Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Nov. 11, 2018

Posted: Nov. 11, 2018 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

Samuel E. Parks and Sharadan K. Parks, property in Quincy, to Gregory T. Grawe.

Ronald E. Gronewold and Diana M. Washenbach Gronewold, property at 2907 Chateau Court, to Bo M. Wilson and Kelsey E. Wilson.

Beth N. Pickens and Ryan K. Pickens, property at 1024 St. Charles Drive, to Adam Uppinghouse and Alyssa Uppinghouse.

Gregory L. Etter, property at 1201 N. 12th St., to Bella Ease.

Ann M. Pflibsen and Daniel D. Pflibsen, property at 2034 Spring St., to Barry L. Anders and Katherine E. Kahrs Anders.

Kody D. Wiewel, property at 744 S. 15th St., to Brian P. McCune and Whitney N. McCune.

Donna J. Weed, Mark S. Weed and Wayne D. Weed Sr., property at 2043 Cherry St., to Emily J. Walbert.

Heather R. Davis and Ryan W. Davis, property at 2200 Cedar St., to Brian J. Bangert and Rachael N. Bangert.

Jeffrey Battles and Melissa Battles, property in Quincy, to Heather R. Davis and Ryan W. Davis.

David P. Goodwin, property at 1001 Klondike Road, to Matthew N. Davis and Tosha L. Davis.

Carrie A. Nicholson, property at 1530 Granview Drive, to Allyson T. Scott.

Richard H. Rose and Sandra A. Rose, property at 3216 Coral Drive, to Amber M. Lithila and Monsavahn Lithila.

Roy L. Livengood, property in Quincy, to Kathy M. Livengood.

Wells Fargo Bank, property at 1872 Hampshire St., to Michael Robert Norris and Misty Nicole Norris.

Gail M. Ham and William I Ham, property at 704 S. 17th St., to Mackenzie L. Goehl.

Heidi E. Szalajka and Paul R. Szalajka, property at 2224 Maine St., to Gary B. Bartelt and Ruth C. Bartelt.

John Beck and Peggy Beck, property at 2021 Chestnut St., to Rebecca R. Riggs and Ryan S. Riggs.

Tracy L. Schutte, property at 108 N. Sixth St., to Joshua W. Craig and Tieraney J. Craig.

Jennifer A. Davis and Oliver K. Davis, property at 1538 Chestnut St., to Bradley J. Deeter and Krista J. Deeter.

Bonnie S. Porter, property at 2119 Ohio St., to Kim Cowen and Monica Cowen.

Chris J. Renard, Keith W. Renard and Ronald W. Renard, property at 1707 Jackson St., to Joseph K. Damon and Windi R. Schaffer Damon.

Judith M. Woerman and Robert J. Woerman, property at 1115 S. 22nd St., to Sally Jo Britt.

Charles B. McNair and Kasey McNair, property at 1105 Saint Charles Drive, to Blake James Baucom and Alexandrea Lea Johnson.

Andrew Ruebbelke and Erin M. Ruebbelke, property at 2423 Lindsey Court, to Parker G. Freiburg.

Eric Fleming, property at 725 Meadow Lark Drive, to Neisen Properties LLC.

Deborah D. Altgilbers, Deborah D. Brown and Gary R. Brown, property in Quincy, to Deborah D. Altgilbers.

Dennis R. Peters and Eric R. Peters, property at 3501 Lindell Ave., to Linda D. Myers.

Benjamin Klingner and Megan P. Klingner, property in Quincy, to Megan P. Sieck and Matthew A. Tobias.

Rebecca Fortney, property at 724 Ohio St., to Larry L. Summers.

Matthew N. Davis and Tosha L. Davis, property at 2327 Cedar St., to Lacey Crim and Nathaniel Crim.

Lacey J. Crim and Nathaniel J. Crim, property at 2601 Elm St., to Bradley E. Warning.

Ashley L. Juette and Christopher M. Juette, property at 1512 Cedar St., to Ashley L. Juette.

Katie J. Stroot, eric Wait and Katie J. Wait, property in Quincy, to Patricia A. Manlove.

