Be skeptical of global warming and its opponents, too

Posted: Dec. 10, 2018 11:15 am

To The Herald-Whig:

I would like to thank Steve Miller, in his letter to The Herald Whig dated Dec. 5, for giving Republicans credit for not being Luddites or stupid, and having gone to school.

Although I believe he used that phrasing to help make his point and not that he really believes it.

It did not take Miller long to start asking what could the Republicans' agenda be and why they won't hop on the man-made global warming train. I would like Miller to take a moment and think about what those who preach man-made global warming's agenda might be. Could it be they may want to take power away from individuals and give to the government -- more regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency and such. Could it be to damage the United States economy, taking money from the U.S. and giving it to foreign countries and even China? How many of these scientists make their living studying global warming and if there's no global warming there's no more funding?

There is not one point that is made by the man-made global warming "theorists" than can not be shot down by experts that don't believe in it, and yes, there are Nobel prize winners that have spoken out about man-made global warming as a hoax.

This is not to say I don't believe or do believe in man-made global warming. I believe you should be just as skeptical of those who preach it as those who don't believe it.

And last, Miller pointed to a study done by scientists for the United Nations. Really? This is the same organization that has countries like Qatar, Angola, Pakistan and Nigeria on their human rights panel.

Please, never cite anything the U.N. does as a legitimate source for anything. If the U.N. thought it would somehow hurt the U.S., it would blame global warming on the Easter rabbit.

Alan Brown