Stop touching your sister!" anyways.

I may not want to meet for drinks, and it doesn't mean I hate you or like someone else better. It just means I'm already wearing sweat pants and hating everyone--just kidding.

I may not actually answer the phone for a real convo ,because I doubt some of you are ready for a PG rated conversation on my car speaker phone. Also, each of my kids would like to say hello and be recognized individually, and we don't have time for that.

On top of all of that I need you to understand that I have trouble keeping plants alive, and I love plants. I think they are great ascetically and you know, for oxygen, but I need to be able to live my life. I can't constantly be watering plants when there's already a grocery list of chores. It goes children, laundry and then plants.

That's why I love succulents. I literally have a cactus living in the basement that I haven't touched for a year. Thank you cactus! Way to do you!

Be more like a succulent.

One of my college friends just had an out of town baby shower that I email RSVPed two hours before and then called her a week later to check in. She totally understood that my same philosophy to filling up my gas tank also applies to parties. I may be able to make it right up until I can't. She also had zero expectations while understanding that I still care and am here for her. Friends that can extend that understanding and love you right where you are are worth their weight in gold.


To all the succulent friends out there, who understand, I just want to send out a giant thank you. You keep watering yourself in self-sufficiency. Thank you for your life giving energy that I admire and appreciate every time I run out my door late to something. I hopefully will make it to more and more of your parties where there are plenty of liquids for all of us. I'm also hopeful that I will be able, at some stage, to get to my phone, but until then you keep doing you. I may have time for a high five sometime later this week.