Ruby J. Lambert, property at 1836 Maine St., to Gary Lambert.

Ruby J. Lambert, property at 2080 Broadway St., to Gary Lambert.

Patricia A. Manlove, property at 179 Lexington, to Hugh K. Roderick and Kathryn L. Roderick.

Cynthia S. Hatfield and Cynthia S. Hufford, property at 308 Ohio St., to Boyd M. Hatfield and Cynthia S. Hatfield.

Cory R. Goehl and Meghan E. Goehl, property in Quincy, to Benjamin Klingner and Megan Klingner.

KRLR Development LLC, property in Quincy, to Steven M. Lowenberg and Susan M. Lowenberg.

Craig R. Hufford, property at 231 Lexington, to Craig R. Hufford and Jennifer Sullivan.

Christopher G. Scholz, attorney-in-fact, and Guy Allen Smelser, property at 700 Cherry St., to Connie S. Barnard.

Taylor K. Badgley and Taylor K. Jones, property at 1830 Cherry St., to Adam A. Jones.

Barbara M. Denum, Bruce H. Tossick and Robert J. Tossick, property in Quincy, to Bruce H. Tossick, Robert J. Tossick and Ruth A. Tossick Estate.

Faye M. Tossick Estate, Bruce H. Tossick, executor, to Barbara M. Denum, Bruce H. Tossick and Robert J. Tossick.

Steven C. Brace, property in Quincy, to Kelley E. Brace Dallmier and Aaron M. Dallmier.

Christopher M. Holley, property at 510 Lenane Drive, to Brady T. Wingerter.

Janice K. Whelan, property at 1721 Wells Ave., to Ren Copyland.

Isaiah T. Akins an Carmel Marie Akins, property at 3101 Brentwood Drive, to David J. Akins.

Machelle D. Goehl, property in Quincy, to Joseph W. Goehl.

Lee E. Girardin and Terry C. Girardin, property at 701 Van Buren St., to Teresa D. Marshall.

Deanna H. Zbornak and Nicholas A. Zbornak, property at 611 Harrison St., to Traver L. Allen.

Shannon E. Davis, property at 430 Holly Drive, to Justin M. Bower.

Nicholas A. Rinella, property at 2011 Hampshire St., to Ramey D. Thurman.

Jennifer M. Leonard, property in Quincy, to Taylor D. Altgilbers.

Anthony D. Griffin, property at 2181 Frese Drive, to Chao Wang and Lisha Zhang.

Anne Fuller Sheridan, Edward Fuller, Thomas D. Sheridan, property at 1212 N. Seventh St., to T. Elvin Wollbrink Estate, Truman Elvin Wollbrink, trustee.

Jeremy M. Grootens, property at 2527 Vail Drive, to Debra L. Grootens and Kevin W. Grootens.

Hal C. Koenig and Mary Jane Koenig, property in Quncy, to Dakota Rex and Trevor Turnbow.

Janssen Builders Inc., property at 1629 S. 47th St., to Cheryl A. O'Donnell and Daniel J. O'Donnell.

Alexandra C. McCleery, Daniel M. McCleery and Alexandra C. Willis, property at 2205 Spring St., to David D. David.

Christopher P. McGinley, property at 1016 N. 14th St., to Shane M. Hamilton.

Lori R. Geschwandner and Thomas J. Geschwandner, property in Quincy, to Georgia A. Powers and Patrick E. Powers.

Hugh K. Roderick and Kathryn L. Roderick, property at 823 Cedar St., to Angelica M. Johnson.

Grant A. Vandenberg and Tracey A. Vandenberg, property in Quincy, to Tafone D. Mayfield and Taylor N. Mayfield.

Mark A. French and Tammy French, property at 2019 Ohio St., to Gregory K. Brinkman and Nancy H. Brinkman.

Hugh K. Roderick and Kathryn L. Roderick, property at 835 Cedar St., to Angelica M. Johnson and Joshua L. Jones.

Joshua J. McDowell and Shelby K. McDowell, property at 826 S. 10th St., to Christina Reid and James Reid.

