Your Turn

Your Turn/Bobbe White

Posted: Dec. 23, 2018 12:01 am


When I was a kid, I wanted to be ... a hair stylist, I think. Every doll in the house had short hair, pixie style, including my own.

What would you rather be doing right now? Having a nice glass of wine with my family either sitting by the river Seine, looking at the Eiffel Tower, or at Marilyn's 15th-floor deck overlooking Denver and the Rockies, or toasting the setting sun on the Gulf of Mexico.

Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone that ... I flunked a beginning acting class at Quincy Community Theatre. My tuition became a contribution after the first class.

Other than your wedding day and/or the birth of your children, what was your proudest moment? Watching my children's college commencements. (Skipped my own. Now I feel bad for my parents.)

It really stinks when ... people don't wash their clothes, coats and hats. I detest that smell. C'mon people. Soap's cheap.

What word in the dictionary would your face be next to? Quirky or independent. (Sorry, I picked two. I'm a Gemini.) I've learned to travel, dine or attend theater alone, which has fostered my self-confidence.

I always laugh when ... (thinking about when) a neighborhood cat snuck in our house for 30 hours. Jeff was duck hunting. When informed, he texted, "Get that ducking cat out of the house!" I believe it wasn't the word he intended to type. It got funnier and funnier.

Invite any three people, living or dead, to dinner. Who are they? Keith White, Jeff's Irish twin. He died young. Great guy. Jeff, so he could spent time with Keith. My dad, Irvie. His dementia's not invited.

At the end of a really long day at work, I like to ... walk Lily White, the black lab, then enjoy a glass of wine with Jeff on our deck in warmer weather.

People who knew me in high school thought I was ... a "goody-goody." I was a rascal but smart enough to stay under the radar.

My most unforgettable brush with greatness was ... on Alcatraz. A portrait featuring the famous five inmates reminded me we're related to the infamous Mickey Cohen, crime family boss with strong Mafia ties. Grandma Schecter was a Cohen. Google him. Eek!

I would drop all my plans tonight if I had the chance to ... travel with my family. I'll pack in a flash!

If someone gave me a million dollars, there is STILL no way I would ... quit working out. Wellness is everything, especially at this age.

America should be more concerned about ... our national deficit. We're leaving a colossal mess for our kids, and it's going to negatively impact their lives. It's unfair.

I'm OK if there's ever a national shortage of ... storage bins. I believe they're the answer to home organization, but decluttering is probably the right answer.

When I'm on the internet, I always go to ... my emails. I have several. Personal, another for my speaking business and one for Etsy sales.

What is the most useful piece of advice you have ever received? Dad said: "You don't know what you don't know. You may never know what you don't know. And you may not want to know what you don't know!" It keeps humans from assuming things.

When I'm cruising down the road, I'm likely listening to ... podcasts. Two favorites: "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" (NPR) or "The Hilarious World of Depression" with John Moe.

I always get sentimental when ... someone's unfair or mean to my family members, realizing strong individuals can be vulnerable, too. Sometimes I forget that.

The older I get, the more I realize ... we're never too old to do something great.

If I had one "do-over," I would ... attend Dad's Veterans Day speech (circa 1980) at the Veterans Home. I did not fully know nor appreciate his amazing story at that time. He deserved to be supported and not disappointed by a daughter who was a self-absorbed 20-something with a lame excuse. Geesh.

My favorite item of clothing is ... my wool cape Jeff brought me from Scotland. It's weird that I save it. I should wear it more. It's very special.

If I've learned anything at all ... It's that a sense of humor is the best way to deal with life's toughest times.

Bobbe White, 631/2, is a Quincy native who has worked at State Street Bank for 38 years. She has invested more than 41 years in her husband, Jeff, depositing two children along the way, Korey, 29, and Nick, 27. In her spare time, she loves writing and speaking across the country on incorporating humor to manage stress.