Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Dec. 9, 2018

Posted: Dec. 9, 2018 12:01 am Updated: Dec. 16, 2018 12:03 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Quincy area

Frances E. Burrus, property at 2029 Locust St., to Angela F. Chalabiani and Israfil Esy Chalabiani.

Julie A. Ervin and Julie A. Hooper, property at 1037 S. 16th St., to Byron Thomas Ervin.

Jeffrey J. McClean, property at 425 S. 18th St., to John R. Beck and Peggy L. Beck.

Jason A. Costigan and Nicole L. Costigan, property in Quincy, to Clayton R. Miles and Mallorie D. Miles.

Corinne L. Gobel Estate, Dawn M. Knoblock, executor, property at 3910 Holiday Drive, to Charles H. Buehler and Shawn H. Buehler.

Kenneth W. McColez and Stacie L. McColez, property at 1110 Klondike Road, to Jamie Nicole Hagerbaumer.

M. Jean Oberling, property at 1620 Jersey St., to Elizabeth A. Duesterhaus and Eric S. Duesterhaus.

Randall Dooley, property at 3984 Abbey Ridge Court, to Kent R. Steinkamp and Linda E. Steinkamp.

Amy Lewis, property at 709 Madison St., to Carmen M. Gilliland and Wayne E. Gilliland II.

Julie K. McLaughlin, property at 4920 Lake Ridge Drive, to Ann B. Dunham and Robin R. Dunham.

Wesley A. Hochgrabert Trust, Carol A. Hochgraber and Sandra S. Hochgraber, trustees, property in Quincy, to Carol A. Hochgraber and Sandra S. Whittaker.

Betty Ann Gebhardt, and John H. Gebhardt, property in Quincy, to Susan A. Disselhorst.

James Supply Co. Inc., property at 111 N. 10th St., to Aschemann & Kelley Properties Inc.

Jill D. Churchill, property in Quincy, to Stacy R. Disselhorst.

Jean Anne Winters and Terry E. Winters, property at 4611 Jayden Court, to Jean Anne Winters Trust and Terrence E. Winters Trust, Jean Anne Winters and Terrence E. Winters, trustees.

Edna Virginia Foster Estate, Michael J. Foster, executor, property at 2207 Hampshire St., to Erika M. Wade Smith and Kaleb W. Smith.

Angela F. Chalabiani and Israfil Esy Chalabiani, property at 2029 Locust St., to Michael E. Weisenburger.

Krista L. Fainter and Matthew A. Fainter, property at 1711 Wilmar Orchard, to James T. Schlepphorst.

Sherry Garner Hills, property in Quincy, to Misty Nicole Norris.

Stephen C. Schutte and Zachery T. Schutte, property at 809 S. 16th St., to Elizabeth J. Terwelp and Tanner J. Terwelp.

Janet Tedrow and Myron A. Tedrow, property at 715 N. 28th St., to Mary Ann Pribble Trust, Mary Ann Pribble, trustee, and Robert L. Pribble Trust, Robert L. Pribble, trustee.

Craig B. Ulrich and Mary L. Ulrich, property at 1410 Chestnut St., to David J. Ciszewski.

Bridget J. Kennington and Levi C. Kennington, property at 3408 N. Brennan Drive, to Michael A. Adrian.

Debra J. Gordon, property in Quincy, to Bruce R. Gordon.

A. Adams, property at 1228 S. 22nd St., to Bruce R. Bonness and Kelly J. Bonness.

David D. Grant and Stacy L. Grant, property at 1503 Kentucky St., to Jason Anderson and Sarah Anderson.

Melody S. Hackett, property at 2842 Hampshire St., to Patricia Newbanks and Russell William Newbanks.

Nina M. Ewing Estate, Linda M. Dietrich, executor, property at 905 N. 15th St., to WCM Properties LLC.

Palanisamy Ammasai and Thavapriya Natarajan, property at 2714 Cheswick Road, to Bejoy John and Geena G. John.

Kristen A. Helgoth and Timothy S. Helgoth, property at 1007 Woodbury Court, to Kristen A. Helgoth.

Susan E. Hancox, property at 3515 Melodie Lane, to WH Recovery LLC.

Dean D. Long, property in Quincy, to Duane T. Shaffer and Pamela J. Shaffer.

Krista L. Veith, property at 1001 Koch's Lane, to Christopher A. Poppe and Kristin R. Poppe.

Heather M. Houseweart and Richard F. Houseweart, property at 1036 Monroe St., to Keli A. Kahs.

Dagan A. Hibbard and Molly J. Hibbard, property at 2537 Vermont St., to Molly Jane McNally and Dagan A. Hibbard.

Stephen C. Schutte, property at 2222 Lind St., to and Emma E. Bowling and William C. Bowling.

Amy M. Meyer, property in Quincy, to Jason Gibbs.

Katherine E. Schuckman, property at 832 Van Buren St., to Rob Gabel.

Esther W. Sherman, property at 703 N. 13th St., to Nancy J. Boone and Sheila A. Druffel.

Phyllis V. Brinkley and Wayne A. Brinkley, property at 910 S. 24th St., to Kelly M. McMillan.

Mary R. Herrin and William B. Herrin III, property at 1400 Hampshire St., to A&B Properties 1 LLC Series 23.