Brandy M. Logsdon and William L. Logsdon, property at 2301 State St., to Kevin A. Bradshaw and Kristin N. Bradshaw.

Shelby M. Tonnies, property in Quincy, to Clinton Gooding.

Mary A. Brumback Estate, John Scott Brumback and Michael James Bruback, executors, property in Quincy, to Dougllas S. Fulmer, Kathy E. Fulmer, Bruce Jay Schmidt and Christine Lynn Schmidt.

Niemann General Contracting LLC and Niemann Roofing LLC, property at 2618 N. 30th St., to Drew P. Niemann.

Drew P. Niemann, property at 2618 N. 30th St., to Niemann Enterprises LLC.

Advocacy Network for Children and Court Appointed Special Advocates of Adams County, property at 1420 Harrison St., to Advocacy Network for Children Foundation.

Anthony B. Miller, property at 1900 Golden Grove, to Talia Miller.

Jaclyn J. Soopen and Mark Soopen, property at 824 Spruce St., to Jessica L. Hopkins.

Bethany N. Fielding, Bethany N. McMahon and Kevin McMahon, property at 2312 Grawe Court, to Thomas Quinn Hu.

Brandon Edgar and Jessica M. Edgar, property at 1129 N. Sixth St., to Jaclyn J. Soopen and Mark Soopen.

Bruce R. Bonness and Kelly J. Bonness, property at 2811 E. Bluff Court, to Mark A. French and Tammy M. French.

Douglas J. Freel and Regina L. Freel, property in Quincy, to Lynn M. Daly and Robert E. Daly.

Theresa M. Ludwig and Theresa M. Mitchell, property at 1265 S. Park Terrace, to Jeannie R. Eger.

L. Dale Long Trust, Nona G. Long, successor trustee, property in Quincy, to Andrew P. Musholt.

KRLR Development LLC, property in Quincy, to Jaynie P. McIntyre and Duane L. McIntrye.

Nata J. Selves and Rogert W. Selves, property in Quincy, to Kevin Brown and Susan Brown.

Kathy M. Coy, Ruth A. Jansen and Alan G. Winston, property at 1611 Oak St., to Jeaneen M. Bradley.

Barry L. Anders and Katherine E. Kahrs, property at 2034 Spring St., to Barry L. Anders, James G. Kahrs and Katherine E. Kahrs.

Margaret H. Meyer and Richard A. Meye, property at1425 S. 46th St., to Andrew K. Douglas and Linda K. Douglas.

Heidi E. Easterling and William R. Easterling, property at 1524 Cadbury Ridge, to Ashley C. Conrad and Luke S. Conrad.

Jay R. Bower and Shirley M. Bower, property at 312 Lindell Ave., to Jennifer L. English.

Rick E. Jones and Scott B. Jones, property at 1800 Locust St., to Best Choice Rentals LLC.

Karl William Warma and Kim Robin Warma, property at 2040 Spring St., to Karl William Warma Trust, Karl William Warma, trustee, and Kim Robin Kempert Warma Trust, Kim Robin Kempert Warma, trustee.

Kutcher Shackelford Properties LLC, property in Quincy, to 1TIM617 Properties LLC.

Glenn Oshner, Linda L. Oshner, Renee Oshner and Sammy E. Oshner, property in Quincy, to Brent Tournear and Kathy Tournear.

Irene M. Arnold, property at 1603 Spring St., to Jennifer A. Holman and Mark E. Holman.

Ralph E. Scheufele, property at 2929 Vermont St., to Brady R. Schanz and Meagan R. Ward.

Charles L. Simmons and Christina M. Simmons, property in Quincy, to Alexandra C. McCleery and Daniel M. McCleery.

David Dodd and Mary Dodd, property at 3225 Rutledge Place, to Jared M. Dodd.

James M. Moore and Terry K. Moore, property at 4034 Abbey Ridge, to Beck Properties Inc.

Debbie S. Charvat, property at 810 S. 22nd St., to Eleanor C. Bocke.

Spencer C. Schelp, property at 1029-1031 Jefferson St., to Katherine J. Schelp.

