Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Sept. 2, 2018

Posted: Sep. 2, 2018 12:15 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

Cindy L. Milsap, property at 1023 Jersey St., to Julia A. Ballard and Matthew G. Ballard.

Ronald M. Bricker Jr., property at 530-536 N. Seventh St., to Jeffery A. Bricker.

Florence M. Smith, property at 1014 York St., to Anthony Craig Spilker and Maria A. Spilker.

John G. Liesen and Judy M. Liesen, property at 2821 Scotia Trail, to Terri A. Oliver and Thomas J. Oliver.

Nathan T. Wastell and Rebecca L. Wastell, property at 2021 Van Buren St., to Olivia H. Hickman.

Peggy A. Martin, property at 2030 Spruce St., to Charles E. Hull Jr.

Melissa R. Hinkamper and Michael W. Hinkamper, property at 1007 S. 12th St., to Jacy A. Shelton and Nicole R. Shelton.

Shain L. Coryell, property at 1539 Spring St., to Jennifer L. Brown and Joseph D. Brown.

Mark C. Bradley, property at 1038 Westwood St., to John F. Lumpkin III and Marissa J. Lumpkin.

James K. Hester, property at 318 Glendale Drive, to Sheila L. Hester.

Becky L. Newkirk, property at 606 S. Sixth St., to Thomas G. Newkirk.

Thomas J. Vahle, property in Quincy, to Cynthia D. Eddy.

Cynthia D. Eddy and Cynthia D. Vahle, property in Quincy, to Bethany E. Peters.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, property at 2714 Elm St., to William S. Schmits.

Angela Spangler and William J. Spangler, property at 723 S. 10th St., to Bryce T. Slown and Kayla L. Slown.

Janet L. Bichsel, Janet L. Polley and Tim Polley, property at 102 W. Waterford, to Donna K. Reese and Theodore L. Reese.

Vickie L. Frese, property in Quincy, to Leeroy Eugene Edwards III, Jeffrey S. Goehl II and Maihui Sally Sibbing.

Bethany E. Peters, property at 2849 Elm St., to Dean F. Peters.

Donna R. Freer and Thomas G. Freer, property at 1112 S. Ninth, to Cynthia D. Eddy and Cynthia D. Vahle.

Adams County

Victor L. Lackey, property in Lima Township, to Angela Dawn Jones.

Jesse L. Uppinghouse, property in Ellington Township, to Amber N. Uppinghouse.

Patricia Ann Cookson, property in Liberty, to Alexander Michael Scheiter.

Jennifer L. Meyer, property at 216 N. Eastview, Camp Point, to Dalton L. Heubner.

Jacob M. Rabe, property at 404 N. Chestnut St., Mendon, to Megan E. Anderson.

Steven D. Boyd and Tina R. Boyd, property at 968 Maple Ridge Drive, to Alisia Pittman and Ethan Pittman.

Misty L. Dowling and Timothy R. Dowling, property at 530 W. Washington St., Mendon, to Patricia Jean Westerman.

Charles E. Hull Jr., property at 637 Springlake Road, Riverside Township, to Amy Michelle Wallace and James Bradley Wallace.

Jayne Lorie Clampitt, Donna Marie Frese and James Alan Murfin, property in Payson, to Kari Barry and Wade N. Murfin.

Jerry L. Durbin Sr. Estate, Jerry L. Durbin Jr., executor, property in Melrose Township, to Timothy D. Durbin.

Joe E. Churchill and Marlene K. Churchill, property in Ellington Township, to Alan F. Niekamp and Karen L. Niekamp.

Betty Ann Allen, property at 305 E. Marion St., Clayton, to Tyler J. Crook and Mackenzie N. Miller.

James A. Pioch Jr. and Konni Pioch, property at 313 W. Maple Ave., Ursa, to Jacob M. Rabe and Olivia M. Rabe.

Kenneth D. Cascarella and Jay R. West, property in Honey Creek Township, to Red Trail Pursuits LLC.

Kelli L. Riggs and Marty W. Riggs, property at 4703 Lynnwood Court, Melrose Township, to David M. Barnes.

Jordan L. Reichert, Ronald L. Reichert and Theresa M. Reichert, property in Gilmer Township, to Ronald L. Reichert and Theresa M. Reichert.

Marlene J. Kent and Ricky L. Kent, property in Keene Township, to Corie R. Royer and Curtis W. Royer.

Michelle A. Albert, property at 401 E. Washington St., Mendon, to Heidi S. Kendrick.

Heidi S. Kendrick, property at 401 E. Washington St., to Rodney L. Gooding and Sharon K. Gooding.

Quincy Park Foundation Inc., property in Ellington Township, to Quincy Park District.

Hummel Spring Corp., property in Melrose Township, to Linda K. Hummel and Michael A. Hummel.

Brenda J. Ohnemus, property in Gilmer Township, to Jayna R. Klauser and Ryan R. Klauser.

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