Kristin R. Mueller, Christopher A. Poppe and Kristin R. Poppe, property at 3124 College Ave., to Chandler Jordan Rost.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, property at 1036 N. 10th St., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Lynn M. Argabright, property in Quincy, to Eric Wait and Katie J. Wait.

Michael C. Neiswender, property at 2912 Parkwood Drive, to Kenneth Baker and Tina K. Schuster.

Dave Clinard Truck Services Inc., property in Quincy, to Raina L. Tappe Trust, Raina L. Tappe, trustee.

David Clinard and Dana L. Clinard Shanholtzer, property at 1235 S. 38th St., to Raina L. Tappe Trust, Raine L. Tappe, trustee.

Heather N. Altgilbers and Heather N. Mock, property at 2533 Elm St., to Chad Altgilbers and Heather N. Altgilbers.

Kasey Blair Shuster, property at 301 S. 11th St., to Paige C. Herzog and Ryan D. Herzog.

Ashlyn Warning, property at 817 Southern Lane, to Kyle Warning.

David Rees and Jean Rees, property at 1509 Center Granview Drive, to William F. Guthrie.

Anne M. Myers and Shawn J. Myers, property at 514 York St., to Todd R. Eyler.

Jacob L. Messmer, property at 1703 Center Granview Drive, to Zachary Tuley.


Adams County

J. Virginia Wilkey Estate, Lloyd E. Wilkey, executor, property in Ursa Township, to C. Royce Thompson.

Victoria L. Carlstead, property in Liberty Township, to Darin T. McGraw.

Adams County Trustee, property in Clayton Township, to Daniel Peebles and Misty M. Peebles.

Robert K. Goodwin, property in Keene Township, to Casey Casey and Danny Casey.

Terry Kayser, property at 404 S. Warsaw St., Ursa, to Lorna J. Loos.

Betty Ann Felten and John R. Felten, attorney-in-fact, property at 2711 Cedardale Drive, Riverside Township.

Baucom Truck Service Inc., property in Clayton Township, to Manito Transit LLC.

U.S. Bank Trust National Association, property at 313 W. York St., Camp Point, to Cody Kill.

Holly S. Hudelson and Steve D. Hudelson, property in Concord Township, to Amber N. Selman and Jason M. Selman.

Mirjana Richter, property at 4406 Payson Road, Melrose Township, to Kyle Richter.

Pennymac Loan Services Inc., property at 108 E. Third St., Golden, to Tri County Commercial Rentals.

Alan E. Betts, Anne Marian Betts and Joseph P. Gibbs, property at 2479 Highway 104, Richfield Township, to Joseph P. Gibbs.

Korina J. Sanders, property at 761 N. 2450th Ave., Ursa Township, to Taylor R. Browning and Korina J. Sanders.

Chase C. Myers and Chastity D. Myers, property in Ellington Township, to Kevin W. Novinger and Lisa M. Novinger.

Terry Moore Construction Inc., property in Northeast Township, to Tri County Commercial Rentals LLC.

Cheryl A. Luthin, property in Ellington Township, to Stacy L. Grant.

Donald D. Syrcle Estate, Terry D. Syrcle, executor, property in Beverly Township, to Donald G. Syrcle.

Donald D. Syrcle Estate, Terry D. Syrcle, executor, property in Beverly Township, to Terry D. Syrcle.

Doug Sulsar and Harold Douglas Sulsar, property at 7310 S. 48th St., Fall Creek Township, to Cathy A. Willer and Todd J. Willer.

Frances Haistings and William Haistings, property in Mendon Township, to Gilberto Jiminez and Jeanne Jiminez.

Leota King Aden Estate and Orval M. Aden Estate, Fritzi Wood, executor, property in Houston Township, to Amanda K. Hesse and Curt J. Hesse.

George E. Benz and Roger L. Benz, property in Melrose Township, to George E. Benz and Jason D. Benz.

Ronald J. Knorr and Sharon A. Knorr, property in Ellington Township, to Ronald J. Knorr and Sharon A. Knorr.

Richard W. Bohne, attorney-in-fact, and Alvera M. Hilgenbrinck, property in Riverside Township, to Michael L. Elbe and Douglas D. Janssen.

Camissa A. Hummel and Chad M. Hummel, property in Melrose Township, to William G. Robison and Yvonne R. Robison.

Shirley J. Moss, property at 1630 Kent Ave., Riverside Township, to Alana W. Chumbley and Rex A. Chumbley.

Barbara L. Hughes and David R. Hughes, property in Melrose Township, to Camissa A. Hummel and Chad M. Hummel.

Michelle L. Alexander, property at 1114 Maas Road, Melrose Township, to Todd W. Alexander.

Joshua D. Funkenbusch and Meghan R. Funkenbusch, property at 1414 Rim Road, Melrose Township, to Kasey Karhoff and Timothy M. Karhoff.

Jamie Axelsen, Kurt Hofmeister, Phyllis Hofmeister, Nyla L. Hughes, Janice Lee Null, Linetta L. Null, Ned L. Null, Nolen L. Null, Nedra L. Orr, Nyla L. Thompkins and Jason Vollmer, property in Liberty Township, to Eugene D. Klauser Trust, Eugene E. Klauser, trustee, and Lorrie A. Klauser Trust, Lorrie A. Klauser, trustee.

University of Illinois Foundation, property in Liberty Township, to Eugene E. Klauser Trust, Eugene E. Klauser, trustee, and Lorrie A. Klauser Trust, Lorrie A. Klauser, trustee.