217 Holding LLC, property at 609-611 S. 10th, to Katherine J. Schelp.

Karen J. Strawman, property at 1810 S. Granview Drive, to Dennis M. Dedert.

Elizabeth Flachs, property at 1827 Washington St., to Michael T. Flachs and Theresa M. Flachs.

Jessica L. Moore and Michael F. Moore, property at 731 S. 18th St., to Elizabeth R. Flachs.

Brian M. Eaton, property at 723 S. 23rd St., to Ryan W. Meado.

FIM Inc., property in Quincy, to Charles E. Hull Jr.

Ronald K. Drummond, Sandra J. Fischer and Deborah K. Purdy, property at 512 N. 25th St., to Hal Clayton Koenig and Mary Jane Koenig.

Austin Properties of Quincy Inc., property at 508 Hampshire St., to Big Picture Development LLC.

RVTR Properties Inc., property at 1331 N. 10th St., to Samuel P. Johnson.

Robert B. Weiman Estate, Catherine A. Shanks, executor, property in Quincy, to Catherine A. Shanks.

Spirit SPE Portfolio 2006-1 LLC, property at 3200 Broadway St., to SHBH SL LLC.

Tyler Burton, property at 623 S. 18th St., to Justin K. Richie and Kayla N. Richie.

Fred M. Leerhoff, property at 308 S. Eighth St., to Christopher A. Marlow and Kara L. Marlow.

Adam D. Coggeshall and Rachel E. Coggeshall, property at 1607 Sycamore St., to Jack Jones and Jessica Saunders.

Helen J. Breneman and Joann Breneman, property at 3004 Lindell Ave., to Thomas L. Vertrees.

Cindy M. Gibbons Life Estate and Cindy M. Wells Life Estate, property in Quincy, to Justin A. Wells.

Joseph W. Wells and Lara R. Wells, property at 2834 Hampshire St., to Nathan A. Obert.

Brenda A. Schneider and William L. Schneider, property at 1404 S. 16th St., to Rustin Stanton Harris.

Bonnie J. Scranton, property at 908 Saint Charles Drive, to Eric Paul Booher and Shawna L. Webster.

James J. Louthan and Julia L. Louthan, property at 735 S. 20th St., to Mitchel D. Salmons and Tiffany M. Salmons.

Kathryn L. Dewitt, property in Quincy, to Jason Gibbs.

Michelle L. Craven, Regan A. Craven and Michelle L. Grawe, property in Quincy, to Kimberly S. Harden.

Brooke A. Lohmeyer and Joseph D. Lohmeyer, property at 2834 Scotia Trial, to Joseph D. Lohmeyer and Lianne Lohmeyer.

Kimberly A. Whiston and Timothy L. Whiston, property at 1624 York St., to Jacob A. Redman and Jessica K. Wilson.

James M. Shumake and Tori Kei Shumake, property at 3020 Helen Court, to Patti Mellon and Robert Mellon.

Nan Musgrave Olson, property at 4014 Pine Ridge Drive, to Daniel McCoy Patrick.

Katelyn J. Gottier and Ryan A. Gottier, property at 806 S. 24th St., to Meagen Hufford.

Four Moores Properties LLC, property at 1500 Madison St., to Joann Lair and Robert G. Lair.

Linda Knowles, property in Quincy, to Michael G. Perkins.

Danny R. Casey and Karen S. Casey, property at 1225 Chestnut St., to Sally Barger.

Angela R. Hancox and Michael A. Hancox, property at 2223 Jersey St., to Michelle L. Craven and Regan Craven.

William D. Dooley Estate, John Kevin Dooley and William Bradley Dooly, executors, property at 3924 Abbey Ridge Court, to Donna S. Zanger and Ronald J. Zanger.

Kathy A. Rose and Jeanne M. Sanders, property in Quincy, to Dennis J. McGuire J. and Tatjana Toncic.

Brian D. Myers, Dennis E. Myers, Julie L. Myers and Deborah L. Nicholson, property at 812 S. 18th St., to Cheryl L. Burgtorf and Warren D. Burgtorf.

Matthew E. Wojcik, property at 1718 Jefferson St., to Paula A. Biondolino and Robert T. Biondolino.

Alana W. Chumbley and Rex A. Chumbley, property at 170 Woodlawn Road, to James A. Louthan and Julia L. Louthan.

Margie T. Rose, property at 1238 Monroe St., to Gerald R. Rose and Karla K. Rose.

Joy Schappat and Rudie K. Schappat, 2828 College Ave., to Asucena Venavidez.

Regina Rinella Cotton, property in Quincy, to Gruzzolo LLC.

Joseph Lee Long and Janie L. Winn, property at 2418 Wintergreen Drive, to Brian P. Cox and Christina F. Cox.

Cynthia A. Conner and Cynthia H. Conner, property at 2626 Cherry St., to John E. Schutte.

Lyndell R. Fross, Juanita Schmidt and Rebecca Ann Shackleton, property in Quincy, to Lyndell R. Fross, Juanita Schmidt and Rebecca Ann Shackleton.

Edward C. Scranton, property at 4117 Merry Court, to Nicole Scranton.

Mary Kay Waldhaus, property at 2109 E. Wilmar Drive, to John Y. Leaver and Skylar N. Leaver.

Carolyn A. Bruemmer Estate, Charolette Homan, executor, property at 2818 College Ave., to Mitchell W. Gadeke.

Ben Kjar, property at 818 Spring St., to JT Rivers LLC.

Christopher A. Poppe, property at 1128 Madison St., to Corey J. Henson.

Steve Tucker, property at 1111 Chestnut St., Jonathan W. Wintheiser.

Beck Properties Inc., property at 4034 Abbey Ridge, to Dinita M. Cooley and Travis L. Cooley.

Scott D. Phillips, property in Quincy, to Michel L. Phillips and Tyler S. Phillips.

City of Quincy, property at 1029 N. Sixth St., to Tri State Veterans Community Village Inc.

Jeffrey O. Gallaher and Lanelle Gallaher, property at 1508 Van Buren St., to Lanelle Walton and Jeremy Grootens.

Dixie L. Kindred Estate, Scott R. Milburn, executor, property in Quincy, to Kelsey N. Soebbing.

Mark Schmelizle and Robin Schmelzle, property at 1011 Ohio St., to Cassandra L. Moya and Herbert Moya.

Raul E. Bover and Elena Maria Lock, guardian, property in Quincy, to Elvira Bover and Raul E. Bover.

Barbara K. Hagenbaumer and Edward E. Hagenbaumer, property at 1500 N. 18th St., to Jessica L. Cross Hynek and Jerad J. Hynek.

Christina L. Lindsey and Faren J. Lindsay, property at 2721 Curved Creek Road, to Effie A. Wright and William D. Wright.

Benjamin O. Hickman and Kyle D. Terstriep, property at 1301 Cherry Lane, to Brooke L. Cunningham and Joseph M. Dawson.

Richard J. Hild Jr. and Susan P. Hild, property at 917 S. 12th St., to Chad A. Downs and Robin C. Downs.

Carey Aikman, property in Quincy, to Randy Douglas and Dale Hunt.

Randy C. Douglas and Dale Hunt, attorney-in-fact, property at 636 Chestnut St., to Ann E. Harvey and Jody K. Harvey.

Alana Chumbley and Rex Chumbley, property at 3204 Lindell Ave., to Kimberly R. Jett and Paul S. Jett.

Shamrock Properties of Illinois Inc., property at 631-633 N. Fourth St., to Erin M. Huston and John E. Huston.

Janet L. Oberling and Robert D. Oberling, property in Quincy, Vandelay LLC.

Dustin K. Hibbard, property at 702 Brookfield Road, to Dustin K. Hibbard and Shannon Hibbard.

Carolyn B. Dempsey, executor, and Paula J. Schulten, property in Quincy, to Michael A. Schulten Jr.

Joanne Marie Schlepphorst, property in Quincy, to Stephen C. Schutte.

Vicki L. Jackson, property in Quincy, to Brian C. Dickman, Diane M. Owens, Bridgette L. Randall and Kenneth D. Randall.

Cynthia C. Palmer, property in Quincy, to Cynthia C. Palmer and Joel K. Palmer.

Mary M. McNeil Estate, Michael F. McNeil, executor, property at 1513 Curtis Creek Road, to Gary A. Graham.

Cymanthia L. Hunt, property at 2727 Southfield Road,to Matthew B. Hunt.

Cindy L. Nutt, property at 2112 Adams St., to Anna Oakley.

Randy L. Hayes, property in Quincy, to Theresa A. Hayes.

FIM Inc., property in Quincy, to Jeffrey S. Delonjay II and Regina R. Delonjay.

FIM Inc., property at 429 S. Seventh St., to Jeffrey S. Delonjay II and Regina R. Delonjay.

Jiang Li, property at 2406 Wintergreen Drive, to Nicholas L. Wriedt and Tamara S. Wriedt.

Christina M. Bickhaus, property at 929 S. 19th St., to Susan M. Roberts.

Nathan P. Wallen, property at 2001 Grove Ave., to Jettery M. Hibbard.

Joyce J. Keppner and Thomas J. Keppner, property at 2424 Lind St. Rear, to Bradley O. O'Dear and Paula S. O'Dear.

David J. Jansen and Joyce K. Jansen, to David J. Jansen and Joyce K. Jansen.

Larry D. Schnelle and Wilbur Schnelle Jr., property in Quincy, to Darren L. Schnelle.

Adams County

Daniel R. Mock and Kayla R. Mock, property at 204 S. Illinois St., Camp Point, to Meredith A. Becks.

Bockhold Farms LLC, property in Columbus Township, to Raymond J. Bockhold and Teresa M. Bockhold.

Raymond J. Bockhold and Teresa M. Bockhold, property in Columbus Township, to Raymond J. and Teresa M. Bockhold Trust, Katherine Ann Bockhold Foote, trustee.

Golden Triangle Whitetails Inc., property in McKee Township, to Pavlick Farms Inc.

Lisa Richmiller and Steven Richmiller, property at 218 Jefferson St., Coatsburg, to Steven P. Richmiller.

James A. Stephens and Susan A. Stephens, property at 2287 N. 1300th Place, Columbus Township, to James A. Stephens and Susan A. Stephens.

Jennifer L. Peters, property at 401 W. Wood, Camp Point, to Alexandra I Hibbert and John C. Hibbert.

Lori A. Salisbury, property at 1603 N. 1950th Ave., Honey Creek Township, to Jason H. Hetzler and Jennifer L. Hetzler.

Tyler P. Marquardt and Wesley Marquardt, property in Ellington Township, to Basic Global Properties LLC.

Darrell L. Kindhart and Peggy J. Kindhart, property in Liberty Township, to Darrell L. Kindhart and Peggy J. Kindhart.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure and Timothy Muehring, property at 5125 N. 24th St., Riverside Township, to First National Bank of Barry.

Rebecca A. Griffin, Rebecca A. Nelson, Rebecca A. Spotts, property at 4926 Sunview Drive, Melrose Township, to Grant A. Vandenberg and Tracey A. Vandenberg.

John E. Seibel, property in Concord Township, to John E. Seibel Trust.

Nina M. Seibel, property in Concord Township, to Nina E. Seibel Trust.

Peggy A. Tobias, property at 223 Ponderosa St., Mendon, to Peggy Ann Tobias Trust, Peggy Ann Tobias, trustee.

Michael K. Haistings and Vicky L. Haistings, property in Mendon, to Bruce R. Duesterhaus.

Kenneth J. Heinecke, property in Clayton, to Gina M. Heinecke and Kenneth J. Heinecke.

Bonnie L. Humes, property in Clayton, to Gina M. Heinecke and Kenneth J. Heinecke.

Sara L. Heinecke and Wendell M. Heinecke, property in Northeast Township, to Gina M. Heinecke and Kenneth J. Heinecke.

Gina M. Heinecke and Kenneth J. Heinecke, property in Clayton, to Sara L. Heinecke and Wendell M. Heinecke.

Naomi R. Jackson, property in Melrose Township, to Silver Fox Woods LLC.

Scott Smith and Tammy Smith, property at 400 Hickman Road, Camp Point, to Bryan J. Haugen and Cora E. Haugen.

Kevin M. Blewett and Shannon C. Blewett, property at 1227 E. 1900th St., Gilmer Township, to Amber N. Selman and Jason M. Selman.

Jody Flesner and Rick Flesner, property in Clayton, to Rick Flesner.

Joseph K. Neisen and Melanie A. Neisen, property in Burton Township, to Megan C. Crawford and Tyler J. Crawford.

Sara L. Woodruff, property in Mendon, to and Donald Dean Woodruff and Susan Marie Woodruff.

Donald Dean Woodruff and Susan Marie Woodruff, property in Mendon, to Donald Dean Woodruff and Susan Marie Woodruff.

Bradley E. Warning and Jodi L. Warning, property in Liberty, to Jodi L. Warning.

Michelle Adams and Michelle L. Wittler, property at 120 N. Warsaw St., Ursa, to Kristen D. Barnes and Evan M. Friye.

Amber M. Lithila and Monsavahn Lithila, property at 5012 Starboard Drive, Melrose Township, to Douglas J. Freel and Regina L. Freel.

Peoples Bank and Trust Co., property in Richfield Township, to John Stuart Harris and Margaret Deanne Harris.

D&B Farms LLC, property in Lima Township, to Steven K. and Wanda K. Duke Family Trust, Steven K. Duke and Wanda K. Duke, trustees.

Steven K. and Wanda K. Duke Family Trust, Steven K. Duke and Wanda K. Duke, trustees, property in Lima Township, to D&B Farms LLC.

Cara Stolp and Luke A. Stolp, property at 702 N. Rangeline Lane, Lima Township, to Bailee A. Duesterhaus and Blake M. Duesterhaus.

Charles E. Hull Jr., property at 3326 Locust St., Ellington Township, to Amy M. Leebold.

Richard O. Anderson and Gerry Lea Anderson Trust, Gerry Lea Anderson and Richard O. Anderson, trustees, property in Ellington Township, to Sandra K. Wemhoener and Theodore J. Wemhoener.

John Wesley Ervin, property at 2417 Hugenberg Lane, Ellington Township.

Shay Dieterle, property at 1640 N. 706RD Lane, Burton Township, to Jeanne N. Haubrich.

Whitetail Group LLC, property in Concord Township, to Kerley Properties LLC.

Robert and Mildred Oitker Trust, Robert Oitker, trustee, property in Richfield Township, to Marlyna A. Oitker.

Kenneth W. Herron and Sharon K. Herron, property at 2000 N. Sheridan Drive, Melrose Township.

Melissa Griswold Irvine, Mellissa Griswold Irvine and Shawn M. Irvine, property at 420 E. 1300th St., Payson Township, to Dakota W. Willis and Rachel N. Willis.

Patricia A. Gunn, property in Ursa, to Carla Lansing and Nicholas Lansing.

Vincent E. Moore, property at 637 Ohnemu Road, Ellington Township, to Stephanie Deege.

Joan E. Weeks and Rock W. Weeks, property in Mendon, to Ashley L. Weeks and Jared W. Weeks.

Dawn M. Bemis and Glenn M. Bemis, property in Riverside Township, to Barbara J. Klingner and Michael D. Klingner.

Terry Moore Construction Inc., property at 210 S. Franklin St., Clayton, to Drake A. Terwelp.

Timothy E. Muehring, property in Liberty, to Nicholas C. Muehring.

Keaton Boehler and Skyelissa N. Boehler, property at 3052 N. 1800th Ave., Concord Township.

Barbara J. Klingner and Michael D. Klingner, property in Riverside Township, to Dawn M. Bemis and Glenn M. Bemis.

Jodell E. Speckhart, property in Lima Township, to Campbell Bros. LLC.

Ethel Virginia Godman Estate, Ricky E. Godman and Vicky L. Windoffer, executors, property in Gilmer Township, to Keegan Rouse.

Mary A. Garriga, property at 739 E. 2100th Place, Liberty Township, to Dale L. Garriga.

LG Land Holdings LLC, property in Concord Township, to Caroline Healy Trust, Caroline Healy, trustee; and John Duncan Healy Trust, John Duncan Healy, trustee; and Lisa R. Nadler and Robert B. Nadler.

Whitetail Group LLC, Caroline Healy Trust, Caroline Healy, trustee; and John Duncan Healy Trust, John Duncan Healy, trustee; and Lisa R. Nadler and Robert B. Nadler.

Kimberly M. Gilbert, property at 2415 Turner Road, Ellington Township, to Tyler J. Wheeler.

Gary D. Sparks and Sherry L. Sparks, property at 1343 E. 1343rd Lane, Gilmer Township, to James M. Shumake and Tori Kei Shumake.

Surface Rights Only and Trinity Containers LLC, property in Melrose Township, to CJB Prime Property LLC.

Robert G. Dittmer Estate, Dennis Dittmer and Ruth Ann McGrew, executors, propety at 2400 E. 1400th St., Honey Creek Township.

Robert L. Cookson and Ruby F. Cookson, property at 405 S. Jefferson St., Clayton.

Tatiana Blake, property at 1327 N. 27th St., Ellington Township, to Robert K. Blake.

Ronald G. Otten Jr., and Sheri K. Otten, property at 5524 Greenbriar Ave., Ellington Township, to Erica R. Stewart and Michael E. Stewart.

Wanda Luker, property at 2032 Arrowood Court, Melrose Township, to Donald L. Hoffman and Mollie M. Hoffman.

Carl D. Kruthoff and Courtney N. Kruthoff, property in Ellington Township, to Shane T. Schutte.

James G. Dolan Trust, James G. Dolan, trustee, property at 404 Hanna St., Golden, to Michael John Houston.

Lyle D. Crawford Life Estate and Lyle D. Crawford, property at 647 N. 2353rd Lane, Ursa Township, to Cory Crawford and Kim Crawford.

Brian D. Wolf and Karrie K. Wolf, property at 336 Sycamore St., Payson, to Brittany C. Cromie and Daniel J. Cromie.

Linda S. Dierker, property at 6335 Broadway St., to Linda S. Dierker and Christina A. Ratliff.

Allen J. Keim and Nellie V. Keim Trust, Larry J. Keim, trustee, property in Beverly Township, to Larry J. Keim.

Patrick A. Dean and Patsy Dean, 5235 Columbus Road, Ellington Township, to Cecelia L. Stead, Kevin W. Stead and Kyle E. Stead.

Ashley Venvertloh and Bradley J. Venvertloh, property at 207 E. Prairie St., Camp Point, to Lisa Flesner.

Beeler Family Trust, Lyle Beeler, trustee, property in Ursa Township, to Timothy R. Ellerbrock.

Jacqulynn Busboom, Joann Busboom and Jacqulynn Larson, property in Clayton Township, to Douglas Janssen and Karen Janssen.

Joan Busboom and Jacqulynn Larson, property in Clayton Township, to Donald M. Carley and Patricia Ann Carley.

Lori Lynn Rush and Jodi Lynn Warning, property in Riverside Township, to Connie L. Sibbing and Jonathan M. Sibbing.

Joseph P. Rabe, property in Mendon Township, to David Janes.

Margaret A. Klauser, property at 1716 Hamann Lane, Riverside Township, to Michael R. Taylor and Stefanie A. Taylor.

Daniel J. Stegeman, property at 3708 Ghost Hollow Road, Melrose Township, to Shae T. Hamann.

Vickey L. Haxel, property in Ellington Township, to Karen J. Brinkman Trust, Karen J. Brinkman, trustee.

Bernard A. Schulte, property at 1711 E. 1316th St., Gilmer Township, to Dawn Ellen Hinds and Karl F. Hinds.

Lisa L. Flesner, property at 2121 E. 2700th St., Clayton Township, to Shawn D. Flesner.